The Republic lasted 7 years

1776 Declaration of Independence established, through the Articles of Confederation, a sovereign republic. The Republic lasted 7 years. 

1782 National government went to the States and asked them to foot the bill for the Revolutionary War and the States said they would not pay the debt. National government was therefore forced to form a Constitution. The national government lost its sovereignty. A constitution (security, with sureties) is created  by a constitutor – one who passes his debts to a 3rd party. 

September 17, 1789 [original, up to 13 amendments (13th no titles of nobility) then ceased to exist]Constitution was a negotiable, debt, security instrument which the national debt was attached to. The King of  England bought the debt (and legal title over the national government’s property) and the democracy was formed (and the Republic lost its sovereignty via international bankruptcy).  
The democracy operates under military tribunal laws, where the minute you’re charged, you’re guilty.International bankruptcy lasts 70 years. At the end of the bankruptcy, the debt is due. The States had signed on as sureties for the debt.
 1791 Alexander Hamilton created the Bank of the U.S. (with a 20 year charter) where the securities were held. 

1811 Congress decided not to renew the Bank of the U.S. 

1812 War of 1812 Britain took possession of all the federal courts (where the titles are). 

1816 Another central bank but Andrew Jackson nixed it. The country operated at a surplus for the only time, but did he pay the debts or was he a belligerent debtor? 

1859 Civil War – the northern States went to the Southern states which had most of the money (gold,cotton, resources, wealth) and the South said no we’re not paying – we’ll start our own country. Because of their dishonor with the international bankers, and it was the will of the creditors to get the debt paid or take sureties for the debt; hence the States lost their sovereignty – they had signed the first Constitution that secured the debt.
now the international creditors took control of the State’s property and the States (who were surety for the debt) no longer had  their sovereignty.Debtors are not sovereign; creditors control. If you control any property, you have legal title to it; you are sovereign and the property is sovereign. Creditors are willing to risk it all. Creditors bring remedy,resolution, not  necessarily FRNs.
 1860’s new federal Constitution. Republic was insolvent or bankrupt. (Military) Democracy. Generals and even Privates have titles of nobility. U.S. citizens are all privates. New 13th  Amendment: No Involuntary Servitude. The Republic, however, prior to that, is (still) in involuntary servitude which has created the entire international    bankruptcy    system. 

1873(?) UPU (universal postal union)precursor to NWO. All government exists by virtue of its postal system. Postal routes laid the foundation for commerce. 
1909 Jekyll island - Federal Reserve, income tax in 1913. The IRS is foreign despite the fact that its employees are not. Taxes don’t go to operating the country; they go to pay the debt to the creditors. The creditors have surety through the Fed. 
1929 Stock market crash. Bankruptcy due and we didn’t pay (dishonor) again. This time the people lost their sovereignty. There was confiscation of gold, silver and all legal (allodial) title. They also took titleto your body through a certificate of title known as your birth certificate (which is a bond and goes to the Dept. of Commerce). They took it to give you a benefit. You can be irresponsible because they took control of the slaves on the plantation. The people (who were surety for the debt) lost their sovereignty.[Fascism is the government having all legal titles.][You can get legal title back.]Allodial  title is legal and equitable title.If you took your grant deed, accepted it for value and gave it back to the county, you’d be removed from the assessor’s parcel numbering system – you’d be off their grid; no more property tax. You’d be responsible for the property, which means bonding for sewage, bonding the police department, fire department, etc. Any benefits and privileges your property receives, you become responsible for. You paid property tax because the State or County took responsibility for those things. 
1933 Social Security. State has all legal title.

1999 State now not only has legal title to everything, but controls equitable title to almost everything,electronically.. We went from fascism to communism.

 We’re under admiralty or maritime law because it has grace and mercy. Common law is execution on thelaw, but the current common law is admiralty. We’re all vessels. They give us a berth in admiralty (app.for b/c). The b/c is your foreign situs trust; it’s what gives you the ability to operate with all the other vessels. Then the Federal Corporation (estab. 1859) comes along and gives its members (citizens) benefits & privileges (social insurance contract or Soc. Sec.) – another trust,c’est eque or implied trust. You’re a debtor who doesn’t have to pay (there is no gold in use to pay anyway; you get to operate in commerce; you get to go to jail, etc.