This United States is in its fourth (4th) bankruptcy

1.    The first (1st) bankruptcy was officially declared in 1791. This was a time of many changes in America. Perhaps most notable of these, was the signing of the Bill Of Rights representing the first ten amendments to and the final passing of the Constitution for the United States, which happened December 15th of that year, shortly after our first bankruptcy. This is of course significant as our God given rights are solely dependent on this document, though they were generally accepted common law rights throughout the world long before America existed.
During each bankruptcy, a war is fought (the revolutionary war in this case) and a new form of currency is always established, since the old one becomes essentially worthless in the new corporate re-structure of each bankruptcy. With the new country, came new money. Several monetary systems were proposed for the early Republic of America. Congress approved the first dollar on August 8, 1786. Once passage of the U.S. Constitution was secured, and the 1st bankruptcy and restructuring was in motion, the secretary of the treasury Alexander Hamilton turned the government’s attention to monetary issues once again in the early 1790’s. On Hamilton’s recommendations, Congress passed the Coinage Act of 1792, which established the dollar as the basic unit of accounting for the United States. At this point, the dollar was still backed by gold.

2.    The second (2nd) bankruptcy took place exactly 70 years later, in 1861. The main reason for this is that the restructuring that takes place in a bankruptcy can by law only last or 70 years without being settled. And so in 1861, the country was declared bankrupt once again. Of course there was much more to this planned event in history. As carpetbaggers claimed and stole the land of southern property owners, and the banks and governments bought up land and farmland for pennies on the dollar, the civil war broke out in this year when the southern states began to say no to the northern government and these carpetbaggers. This is often referred to (by southern states especially) as the War Of Northern Aggression. And most southerners will also say that there was certainly nothing civil about the Civil War! And this was quite true when considering that the government is housed in the north (British Columbia and Washington D.C.) and that their aggression was the takeover and corporate restructuring of America. This was not a war over slavery to be sure… and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln happened only after his attempt to depose the central banking structure and establish greenbacks: congressionally printed and controlled money. But in 1863 during the American Civil War, the National Banking Act was passed. This act and its later amended versions essentially taxed states’ bonds and currency out of existence. And so through corporate government legislation in the newly reorganized country, the dollar became the sole currency of the United States (which was still backed by metals then) and remains so in an altered (and worthless) form today.
3.    And now we come to the third (3rd) bankruptcy in our countries history, which was 70 years later in 1931. This was the big one. This was the time after the industrial revolution, when population, lawful immigration, jobs, and opportunity were in abundance. The money system was still in real money; meaning trade was done in precious metals like gold and silver coins. Even the paper money was backed by and redeemable for gold and silver at its face value. But, as the anticipated bankruptcy loomed closer and closer, steps were taken by the government to ensure that a new restructuring of the country could take place, ensuring the same bankers and corporate crooks would remain in power. The stock market was deliberately crashed, and the great depression ensued. The population was broke, and their land and property was once again bought for pennies on the dollar by the banks and newly reorganized government. Transfer of wealth is the name of the game, and a new game is played every 70 years.
But during 1933 and 1938, as the reorganization of our government and finance laws took place after most small banks were deliberately collapsed and fell into the holdings of the larger banks, a very important thing happened that changed the landscape of our nation: the gold standard was removed and replaced by the Federal Reserve Note (dollar). The House of Representatives accomplished this when they passed House Joint Resolution 192. This new legislature actually outlawed the use of real money (gold and silver) to pay a debt, actually making it illegal to require real money to pay for a debt. The dollar (now called the Federal Reserve Note) became “legal tender” and was backed by the supposed full faith and credit of the U.S. Government. However, this paper money – or fiat currency – was in fact worthless due to the absence of real money backing its value.

The dollar is nothing more than an IOU, and only has value if both parties in an exchange verbally or contractually accept it as payment for goods and services while remaining under the illusion (or blind faith) that the government or institution which issues this paper has the power, wealth, and credit to back up this currency. In fact, a few years after this third restructure of the U.S, the government mandated the confiscation of all gold from its citizens – and the transfer of land, property and real wealth was accomplished yet again. Many people say that World War II is what seemingly brought the U.S out of the great depression. In fact, many people recognize that in the past America usually prospers in times of war and shortly thereafter.

4.    Flash forward another 70 years… it’s now 2001. People are prospering. Goods and services are in abundance. The world was at peace (excepting the military black ops and economic hit man type of destabilization of many countries for strategic and natural resource confiscation). Now any good conspiracy buff might note the interesting and overwhelming coincidence in this being the year of the 4th restructuring of our corporate government. Indeed, one might be even more aghast when one realizes that the anniversary of the last bankruptcy from 70 years ago was in fact September 10, 1931, or the day before the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings 1,2, and 7 along with the supposed “attack” on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. War is both a great distraction and a profitable venture for the corporate world governments, and this obviously isn’t the first time war or false flag events have been used in this manner, as a tool for the restructuring of the U.S. government. And we have watched over the last nine years as the dollar crashed, as the real estate and property bubbles burst and are once again being taken over by our government and banks (in a typical transfer of wealth), a complete corporate takeover of the country – which started about 70 years ago with the introduction of the CAFR system – which is now culminating into the nation being completely owned through collective investment by the government owned corporations… we are about to see the dollar become completely worthless right before our eyes (if it isn’t already) and a new form of U.S. currency or world bank currency will likely take its place – right on schedule!

This is the real U.S. history that isn’t in your textbooks.

The Matrix is real.

The entire hierarchy of the court system is a satanic religion and is identical to
the Catholic Church, which, I hope you know, that the Pope holds title and lien
secured party to everything in "The United States of America" and the Bank of
England and the Queen is the administrator for the collection of the tribute, see the
Treaty of Paris of 1783 (see Yale University Diana Project) wherein Prince George,
King of England, refers to himself as the "arch-treasurer of the United States."
Each of us has more contracts and applications that force us into a taxpayer/fiduciary
obligation that there are far too many of them to even consider revoking all ab initio.
You must get control of the artificial person and capture the value of the bond that
was created by the spawn of Satan who operate the illusion so that you can
discharge debt just like the spawn of Satan in New York like Goldman Sachs do it
with the internal business script credits.

All money must first be predicated upon the creation of an instrument of debt based
upon a promise to pay usury sometime in the future. So who creates the money with
which to pay the interest? Good question. Answer is - no one. That is why there were
bankruptcy courts created to (fairly?) handle the redistribution of the assets the
fiduciary generated and leave the fiduciary enough assets to get started generating
wealth again for the trust. The debt creation side first is a rule of the Generally
Accepted Accounting Procedures’ (GAAP) double entry balance sheet deception.
The trusts are in Puerto Rico, and interesting name meaning "the harbour of
*r*acketeering, *i*nfluence, and *c*orrupt *o*rganizations." All of the things done to
us that look like crimes are actually perfectly legal and lawful due to our breach of
fiduciary duty, and the foundation for what is done to us has been laid over the past
150 years by the lawmakers who were influenced by the spawn of Satan who operate
the banks.

Your Birth Certificate

So, since the U.S. went bankrupt in 1933, all new money has to be borrowed into existence. All states started issuing serial-numbered, certificated "warehouse receipts" for births and marriages in order to pledge the people as collateral against those loans and municipal bonds taken out with the Federal Reserve's banks. The "Full faith and credit" of the American people is said to be that which back the nation's debt. That simply means the American people's ability to labor and pay back that debt. In order to catalog its laborers, the government needed an efficient, methodical system of tracking its property to that end. Humans today are looked upon merely as resources - "human resources," that is. Why do you think when you call to see if a company is hiring, you have to go through a division known as Human Resource? The people are resources to the government, their birth certificates are a security on the New York Stock Exchange, which is why if you look at all birth certificate's in America, it will say at the bottom this is printed on security paper, do not accept if not on full color security paper. At the bottom, you will always have a series of numbers, red numbers printed on the birth certificate, in which those numbers are a security stock exchange number on the World Stock Exchange, in which the American people are worth money to the International Bank that bought the government in the 1930's.

Governmental assignment of a dollar value to the heads of citizens in America began on July 14, 1862, when President Lincoln offered 6 percent interest bearing-bonds to states who freed their slaves on a "per head" basis. The government knows that they can only extract so much money out of the economy, so their idea is to bankrupt private owners so that the banks who are behind this syndicate become the owners of all the assets in this country. That's the real scheme; that's the real motive. By encouraging Congress to spend money it doesn't have, Congress has to turn around and "lien" on American labor and American private property for collateral. See they do that by fraudulent conversion of birth certificates, for example. Doctors, who are franchisees of the state, are obliged to sign birth certificates and forward them on to the Secretary of State. They make certified copies and forward those birth certificates to the Department of Commerce in Washington, D.C. The Department of Commerce does the same thing: they make certified copies and forward them on to the International Monetary Fund in Brussels, Belgium.

Now this is the center of the hub of the banking syndicate and they are, of course, loaning these huge sums to various governments around the world, including the Congress of the United States. The Congress needs something for collateral, and what they use for collateral are these birth certificates. They get treated as certificates in equity which mature on the 18th birthday of the person whose name appears on the birth certificate. The bank then keeps track of these and uses the number that any particular nation has available, as collateral on the international debt, as "performance units" on the international debt. These certificates in equity end up being regarded as "performance units" on the international debt. The more of those you have, the more money you can borrow. It's like this: the more collateral I have, the more money I can borrow from banks and the more I can secure. So, governments are securing their international debt by "liening" on the persons and property of their citizens. They're doing this on a massive scale, and it's technically a fraudulent conversion of the birth certificate because, if they did that with your birth certificate, they never told you they were doing it. They never told you they were obtaining a lien on your person and starting a third-party debt that you're responsible for. You had no meaningful choice in the matter, which makes it an "unconscionable contract" by definition.

In 1921, the federal Sheppard-Towner Maternity Act created the birth "registration" or what we now know as the "birth certificate." It was known as the "Maternity Act" and was sold to the American people as a law that would reduce maternal and infant mortality, protect the health of mothers and infants, and for "other purposes." One of those other purposes provided for the establishment of a federal bureau designed to cooperate with state agencies in the overseeing of its operations and expenditures. What it really did was create a federal birth registry which exists today, creating "federal children." This government, under the doctrine of "Parens Patriae," now legislates for American children as if they are owned by the federal government. Through the public school enrollment process and continuing license requirements for most aspects of daily life, these children grow up to be adults indoctrinated into the process of asking for "permission" from the government imposing as God, to do all those things necessary to carry out daily activities that exist in what is called a "free country."

Before 1921 the records of births and names of children were entered into family bibles, as were the records of marriages and deaths. These records were readily accepted by both the family and the law as "official" records.

Since 1921 the American people have been registering the births and names of their children with the government of the state in which they are born, even though there is no federal law requiring it. The state tells you that registering your child's birth through the birth certificate serves as proof that he/she was born in the United States , thereby making him/her a United States Citizen. For the past several years a social security number has been mandated by the federal government to be issued at birth. In 1933, bankruptcy was declared by President Roosevelt. The governors of the then 48 States pledged the "full faith and credit" of their states, including the citizenry, as collateral for loans of credit from the Federal Reserve system. To wit:"Full faith and credit" clause of the Constitution of the United States article 4. sec. 1, requires that foreign judgment be given such faith and credit as it had by law or usage of state of its origin. Foreign statutes are to have force and effect to which they are entitled in the home state. And that a judgment or record shall have the same faith, credit, conclusive effect, and obligatory force in other states as it has by law or usage in the state from whence taken.

The state claims an interest in every child within its jurisdiction. The state will, if it deems it necessary, nullify your parental rights and appoint a guardian (trustee) over your children. The subject of every birth certificate is a child. The child is a valuable asset, which if properly trained, can contribute valuable assets provided by its labor for many years. Why do you think they teach teachers to not only teach their students, but their parents that their child needs a good education so that they can grow up and get a good job?
They have been making the people slaves for years and no one has ever stopped to question them on it? The child itself, when born, is the asset of the trust established by the birth certificate, and the social security number is the numbering or registration of the trust, allowing for the assets of the trust to be tracked, thus making whomever gets a birth certificate owned by the state. Everyone who has a birth certificate, are considered assets of the bankrupt United States of America, which makes them designated by this government as "Human Resources". Again, ask yourself, why do you think when you call to see if a company is hiring, you have to go through a division known as Human Resources?

Today we are defined as human resources, believed to be owned by the government. The government now wants us, as individuals, to be tagged and tracked. Government mandated or legislated National I.D. is unconstitutional anyway you look at it. Federal jurisdiction to legislate for the several states does not exist. They have no legislation for ordering you to have a identification card, health card, and so forth, but they know the people are ignorant to the Law, so therefore by ignorance of the people, the government is allowed to freely at will keep coming up with forms of taxation against the American people. Birth Certificates proves that you are national property of the International Banks. The birth certificate thus becomes a form of theft, the theft of the child’s true identity as a free child of God to a servant of the State. By affixing a national seal of approval to a child, the state denies the freedom, rights, and dignity that God has ordained in the scriptures. You don't need proof that you were born, you breathing is proof enough for these hypocrites. By requiring a license, the state is claiming complete control and ownership over your liberty, and property. Christ's assembly does not exist on paper, but in the hearts of men, and is expressed in their outward acts. Because there is no breath of Life from God in such pieces of paper, we should not look to them for any authority for doing anything. Each of us is a sovereign and each one of us was given unalienable rights by God we do not need to have our birth registered.

Firstly, there is a vast legal difference between a State issued "Birth Certificate ­ Certificate of Birth" and a "Certified copy of a live birth". A Certificate, as used today, is not lawfully the same as a certified copy. A Birth Certificate is issued by the State to conform with federal requirements under the purported necessity of 'vital statistics'. In Florida State, for example, the Florida Department of Health (alk/a HRS), Office of Vital Statistics, issues these statutory certificates. The names are spelled in all capital letters and conform to federal 'law' regulations.
Prior to the 1860's, the only certification of a birth came from the church, not the State or government. The church required two Christian witnesses to attest to, by their signatures and seals, the birth, be it a live birth or a stillborn birth. The church viewed that living or dead, the birth was to be attested to under affirmation before God.
The following is from Webster's 1828 Dictionary:
certificate, n. 2. In a more particular sense, the written declaration, under the hand or seal or both, of some public officer, to be used as evidence in a court, or to substantiate a fact. A certificate of this kind may be considered as given under the oath of office. 3. Trial by certificate, is where the evidence of the person certifying is the only proper criterion of the point in dispute, as when the issue is whether a person was absent in the army; this is tried by the certificate of the Mareschall of the army, in writing under his seal.
certify, v.t. 1. To testify to in writing; to make a declaration in writing, under hand, or hand and seal, to make known or establish a fact. 2. To give certain information to; applied to persons. We have sent and certified the king -Ezra 4. 3. To give certain information of; applied to things. This is designed to certif-y those things that are confirmed of Gods favor. It is followed by of, after the person, and before the thing told; as, I certified you of the fact.
From the Merriam-Webster 1998 Dictionary, one hundred sixty years later:
certificate, noun. Middle English certificat, from Middle French, from Medieval Latin certificatum, from Late Latin, neuter of certificatus, past participle of certificare, to certify, 15th century. 1. a document containing a certified statement especially as to the truth of something; specifically: a document certifying that one has fulfilled the requirements of and may practice in a field. 2. something serving the same end as a certificate. 3. a document evidencing ownership or debt .
certify, transitive verb. Inflected Form(s): -fied; -fy-ing. Middle English certifien, from Middle French certifier, from Late Latin certificare, from Latin certus certain -- more at CERTAIN. 14th century. 1. to attest authoritatively: as a. CONFIRM b. to present in formal communication c. to attest as being true or as represented or as meeting a standard d. to attest officially to the insanity of. 2. to inform with certainty: ASSURE. 3. to guarantee (a personal check) as to signature and amount by so indicating on the face. To 'certify' is to testify to in writing: to make known or establish as a fact. The word is not essential to a 'certificate'. - State v. Schwin, 65 Wis. 213 (1886). By looking at the defamations and cite above, it's clear that a certificate is a document, issued by a public officer, i.e., the government, to substantiate a fact of legal privilege. In contrast, to certify, as in a certified copy, is to attest as to the truth in the manner of a confirmation by witness signatures and seals before Almighty God.

The Birth Certificate Bond Explained

The Certificate Of Registration of Live Birth is By Banking Definition Termed “A Certificated Security” The application they made was known as “an application for a live birth certificate” and what issued from this application was known as a “birth certificate.”
…the ‘company’, the “United States” kept the original application and gave your parents a copy of a birth certificate.
There is no real gain, therefore no income, therefore no income tax.
The application they made was known as “an application for a live birth certificate” and what issued from this application was known as a “birth certificate” This created what is known as a “foreign situs trust account”.
Also when we filled out the Form SS-5 we ‘allowed’ the ‘company’ access to our account, our check book as it were, the pre-paid account that was set-up when our birth certificate issued. We gave them permission as signers to write checks on our account, and they do all the time. Keep in mind, this is the same account the bankers fractionalized and created huge, almost unlimited sums of “money”, and we became ‘co-business partners’, with the ‘company’. They are able to access and use our pre-paid account, for whatever they deem necessary.

…the ‘company’ then took the application and pledged your future labor as a guarantee for payment to the bankers, also known as the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The bankers gave the company a credit for your application against the amount that the company owed the bankers, which at the time of your birth, was worth close to 1 million dollars. This transaction is what is referred to as a “money of account” transaction, as no real money changed hands. It was simply an accounting entry against the debt owed to the bankers, by the company.
The bankers then took the [your] application, and used fractional banking lending. It is the birth certificate that is proof that an application was submitted. It is the application that is the real negotiable instrument and the birth certificate proves there is a negotiable instrument being used in commerce -- to borrow money.
HUH? What is that you say?
#8230; fractional banking If a [your] birth certificate is worth, say, 1 million, the bank can loan that same 1 million out as many as 9 times, thus making the [your] birth certificate worth 9 million; and it keeps going, going and going.


The second plank of Karl Marx’s communist manifesto calls for a heavy progressive or graduated income tax. This identical immoral and illegal tax structure plagues our country today. We now have socialist and communist politicians who masquerade as Democrats or Republicans. Is there any wonder why so many campaign promises are never kept? Here are some facts concerning this terrorist organization.
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a private Corporation, incorporated in Delaware in1933, and operates under international treaty. (See Public Law 94-564 Reorganization Plan #26)

The IRS (the corporation) is acting as Agent under contract to “the bank” (The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and “the Fund” (The International Monetary Fund) a.k.a. the Treasury.
The IRS is acting as the Agent of a Foreign Principal (Federal Reserve) under the terms of the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938. The Federal Reserve is not a government agency. It is a Foreign Principal. It is admittedly a private corporation, privately held by 12 families (one American and 11 foreign).
Those who rule the world under this umbrella are the Illuminati, the Bilderberger group, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission.
IRS agents are directed and controlled by the corporate governor of “the Bank” and “the Fund” a.k.a. Secretary of the Treasury IRS, Puerto Rico (See Public Law 94-564, U.S. Government Manual 190/1991 & Treasury Delegation Order 150-10).
IRS personnel are trained under the direction of the “Division of Human Resources” of the United Nations and the Commissioner (International), by the “Office of Personnel Management” which is under the direction of the Secretary General of the United Nations (Treasury Delegation Order #92) (Executive Order 10422).
The IRS is also an Agency of the International Criminal Police Organization, and solicits and collects information for 150 Foreign Powers (22 U.S.C.263a).
The IRS is directly engaged in the solicitation and gathering legally protected information of a private and personal nature on everyone contained in their files of records, and does distribute that information to the other member agencies throughout the world without the knowledge or consent of the parties involved (22U.S.C.A. 611 (c) (II)).
The Internal Revenue Service (International) lacks proper authority to act such as a Foreign Agents Registration statement (22 U.S.C.A. 612) and (18 U.S.C.A.219 & 951).
The IRS as a paramilitary organization may not impose military authority into civil affairs (D.O.A. 27100-70).
The IRS acting as the Agent of a Foreign Principal, “the Bank” and “the Fund” under the United Nations Charter, Article 2, Section 7 prohibits the U.N. and its Administrative Agencies from “intervening in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state”.
The IRS comes before the courts only as the non- registered Agent of a Foreign Principal, acting in the person of its own corporate capacity.
Acting in its corporate capacity the IRS is engaged in commerce as a collection agency under contract. None of the money that you pay in goes to any program or compelled benefit like you think it does. Almost all of the income tax goes to pay the interest on the so-called “debt” to the Federal Reserve (for illegal fiat money conceived by our bureaucrats, and large corporations), not into the U.S. Treasury. John F. Kennedy warned the people of this fraud and issued executive order # 11.110 on June 4, 1963, and the Treasury started to issue United States notes that looked like our familiar Federal Reserve Notes but only cost the people the cost of paper, ink and printing. Within months he was dead.
Then Lyndon Johnson inactivated the executive order, and U.S. notes were withdrawn and replaced once again with Federal Reserve notes. Look on the back of any check you have written to the IRS. It will say, “Pay to any branch of the Federal Reserve Bank”. This is an illegal conversion of funds. All government sponsored programs and compelled benefits come from money continuously borrowed from the Federal Reserve. This is why our paper money is now described as a ‘note’ instead of a ‘silver certificate’. It is illegally loaned in to existence, and has no value except for the faith the American people put in it.
A note for a thing is not the real thing. When you use Federal Reserve Notes instead of real money (silver certificates, silver or gold), you are simply making a promise to pay, not actually paying. Since the dollar is a unit of measurement, just like a ‘pound’ of coffee or a ‘quart’ of milk, and there is nothing of hard value backing the dollar, what is it a dollar of?
Sure, you buy goods and products with Federal Reserve Notes, but that which you have of appreciable value could be taken from you without due process of law,simply because you never owned the money in the first place. Look it up. Every time we spend a dollar, we are re-circulating a dollar that was loaned in to
existence. It is because of this debt structure that our nation has a multi trillion-dollar deficit that can never be paid. Your government has your property listed as collateral against the Federal Reserve Notes (promises to pay) they continuously borrow. The only thing that keeps homeowners from being on the street is the Federal Reserve not calling their note due. When they do call their note due, every man, woman and child will then be their slave.
Thomas Jefferson said, “ If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation,the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered”.
The IRS acts on the presumption that assigned foundational agreement/instrument exists between the United States and the citizen/franchisee knowing that very few citizens/non citizens have the knowledge or the courage to resist their extortion.
The IRS leadership has departmentalized the functions of tax collection to purposely limit and discourage the exchange of information and/or the lack of authority, between the departments to prevent low level employees from discovering the true nature of their assignments and thus prevent disclosure and whistle blowing.
IRS references made to any authority for collection proceedings under Title 26 CFR, Subtitle A, are made under color of law as there is no collection authority authorized within Title 26, only penalties for failure to perform a given function.
All Collection authority is found in Title 27 CFR, Part 70 and pertains only to alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives (Stamp taxes or duties).
Many IRS agents often use alias names and are paid commissions, written to their real name, on what ever they steal from you.
The IRS is unable to provide documented proof of the authorization that enables the IRS to operate outside the District of Columbia, and insular possessions of the United States, such as Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Philippines, and American Samoa, as required by Title 4, U.S.C., Section 72.
The IRS uses false documents and presentments that have no legal authority behind them, i.e. 1040 form, Notice of Levy, etc., to solicit and extort money from you using the United States Postal Service. They also falsely represent themselves on the outside of their envelopes, to be an agency of the United States department of Treasury. Therefore, the Internal Revenue Service is guilty of the crime of Mail Fraud and False Representation.
The IRS agents have no legal authority to demand anything from you, if there are no 3rd party informational documents sent to them with your name on it. They unlawfully and unconstitutionally misapply the revenue laws in an effort to compel you to supply them with confidential information when in fact, their own IRC, 6103, Section (h) and (j) says that they could use this information against you in a criminal proceeding. This is a gross violation of 4th and 5th amendment rights, which are legally protected by the U.S. Constitution. This is pure extortion. You have the lawful right to correct informational documents, such as W2's, and 1099's, and demand that they recognize you as one “who does not enjoy the privilege of federally connected employment”.
When are the American people going to wake up and realize that our so-called leaders are co-conspirators with the most evil organization ever contrived?
This is the vilest fraud ever perpetuated on a free people. People in this country need to ask themselves if they were created for the purposes of the IRS and those who conspire with them, or were they created for the Glory of God. Are we going to continue giving to these ungodly, corrupt, and spiritually wicked people the power that belongs to God?
In the book of Genesis, Adam and Eve gave us the first example of the consequences of ‘obedience without question’ to someone other than Almighty God. The result was separation from God, and His fellowship. If it is not of God, it is of the devil. This is a very simple truth that will never change.
Simple Facts
Fact 1: "The income tax is both legal and constitutional."
Fact 2. The income tax is an indirect excise tax.
Fact 3: "Income" has the same meaning in all of the Income Tax Acts of Congress.
Fact 4: "The income tax utilizes words of art."
Fact 5: The only lawful objects of the "income" tax are for activities for which you are paid by the federal government or a federal agency that are connected with the performance of the functions of a public office, a federal instrumentality, federally chartered state worker, or paid officer of a federal corporation…whew!
Fact 6: Filling out a Form W-4 or W-9 does not make you liable to any tax on income, but it can help to create prima facie evidence that is PRESUMED correct by the IRS until you rebut it.
Please note: While the IRS does provide legal means to correct erroneous information returns, they will resist your corrections, in many cases, for as long as possible simply because they believe they can get away with it. Once you introduce credible evidence to the contrary, the burden of proof shifts to the IRS. A signed affidavit of your truth is credible evidence until the Secretary can provide his own, first-hand knowledge of your participation in a taxable activity.
Fact 7: "...the general term 'income' is not defined in the Internal Revenue Code..."
~US Supreme Court in U.S. v. Ballard (1976)(why would the IRS try to hide something from you?)
Fact 8: earnings from an occupation of common right are not the subject of an excise tax.
"An income tax is neither a property tax nor a tax on occupations of common right, but is an EXCISE tax...The legislature may declare as 'privileged' and tax as such for state revenue, those pursuits not matters of common right, but it has no power to declare as a 'privilege' and tax for revenue purposes,
occupations that are of common right."[Simms v. Ahrens, 271 SW 720 ]
Fact 10:
"The provisions of the Sixteenth Amendment conferred no new powers of taxation. . . "
United States Supreme Court, Peck v. Lowe, 247 U.S. 165 (1918)
Fact 11 We are PRIVATE-SECTOR CITIZENS NOT EMPLOYEES as noted in Sec. 3401, 3121 and others. We do not receive "WAGES" but do receive "Earnings" for our Labor.
Fact 13: ".. the term "employee" includes an officer, employee, or elected official of the United States, a State, or any political subdivision thereof, or the District of Columbia, or any agency or instrumentality of any one or more of the foregoing. The term "employee" also includes an officer of a corporation." TITLE 26 > Subtitle C > CHAPTER 24 > § 3401. Definitions Paraphrased: for income tax purposes, the term "employee" means someone working for the United States.
“The individual, unlike the corporation, cannot be taxed for the mere privilege of existing. . . . The individual's rights to live and own property are natural rights for the enjoyment of which an excise cannot be imposed.” Redfield v. Fisher, 292 P. 813, 135 Or. 180, 294 P.461, 73 A.L.R. 721 (1931)“
Fact 14:
The Supreme Court has declared the meaning of "income" to be fixed and confined to objects proper to an excise. Objects proper to an "income" excise are privileges-- which is to say, activities not of common right-- and even then only to the extent that such activities are profitable and properly fall under the taxing authority's jurisdiction.
Fact 15:
The only lawful objects of the "income" tax are activities for which one is paid by the federal government or a federal agency or instrumentality; activities effectively connected with the performance of the functions of a public office; activities as a federal, federal instrumentality, or a federally chartered "State" worker' or activities as a paid officer of a federal corporation.
Fact 16:
Sec. 7701. - Definitions: (a) When used in this title, where not otherwise distinctly expressed or manifestly incompatible with the intent thereof - (26)Trade or business - The term "trade or business" includes the performance of the functions of a public office.
Fact 17:
Section 6041A(d) Applications to governmental units (1) Treated as persons - The term "person" includes any governmental unit (and any agency or instrumentality thereof).
Fact 18: The statutory definition of a term excludes unstated meanings of that term.
(in other words, a term created by Congress has a custom statutory meaning and its regular, common meaning is stripped away). That's right from Meese v.Keene. See also the doctrines of: Noscitur a sociis (a word is known by its associates, or a word is known by the company it keeps); ejusdem generis (the specific governs the general); Inclusio unius est exclusio alterius (the inclusion of the one thing is the implied exclusion of the alternative)
Fact 19: Not every receipt is "income" within the meaning of the term "gross income." As such, not all payments are 'reportable payments
Fact 20: Payers who issue invalid infomation returns are subject to civil and criminal penalties.
Fact 21: Title 26 is not positive law. It is only prima facia evidence of law.
Fact 22: The 16th Amendment did not eliminate the requirement of “apportionment” for direct taxes in the Constitution.
Article 1, sec. 2,“Representatives and direct taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included in this union, according to their respective Numbers…” and also in Article 1, sec. 9, “No Capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in proportion to the Census or Enumeration
herein before directed to be taken.”
Fact 23: "withholding" (advance payments to the government) is done to both taxpayers as well as nontaxpayers. And humans can make mistakes/misinterpret law.
Fact #24: Withholdings are in fact "Employment taxes" imposed upon "employees" [as such term is defined at IRC 3401(c) embracing an officer, employee, or elected official of the United States, a State, or any political subdivision thereof, or the District of Columbia, or any agency or instrumentality of any one or more of the foregoing, or an officer of a corporation]. To wit:
Fact #25: The theory, which once won a qualified approval, that a tax on income is legally or economically a tax on its source, is no longer tenable, New York ex rel. Cohn v. Graves, 300 U. S. 308, 300 U. S. 313-314; Hale v. State Board, 302 U. S. 95, 302 U. S. 108; Helvering
Fact # 26 The IRS LIES...

FORECLOSURE or you are thinking about filing for BANKRUPTCY

If you are involved in a FORECLOSURE or you are thinking about filing for BANKRUPTCY
protection to buy you more time, instead of trying to defeat the corrupt Bank and your
Creditors in a State or Federal Court, where the cards are certainly stacked against you,
plan to file for BANKRUPTCY and do it this way, too insure that you come out on top!
All BANKRUPTCY FORMS are printable; can be obtained on line and they can be completed
in longhand with an ink pen. The Forms to use are: B-1 through and including B-8. You
only need to prepare and file the first five or six pages to obtain a Case Number and then
you must sit through a Credit Counseling session, which can be done all in a day. When
you are completely finished with preparing your petition, you should have filed about 58
pages in total and the filing fee is around $280.00.
Here’s the reason for using the Bankruptcy Courts:
List all your debts on one schedule and when it comes to listing your assets include your
BIRTH CERTIFICATE and its CUSIP NO. The value of the Mutual Fund Investment for your
Birth Certificate can also be found on line using the Cusip Number under Fidelity
Investments. You will discover that it is worth multi-millions but you must have the CUSIP
NO. on your asset schedule or the Birth Certificate will be discharged as frivolous by the
The Bankruptcy Judge will then appoint a LAWYER TRUSTEE to dissolve the Mutual Fund
Investment; pay off your debts and the balance must be paid to you! This procedure
usually attracts the attention of the (DOJ) Department of Justice because they don’t want
the LAWYER TRUSTEE to screw up and short change the Vatican; the Federal Reserve and
the Corporate United States and so they tend to warn or threaten the LAWYER TRUSTEE
to be very careful!
Most of these Mutual Fund Investments usually involve a group of between 10 to 25 Birth
Certificates and so only a fraction of that Mutual Fund belongs to you! The Bankruptcy
Judge will not certify the final disposition until the LAWYER TRUSTEE can prove his math
and every aspect of his work because the Judge inherits responsibility for the Trustee’s
errors, if he made any!
After the first LAWYER TRUSTEE resigns, you can probably cut a deal with the DOJ or you
can proceed on with the same Bankruptcy proceeding and the newly appointed LAWYER
TRUSTEE! Now isn’t that easier and better than attacking or defending yourself against
the Bank and a bunch of greedy Creditors; knowing full well that the cards are stacked
against you because of the Vatican and the Federal Reserve System?
While you are in Bankruptcy, you are protected. No one can proceed against you for any
debts or foreclosure, as long as you have a bond or sufficient assets; the Birth Certificate
guarantees that aspect and while in Bankruptcy, you won’t have to pay on any of those
past debts!
Your debts will eventually be discharged and the balance of the Trust Fund is to go into
your pocket! It’s a WIN, WIN situation any way your shake it and the Vatican; Government
and Bank loose the Trust Fund assets they planned to steal from you all along!
NOTE: There is a process to follow to determine your CUSIP NO [or] you can ask a Stock
Broker friend to help you [or] hire a Broker on the side to assist you. There are people in
the Patriot movement who also know how to apply the formula, which converts your Birth
Registration Number and or Social Security Number into a Cusip Number. I paid to have
mine done and discovered that I am worth about 167 million. It’s all FIAT money but as
long as it can be spent, who cares?
I hope that this entire expose’ has enlightened and elevated your personal knowledge and
will benefit you now and in the future. Pax vobiscum (Peace be with you).


March 9,1933, "A day that will go down in history in infamy”, spoken on a different day but applies more
surely for this day, by Franklin Roosevelt. For on this day by the "Trading with the Enemies Act" and the
declaration of Bankruptcy by the Congress for the United States (A CORPORATION), the American
Dream turned into a NIGHTMARE.
At this point in history, slowly but surely, the Bankers proceeded by taking over the Federal Court
System. The taking over of the American Court System is now complete as the Federal rules can be used
in State Courts. Congress having never lawfully Assembled (after Abraham Lincoln dissolved Congress
after the Southern states walked out during the debate over the Civil War) and having never been passed
into positive law, now sits outside the Constitution, just as the Court System does. This is the reason for
the Voting Registration-for registering, you are given the privilege of voting and any one who signs and
votes in the Federal Elections (or any election) are voting as CORPORATE ENTITIES and you are
agreeing that Congress has the authority to act from a Foreign Jurisdiction.
The entire court system is now ruled by and comes under the Foreign Jurisdiction Flag. It has a gold rope,
a gold fringe around the edge, a gold eagle or gold symbol on top the flag, and now some courts will
make a mockery for the united States Flag by the positioning in a vertical slope.
The Powers, knew that all Commerce is ruled by the Law of Contracts (better known as the UCC Law).
Where there is no Contract there is no case. The teaching began in school that any Contract you signed is
a Valid Contract and that you must fulfill it. This is a good saying as long as it is between two living
souls, with all the contract revealed for both parties, and the signatures of both parties thereto. The
heretical saying, "Good Credit is the most important thing that you have".
A Valid Contract has four parts: (1) Offer, (2) Consideration, (3) Acceptance, (4) The signatures by all
parties for the Contract-Only the parties that have signed the Contract can enforce fulfilling the Contract.
Without the consent by both parties, a Lawyer cannot settle any dispute that may arise from a Lawful
Our Creator created man. The Creator gave man the right forming Government. Man gave government
the right for forming CORPORATIONS. As man has no right nor the ability for ruling his Creator, the
government has no right or the ability for ruling its creator. An illusion is used by the DEMOCRACY
CORPORATE GOVERNMENT, and gave man a CORPORATE NAME and made him a Legal Fiction
by writing his name in all CAPITAL LETTERS with the middle NAME only an initial. The proper name
for a living soul is written in upper and lower case letters, the first and middle name being the Sovereign
name and the last name is the family name. The real name for a living soul is I, Me, My, or Myself.
Government being a creation of mankind is only a piece of paper. As the government, being a piece of
paper, could only create a CORPORATION, which in itself is only a piece of paper; neither being able to
sign a lawful contract with a living soul. As all governments are CORPORATIONS themselves, they do
not have the ability to sign a lawful contract, for whomever would be so brave, make themselves liable for
the execution of the Contract, thereby losing their limited liability to prosecution for breach of Contract.
All CORPORATIONS then must have someone to speak for them, and the government came up with
their own solution, The Lawyer, who has been appointed to speak for all Corporations in the Courts they
have created.

(The government then came up with a solution to the lawful contract and it is called the "Unilateral
Contract", or a one-signature contract. In their own description of the unilateral contract, it says that they
were probably written up by a lawyer or a group of lawyers to commit fraud with the intent to extort
monies from the signers. The lawful problem with these contracts aside from the fact that they only have
the signature of one party to the contract) is that they have many hidden traps to which the party is not
aware of its contents. In many cases such as bank contracts of signatures for checking purposes, the
contract is never shown to the depositor. All contracts pertaining to Corporations signed by a one party
participant are fraud from their conception and are used to extort monies from the people. They cannot be
enforced except with our permission or consent by assent.
From the beginning of mankind, they have the right to Contract with whomever or whatever they so
choose. The government then set their court system apart from the Constitution and its people and then
invites the people to Contract with their Court system under the Foreign Jurisdiction Flag, to allow them
to settle their disputes. Of course, since a "person " to the government is described as a CORPORATION,
they then treat any living soul, who contracts with their Court system as a CORPORATION and they are
a "Legal Person ", a Slave or Debtor and cannot speak for itself.
The first thing that crosses the minds of parties when receiving a letter from a Lawyer, Attorney,
Counselor, Esquire stating "You have been sued" is to run to the phone call another lawyer, attorney,
counselor, esquire to settle the dispute for the two CORPORATIONS in their court. The Judge protecting
the Lawyers, Attorneys, Counselors, Esquires and they in turn protect the court for they are officers of the
The system is call a "Legal System", meaning it is legal what they are doing. Legal meaning - with your
consent. After gaining your consent it then becomes lawful in their court system for whatever they choose
to do to you. Law or Lawfulness is Constitutional in subject matter for no Law can be enacted (or
supposed to be) without an enabling clause from the Constitution of the state or the united States of
The Court does not have a Contract with a party until the party gives the judge his/her name-until that
time (the judge) is merely an actor in a black robe. The contract the court is trying to get with party is to
contract the party under the Foreign Jurisdiction flag. (See chapter on the Flag in the Court)
As the judges do not file their Oath of Office into their Court Room., thereby acting under Administrative
Law-whatever they want it to be. The Laws passed since 1926 have all been signed by the President for-
The British Accredited Regency (BAR) from the State of New York, making all laws come under the
BAR, so they are nothing more that BAR codes, rules, regulations, statutes, procedures for the
CORPORATIONS to follow. The only way you have of making the judge uphold his oath is to file it into
the case and restrict him to the law that you want to follow.
There are seven demands for Discovery questions to ask all lawyers, attorneys, counselors, esquires:
(1) Please produce the legislative act and its implementing regulations that precipitated this cause.
(2) Please produce the legislative act that created the office of lawyer, attorney, counselor, esquire. Please
give me the address of this office where I may go and get a License for Practicing Law.
(3) Please produce a copy of your Oath of Office as an Officer of the Court and where you filed it into
Public Record
(4) Please produce the contract signed by Myself, Proper name of the living soul, and you (name of the
lawyer), in which I agreed to give up My constitutional rights.
(5) Please give Me your name, address, and phone number.
(6) Please give Me your bond number and your bonding company.
(7) Please send to me an acknowledgment that you understand that you have perjured your oath of office
and are committing Constructive Treason against the constitution of the united States of America, the
State of Texas and the American Peace Flag.

Under this system of consent, a living soul never has to accept the ruling of the court-but they must object
at all times to the action being taken. All persons spending time in prison were sent there by their own
words. They did not ask for allocution. Example: Judge: Did you receive a fair trial? Answer. "Yes" (The
party is just being railroaded). Did your lawyer fight hard for you? Answer "Yes”. Do you feel that 12
years is a reasonable sentence? Answer "Yes". They have just sentenced themselves to prison. This is
aided and abetted by the parties lawyer who has told the party to be nice to the judge in the sentence
phase of his "trial" and tells the party that he/she understands the judge is going to probably give him a 12
year sentence instead of the 50 he could get.
The other part of the problem is with the Laws or in today's court-the total lack of laws. The charge and
intent are lumped together in one charge and you then cannot plead innocent-you must plead guilty, not
guilty, no contest-thereby giving the court jurisdiction. All the courts have been lumped together into one
court Administrative/Admiralty and Civil (Contract/Commerce). With the advent of your plea-you go
under Administrative-any law they want to use to convict you.
In order for a law to be construed as Law it must have an enacting clause from the source the law came
from, i.e. King, legislature, etc. All laws proceeding from the state legislatures must have an enacting
clause-"Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Texas”. A legislature can only introduce a bill-it
cannot introduce a law. It must go through, be approved unanimous by the House, signed by the Leader
of the House, be approved by the Senate, signed by the Leader of the Senate, approved and signed by the
Governor and the bill becomes Law. Now it is checked against the Constitution to find the enabling
clause from it was written. If the Constitution does not allow for the law, then it is void from it inception.
Have you ever heard a party can challenge the Enacting part of the Law or the Subject Matter
Jurisdiction of the matter he or she is being tried for violating at any time of the trial or upon conviction,
while in prison. Usually it is not a Law a party is being tried for breaking but a Code, Rule, or Regulation,
or breach of contract.
The proper response to "You have been sued" is the Redemption Process orRejection, Returning their
Contract unsigned in full accord with Truth In Lending. Never let an Attorney or Lawyer send you any
document without "Accepting it for Value" or Rejecting, Returning without a Signature in full accord
with Truth In Lending. They may say anything to you in their first letter and you may think it is harmless.
A Rattlesnake seems harmless and makes a pretty noise, but is deadly when it strikes. Have you ever
heard the phrase "You don't need to respond". Do not believe it-Respond with the Redemption process or
Reject, Return without a Signature in full accord with Truth In Lending. DON'T CONTRACT WITH
THIRD PARTIES-tell them to GET LOST! Tell them that they are FIRED!
We now understand that the government gains Power of Attorney over us when we are born and
they take our birth certificates and make negotiable instruments out of them. We now know that
through the Social Security Administration and the issuance of the Number, we are recorded as a
"TRUST" and the living soul is made the TRUSTEE of the "STRAWMAN" the trust created. We
now have our own POWER OF ATTORNEY IN FACT and we now know which form to fill our for

Conditional Acceptance

A contract is in motion, offer and counteroffer is taking place until an agreement is made. An agreement made, that is either expressed or implied such as through silence/ non-response, also called tacit acquiescence. In order that we do not acquiesce and depose our selves of our sovereign status, we conditionally accept the claim, upon proof of claim.

If we are offered something like jail for instance, and if we can stop ourselves from going into freak out mode or argue mode, we might recognize that this is just an offer. We are being offered jail, someone is offering us an opportunity to be “corrected” by the correctional facility, and if we do not say otherwise then we’ve tacitly agreed to the same. Some of us do not say otherwise even when we have been invited to. For example, allocution is where the judge asks you if you have anything to say before he passes sentence on you. In that moment you are being extended the opportunity to tell the court why it should not proceed against you. If you say nothing then its presumed you are in agreement with the allegations or claims. In staying silent we lose, we are in dishonor.

In arguing or defending we lose. Think about it, if you argue about someone’s unsubstantiated claims against you are you not bringing those claims to life and handling them as if they are real? What are you defending against exactly?  In reality we are defending against someone else’s version or story about us. This takes up a lot of our energy, puts us into dishonor, and doesn’t usually produce the results we are looking for.

In the counter offer or conditional acceptance our energies can be directed differently to accept their position, accept their claim, upon proof of claim in the form of a sworn statement made under penalty of perjury. In essence you are saying, ‘I honor your position all I’m asking for is proof, bring some verified evidence, prove your claim.’ This puts the burden of proof upon the one making the claims. If this party does not bring any substance to what they are saying, any proof to back up their claim then all we are dealing with is allegations…meaningless statements, unsubstantiated declarations that do not qualify as verified statements.

So we need not argue another’s claim. We can make it easier for our selves by flipping it around and letting them bring their substance behind their claim. When we ask for a verified statement we are asking the claimant to substantiate their claim by oath or affidavit, we are asking them to swear to the truth of their statements. We are asking for the proof of claim. In the public, there has never been a claim against anyone that had anything of substance behind it.

For example, the PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK or any other state is a corporation.

This corporation cannot make sworn statements for it is a fictional entity, it is not a living thinking being, it is a fiction and has no substance to it. So where then is the real party in interest, the one making claim against you? No where to be found, there is no one. Without a sworn statement the unverified declarations of a claimant do not stand as evidence anywhere. Instead of automatically answering questions and accepting allegations without proof, we can stand in our power and bring harmony to the situation. As a creditor your not concerned with being right and proving another wrong, on the contrary, you are acting as an ambassador of peace, an agent of resolution who looks to bring settlement and who works to resolve the issue.

Understanding the Flag

The Law of the Flag: an International Law, which is recognized by every nation of the planet, is defined
as …a rule to the effect that a vessel is a part of the territory of the nation whose flag, she flies. The term
is used to designate the right under which a ship owner, who sends his vessel into a foreign port, gives
notice by his flag to all who enter into contracts with the ship master that he intends the Law of that Flag
to regulate those contracts, and that they must either submit to its operation or not contract with him or his
agent at all." (Ruhstrat v. People, 57 NE 41).
Registration: When you "register" yourself, you "record formally and exactly... in a list or the like," with
a Registrar. A "registrar" is "an officer who has the custody and charge of keeping of a registry or
register." What really is a "registry?" "Generally, a 'registry' applies to vessels in foreign commerce......”
When we register ourselves, we have recreated ourselves as vessels in foreign commerce.
Flag: Everything moving in commerce is a vessel: space ships, satellites, sea-going ships, planes, busses,
automobiles, the mails, persons and believe it or not - contracts. Just as a ship must fly a flag to designate
its nationality/laws of contract, your paperwork needs to display a flag in order to establish who you are
and what law you will use to contract.
Stamp: All vessels charge a freight fee to deliver their cargo. Likewise we must pay a freight fee as the
authority to deliver our cargo, i.e.: the paperwork we send needs to have a stamp on it. The paper is the
vessel, the words are the cargo, the flag designates the law and the stamp shows that we have paid the fee
to deliver our cargo. Place the colored flag in the upper left hand corner as you are looking at the page
(the Bonnie Blue is what I use) and place a dollar stamp in the upper right hand corner. Write your
autograph over the stamp to cancel it thus making you the postmaster. Whatever flag you choose to use,
remember not to use a gold-fringed flag as that is under their jurisdiction and not your common law
Registered: Use registered mail to identify your vessel. This places your document/vessel into
international law and gives it recognition in international commerce. This is another assertion that you are
in fact foreign to the jurisdiction they are trying to place you under. This number now becomes the case
number for any and all paperwork related to the first document sent.
Jolly Roger: If you come upon a flag that is not recognized in international law, it is a pirate flag.
Anything attached to a Title 4 USC 1, 2 Flag (i.e.: gold fringe) mutilates the Flag and under Title 4 USC 3
carries a one-year prison term. The gold fringe is an added color and represents "color of law" when
placed upon the Title 4 USC Flag. The fringe is a mutilation; it suspends the Constitution and establishes
"color of law." The gold-fringed flag that utilizes color of law and portends to be the American flag is
NOT the American flag of peace. It is a pirate flag and it is your warning as to whom/what you are about
to do business with. Army Regulation 260-10 states that the gold fringe may be used only on regimental
"colors," the President's flag, for a military courts martial and for the flags used at military recruiting
Courts: The flag in court is the court's advertisement of the laws governing their contracts. If you do not
wish to contract with these courts, then jurisdiction must be challenged. In order to correctly challenge
jurisdiction you must remember [Girty vs. Logan, 6 Bush KY 8] which states: "It is an elementary rule of
pleading, that a plea to the jurisdiction is a tacit admission that the court has a right to judge in the case
and is a waiver to all exception to the jurisdiction." Which means that if you plea - you have waived your
rights to challenge jurisdiction. And when the judge attempts to enter a plea for you and says that the state
statutes allow him to do so, tell him NO, that he cannot practice law from the bench and that he is not
your attorney and you do not give him permission to act on your behalf! Read the "Courts By Contract"
section in this manual for further information.


"Slavery 400 years ago, slavery today. It's the same, but with a new name. They're practicing slavery under color of law." (Ruchell Cinque Magee)

The 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution retained the right to enslave within the confines of prison. "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States or any place subject to their jurisdiction." Dec. 6, 1865.

Even before the abolition of chattel slavery, America's history of prison labor had already begun in New York's State Prison at Auburn soon after it opened in 1817. Auburn became the first prison that contracted with a private business to operate a factory within its walls. Later, in the post Civil War period, the "contract and lease" system proliferated, allowing private companies to employ prisoners and sell their products for profit.

Today, such prisons are referred to as "Factories with Fences."

The Convict-Lease System

In Southern states, Slave Codes were rewritten as Black Codes, a series of laws criminalizing the law-abiding activities of Black people, such as standing around, "loitering," or walking at night, "breaking curfew." The enforcement of these Codes dramatically increased the number of Blacks in Southern prisons. In 1878, Georgia leased out 1,239 convicts, 1,124 of whom were Black.

The lease system provided slave labor for plantation owners or private industries as well as revenue for the state, since incarcerated workers were entirely in the custody of the contractors who paid a set annual fee to the state (about $25,000). Entire prisons were leased out to private contractors who literally worked hundreds of prisoners to death. Prisons became the new plantations; Angola State Prison in Louisiana was a literal plantation, and still is except the slaves are now called convicts and the prison is known as "The Farm." (A documentary of that title is available on DVD.)

The inherent brutality and cruelty of the lease system and the loss of outside jobs sparked resistance that eventually brought about its demise.

One of the most famous battles was the Coal Creek Rebellion of 1891. When the Tennessee coal, Iron and Railroad locked out their workers and replaced them with convicts, the miners stormed the prison and freed 400 captives; and when the company continued to contract prisoners, the miners burned the prison down. The Tennessee leasing system was disbanded shortly thereafter. But it remained in many states until the rise of resistance in the 1930s.

Strikes by prisoners and union workers together were organized by then radical CIO and other labor unions. They pressured Congress to pass the 1935 Ashurst-Sumners Act making it illegal to transport prison-made goods across state lines. But under President Jimmy Carter, Congress granted exemptions to the Act by passing the Justice System Improvement Act of 1979, which produced the Prison Industries Enhancement program, or PIE, that eventually spread to all 50 states. This lifted the ban on interstate transportation and sale of prison-made products, permitting a for-profit relationship between prisons and the private sector, and prompting a dramatic increase in prison labor which continues to escalate.

As the leasing system phased out, a new, even more brutal exploitation emerged -- the chain gang. An extremely dehumanizing cruelty that chained men, and later women, together in groups of five, it was originated to build extensive roads and highways. The first state to institute chain gangs was Alabama, followed by Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Montana, and Oklahoma.

Arizona's first female chain gang was instituted in 1996. Complete with striped uniforms, the women of a Phoenix jail (to this day) spend four to six hours a day chained together in groups of 30, clearing roadsides of weeds and burying the indigent.

Georgia's chain-gang conditions were particularly brutal. Men were put out to work swinging 12 lb. sledge hammers for 16 hours a day, malnourished and shackled together, unable to move their legs a full stride. Wounds from metal shackles often became infected, leading to illness and death. Prisoners who could not keep up with the grueling pace were whipped or shut in a sweatbox or tied to a hitching post, a stationary metal rail. Chained to the post with hands raised high over his head, the prisoner remained tethered in that position in the Alabama heat for many hours without water or bathroom breaks. (Human Rights Watch World Report 1998).

Thanks to a lawsuit settled by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Alabama's Department of Corrections agreed in 1996 to stop chaining prisoners together. A few years later, the Center won a Court ruling that ended use of the hitching post as a violation of the 8th Amendment's ban on "cruel and unusual punishment."

In response to the demands of World War II, the number of both free and captive road workers declined significantly. In 1941, there were 1,750 prisoners slaving in 28 active road camps for all types of construction and maintenance. The numbers bottomed out by war's end at 540 captives in 17 camps.

The Proliferation of Prisons, Jails, and Camps

In the 1940s, California Governor Earl Warren conducted secret investigations into the State's only prisons, San Quentin and Folsom. The depravity, squalor, sadism, and torture he found led the governor to initiate the building of Soledad Prison in 1951.

Prisoners were put to work in educational and vocational programs that taught basic courses in English and math, and provided training in trades ranging from gardening to meat cutting. At wages of 7 to 25 cents an hour, California prisoners used their acquired skills to turn out institutional clothing and furniture, license plates and stickers, seed new crops, slaughter pigs, produce and sell dairy products to a nearby mental institution.

Within a decade this "model prison" at Soledad had become another torture chamber of filthy dungeons, literal "holes," virulently racist guards, officially sanctioned brutality, torture, and murder. Though prison jobs were supposed to be voluntary, if prisoners refuse to work they were often given longer sentences, denied privileges, or thrown into solitary confinement. Forced to work long hours under miserable conditions, in the 1960s, "Soledad Brother," George Jackson, organized a work strike that turned into a riot after white strikebreakers tried to lynch one of the Black strikers.

The Black Movement's resistance, led by George Jackson, W. L. Nolen, and Hugo "Yogi" Pinell, eventually brought Congressional oversight and overhaul of California' prison system. (The Melancholy History of Soledad Prison, by Minh S. Yee.).

California's prison system rose exponentially to approximately 174,000 prisoners crammed into 90 penitentiaries, prisons and camps stretched across 900 miles of the fifth-largest economy in the world, as Ruth Gilmore's book, "Golden Gulag" reports. That number can be doubled or tripled by those on other forms of penal control, probation, parole, or house arrest.

Since 1984, the California has erected 43 prisons (and only one university) making it a global leader in prison construction. Most of the new prisons have been built in rural areas far from family and friends, and most captives are Black or Brown men, although the incarceration of women has skyrocketed. Suicide and recidivism rates approach twice the national average, and the State spends more on prisons than on higher education. (The seeming contradiction between the official figure of 33 prisons relates to the additional buildings constructed at a given prison complex, and the various camps and county jails.)

Between 1998 and 2009, the CDCR's budget grew from $3.5 billion to $10.3 billion (the latest figures available). At its peak in August 2007, the department had 72 gyms and 125 dayrooms jammed with 19,618 inmate beds.

"They provided an accurate and extremely graphic example of the crowding and inhumanity that engulfed the entire system," said Don Specter, director of the nonprofit Prison Law Office in Berkeley, which sued to force the state to ease crowding as a way to improve the treatment of sick and mentally ill inmates.

The Privatizing of Federal and State Prisons

Under court order to reduce overcrowding, by 2009, the CDCR had transferred 8,000 prisoners to private prisons in four states - Tennessee, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Arizona, among the most virulently racist states in the country. The rest of the prisoners were transferred to county jails. Currently, the inmate population is about 142,000 and must remove another 17,000 prisoners to reach the June 2013 court deadline.

In 1985, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger lauded China's prison labor program: "1,000 inmates in one prison I visited comprised a complete factory unit producing hosiery and what we would call casual or sport shoes... Indeed it had been a factory and was taken over to make a prison." Burger called for the conversion of prisons into factories, the repeal of laws limiting prison industry production and sales, and the active participation of business and organized labor.

Heeding the judge's call, California voters passed Prop 139 in 1990, establishing the Joint Venture Program allowing California businesses to cash in on prison labor. "This is the new jobs program for California, so we can compete on a Third World basis with countries like Bangladesh," observed Richard Holober with the Consumer Federation of California.

Currently, California's Prison Industrial Authority (CALPIA) employs, 7000 captives assigned to 5039 positions in manufacturing, agricultural service enterprises, and selling and administration at 22 prisons throughout the state. It produces goods and services such as office furniture, clothing, food products, shoes, printing services, signs, binders, gloves, license plates, cell equipment, and much more. Wages are $.30 to $.95 per hour before deductions.

For the State's highest wage, $1 hour, prisoners provide the "backbone of the state's wild land fire fighting crews," according to an unpublished CDC report. The State Department of Forestry saves more than $80 million annually using prison labor. California's Department of Forestry has 200 Fire Crews comprised of CDC and CYA (California Youth Authority) minimum-security captives housed in 46 Conservation Camps throughout the state. These prisoners average 10 million work hours per year according to the CDCR.

"Their primary function is to construct fire lines by hand in areas where heavy machinery cannot be used because of steep topography, rocky terrain, or areas that may be considered environmentally sensitive." (I.e., the most dangerous fire lines).

Now at least 37 states have similar programs wherein prisoners manufacture everything from blue jeans to auto parts, electronics and toys. Clothing made in Oregon and California is exported to other countries, competing successfully with apparel made in Asia and Latin America.

One of the newest forms of slave labor is the U.S. Army's "Civilian Inmate Labor Program" to "benefit both the Army and corrections systems" by providing "a convenient source of labor at no direct cost to Army installations," additional space to alleviate prison overcrowding, and cost-effective use of land and facilities otherwise not being utilized.

"With a few exceptions," this program is currently limited to prisoners under the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) that allows the Attorney General to provide the services of federal prisoners to other federal agencies, defining the types of services they can perform. The Program stipulates that the "Army is not interested in, nor can afford, any relationship with a corrections facility if that relationship stipulates payment for civilian inmate labor. Installation civilian inmate labor program operating costs must not exceed the cost avoidance generated from using inmate labor." In other words the prison labor must be free of charge.

The three "exceptions" to exclusive Federal contracting are as follows: (1) "a demonstration project" providing "prerelease employment training to nonviolent offenders in a State correctional facility" [CF]. (2) Army National Guard units "may use inmates from an off-post State and/or local CF." (3) Civil Works projects. Services provided might include constructing or repairing roads, maintaining or reforesting public land; building levees, landscaping, painting, carpentry, trash pickup, etc.

This Civilian Inmate Labor Program document includes in its countless specifications such caveats as "Inmates must not be referred to as employees." A prisoner would not qualify if he/she is a "person in whom there is a significant public interest," who has been a "significant management problem," "a principal organized crime figure," any "inmate convicted of a violent crime," a sex offense, involvement with drugs within the last three years, an escape risk, "a threat to the general public." Makes one wonder why such a prisoner isn't just released or paroled. In fact, the "hiring qualifications" -- makes me suspect the "Civilian Inmate Labor Program" is a backdoor draft, especially in lieu of a military already stretched to its limit.

Note: When I tried to find an updated web page on the Civilian Inmate Labor Program, there was none. The date remains 2005 for its latest report. Could the latest data be classified?

The Federal Prison Industries (FPI), a nonprofit Justice Department subsidiary, that does business as UNICOR, was created in 1935, and began supplying the Pentagon on a broad scale in the 1980s.

The prison privatization boom began in the 1980s, under the governments of Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr., but reached its height in 1990 under Bill Clinton when the Wall Street stocks were selling like hotcakes. In fact, President Clinton accomplished a record $10 billion prison building boom in the 1990s.

His program for cutting the federal workforce resulted in the Justice Department's contracting of private prison corporations for the incarceration of undocumented workers and high-security inmates. (Global Research, 2008)

By 2003, there were 100 FPI factories working 20,274 prisoners with sales totaling $666.8 million. And currently FPI employs about 19,000 captives, slightly less than 20 percent of the federal prison population, in 106 prison factories around the country. Profits totaled at least $40 million!

In 2005, FPI sold more than $750,000,000 worth of goods to the federal government. Sales to the Army alone put UNICOR on the Army's list of top 50 suppliers, ahead of well-known corporations like Dell Computer, according to Wayne Woolley, Newhouse News Service.

In 2011, the Justice Policy Institute (JPI) released a report that exposes how private prison companies are "working to make money through harsh policies and longer sentences." The report notes that while the total number of prisoners increased less than 16 percent, the number of people held in private federal and state facilities increased by 120 and 33 percent, respectively.

Government spending on so-called corrections rose to $74 billion in 2007. And last year (2011) the two largest private prison companies - Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and GEO Group - made over $2.9 billion in profits. These corporations use three strategies to influence public policy: lobbying, direct campaign contributions and networking. They succeeded in getting Arizona's harsh new immigration laws passed, and came close to winning the privatization of all of Florida's prisons.