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We the People in America are getting mighty educated these days. We tracked
down the original 13th Amendment to the Constitution for the United States of
America - you know, the one you started the War of 1812 over so you could burn
the copies - and it says you Esquires are not allowed to have a title of nobility
AND hold public office in America. Up until now because of ignorance imposed
upon us, you have been getting away with it.
Outside of your Public {fool} schools we have learned that the BAR originates in
the Crown Temple in London, England. Therefore, your oath to the BAR means
you are not Americans anymore but agents for a foreign power. You have no
citizenship. You claim to have licenses to practice law. As a matter of fact there
is no such thing as a license to practice law. We searched in the statutes, codes,
rules and regulations for every state and also their respective secretaries of
state and supreme courts. No authorization for the "license to practice law"
exists anywhere. That means every one of you is unauthorized and illegal in the
Republic. JOHN HENRY DOE, ESQUIRE is a fiction that exists only on paper.
Hey, a bar-card dependant on dues paid-in-full in your exclusive membership
organization is not a license.
What you do have is a BAR card that simply authorizes you to use the statutes,
codes, rules and regulations, which are all copyrighted. We can't help but notice
that all of the law you use is copyrighted, so the People can't use it without
using you. People, how well are you doing with these laws? It wasn't easy since
you have us hanging upside down looking in the mirror trying to read the
newspaper, but we figured out that statutes, codes, rules and regulations are
not law but abrogation of the law. Abrogate means to abolish by authoritative
action, see, ANNUL. Applying the force of deadly violence, you annulled the real
Law and replaced it with color of law. Color of law is a false flag, a pirate flag.
You're all a bunch of actors. No license and no law, either. And you know that
that card will not get you very far anymore as your privileges are waning.
We attempted a count of the number of statutes, codes, rules and regulations
that you created, with the intelligence endowed by your Creator, to use against
us. We’re not finished yet as there are many more than 60 million statutes,
codes, rules and regulations -- certainly more than all of you BAR attorneys put
together can keep track even with plenty of software, quarterly updates, and
teams of legal researchers – but hey, you have [hourly] billing!

You willingly write statutes, codes, rules and regulations at the behest of the
putrefying and corrupt Chosen Masters, an ancient hate-driven cult within a
hate-driven racist sect that are the same-old tiresome take-over-the-world
crowd and utilizing a blueprint of criminality. The lowly beasts of this world
have more honor than you. Reptiles are exalted by your presence. You willingly
herd the People you have defrauded into your [the] system of the Matrix like so
many cattle, to be processed, robbed of their freedom, families and property,
experimented upon with drug sorcery, and all too often killed.
You do this because the [your] BAR Association is a hate-driven money cult.
Your masters reward you by allowing you to charge obscene hourly rates for the
building of your personal empires. You are so far gone from the sight of God
that you think you have the authority to write rules to justify torturing your
fellow beings. Collectively and individually you have much blood on your hands
– very unclean hands! (You know what that means.)
And your "noble cause" is what? Why, the U.S.A., in total, bankruptcy is your
noble cause, your reason for destroying millions of lives minute-by-minute. The
U.S.A.’s bankruptcy is George W. Bush's noble cause – his Order of Skull &
Bones organization’s only cause for being is the weakening and ultimate
destruction of the unites States of America by any means necessary. Claiming
the authority to enact and enforce new "bankruptcy laws" (statutes) that create
debtor's prisons for the People, who since 1933 have had no money to pay a debt
with, the U.S. corporation is itself bankrupt and has made us into the surety for
the debt. No more of this crap!
In fact all so-called governing bodies in the U.S. are bankrupt corporations
telescoping from one to the other, back and forth between federal-state-countymunicipal,
due to the Federal Project of Credit, like the giant, and pathetical,
tentacle beast that it is. The SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES OF
AMERICA is a bankrupt corporation and does not exist. Your law firm is
bankrupt. There is no money. We have no legitimate law because we have no
legitimate money.
Whether or not you BAR attorneys swore a secret oath to administer the U.S.
bankruptcy, the bankruptcy is in each and every letter you send, every form
you submit, every court pleading you file, every plea bargain you negotiate. It is
a fact-of-life -- of your every professional thought, besides billing, "Law" has
nothing to do with it.
At this point you attorneys have made your true function patently obvious.
"Attorning" means to take all of the property of the People and give it to the
Chosen Masters. Well, your masters' day is over. Oh, it may seem that they are
consolidating their control of all the Earth, therefore assuring your positions as
their agents for profit and mayhem; but always profit; but we continue to
expose the Chosen Masters in this forum and many others, and we are getting
quite ready to jam their signals, crash their programs and round them up.
Guess where we are going to put the Chosen Masters! And do you really think
that ‘they’ are going to grant you some favor(s) – is your ego so corrupt that you
really think that you are better than everyone else? When ‘they’ choose to bring
down the hammer what makes you think that you’ll be immune?
You are being destroyed by leaks from within. From the 13 European families
of banking perversion to the Everytown, USA municipal traffic court judge (who
would not be caught dead retiring with less than $30 million of the People's
money) and all the Satanist racketeering extortionist blackmailing pedophile
warmongering purveyors of human flesh in between, the Chosen Masters are
finished. Hey, is this getting through to you yet?
Some of you attorneys may be hearing the not so distant jungle drums and
growing uneasy, but most of you are 100% in your ego at all times and evidently
proud of being arrogant. Your arrogance may interfere with your
comprehension of this message, but check it out, because now it is your turn to
"understand" something -- the jig is up babe! The truth herein is ugly, but we
believe Americans are very angry about the truth as exposed to date and that
they are ready to hear more. Upon being more fully informed many will even
act on it according to their conscience. You have not succeeded in confiscating
ALL of the guns! (Ed. note: “I’d prefer a bullet to bare hands.”)
Just when we thought your deeds could not possibly get more hideous, we
discovered that you create commercial paper for each inmate in prison and put
a price on him, or her, and hypothecate that price many times. Correctional
Corporation of America (CCA, Nashville, Tennessee, and others) create the
bonds, and Lehman Brothers underwrites those bonds – and those bonds are
being bought and sold on the world financial markets every day! The Chosen
Masters cut you in on the deals and you all take profits from this – remember
those who choose to partake in the benefits also get to enjoy the liabilities.
Further we are enraged to know that U.S. corporations are being funded by our
brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, who were busted for pot or for not
having a current driver’s license. And these prison work farms are producing
low-cost-to-produce products that go on to eliminate jobs and revenue in our
communities. You BAR attorneys created crimes out of nothing and wrote the
rules for this heinous and sickening theft of the People's energy, all for
administering to the U.S. bankruptcy and your own assumpsit, unjust
enrichment and quantum meruit. We the People, the ones in whom the power is
truly vested, are putting an end to your despicable trafficking in human flesh
and spirit.

We used to have common law courts in this country. You may have not been
taught this in your mystery schools, however, in common law, unless a living
man or woman has been injured or a property loss has occurred there has been
no crime. We also found out that you BAR attorneys raised the level of the Sea
[water] on paper so that it "covers" the Land, thereby fraudulently subjecting
us to admiralty/maritime law, to the Law of the Sea, read: piracy. A so-called
Police Officer (read: cop) pulling us over is an act of piracy. It is a kidnapping –
plain and simple. That gold-fringed flag - that's a pirate flag he's flying, so cops
reading this take heed, for the Chosen Masters put you where the rubber meets
the road. You are nothing more than a base-level revenue generating agent for
them and if they lose a few of you to some really bad guy – well too bad – a
bunch of your buddies will gather around and collectively give thanks that it
wasn’t them who bought the bullet. Hey guys, get this through your heads now:
codes do not apply to the People, only to the corporation for which
they were written, and that means you, and it means you are nothing more
than corporate thugs. Don’t want to believe it – just talk with some of the [real]
old guys. Some of you became cops in order to get respect – respect is to be
earned -- we have been giving you not respect but fear, and people can overcome
[their] fears. We have a God-given right to defend ourselves and our property.
Just keep it up, and, just like what you’ve been doing to us -- survivors will
become defendants.
The Chosen Masters have decreed that there are too many of us (Prince Phillip
and Henry Kissinger refer to us as “Useless eaters.”), so you BAR attorneys
make it "legal" on paper for vile toadies of the Chosen Masters to poison us and
the entire Earth through the food (aspartame, genetically modified, irradiated,
etc.), air (chem-trails, pollution, etc.) , water (fluoride, etc.), and land (eroding
top soil, de-mineralized soil, etc.), and when we sicken, you force [known to be]
dangerous vaccinations and drugs upon us, and when we die, our former
employers receive death benefits$$$$$$ on secret, illegal life insurance policies
taken out on us, unjustly enriching a variety of corporations so that the Chosen
Masters may take profits. You (and the cops) will answer to the People in the
lawful courts we establish and for now you must answer to your families,
friends, neighbors, all whom you betrayed, sold out and, just plain, sold. Just
about everyone - except Freemasons of course - have been to a traffic court --
what did you think was going to happen? Your la-di-da days are numbered.
You infernal BAR attorneys are the original back-door men, the nefarious ones
in the back room, failing to adjust the accounts. You never pay your bills. Once
you take a case you are the holder of the account for the case. This means,
under Public Law 73-10 wherein all crimes are commercial crimes, and under
Public Policy, that you must adjust the account to offset the liability for closure
and settlement. You always fail to make the ledger entry - there is NO money
and the People are exempt from levy - so you attorneys never pay your bills.
You impose the charges upon us and put us in prison instead.
You get paid whether you "win" your case or not, and the corrupt judicial
system enforces the payment of your fees. This is conclusive proof of the
criminality inherent in the U.S. judicial system. What else is a criminal but
someone in possession of a valuable commodity - human energy - that was
acquired without exchanging something else of value for it?
Well, it is painfully obvious to the People that those are not our courts and we
will never get justice in them. We are going to do away with them and you.
Don't look now, but people in positions of authority are going to seize the reins.
Even now we are turning the tide for a permanent return to a constitutional
form of government. The People will no longer tolerate the lies, the corruption
and death that are your daily bread.
You BAR attorneys are all drunkards drunk on debt, chasing Federal Reserve
Notes (FRNs) which are nothing – nothing more than debt notes and debt (read:
death). You have made it illegal for the People to get out of debt! You put every
man, woman and child under the probate statutes and made us into corporate
fictions so you could create life-destroying industries such as taxation and the
judicial system. You attorneys are harming life on the entire planet, and you
cannot make it clearer that you are anti-Life. Through trickery and the
deceitful use of language, you would reduce our lives to nothing more than a
series of commercial transactions. We who now must pursue such lifediminishing
goals as "getting out of debt" or "making the rent" or "paying the
bills" - we demand that the BAR stand down and stand aside, now, and make
way for the true Law. For starters, the People are exempt from levy. In common
law there is only two laws: do not harm another living being, and honor all of
your contracts - which easily condenses down to only one Law: do unto others as
you would have them do unto you.
Speaking of "personal debt", we learned from our research that the People, the
living men and women of this land and all the lands, are the source of all
pretend money; i.e., "credit"; i.e., "commercial credit". So-called credit does not
exist until We create it. We living Beings of Light are the source of all the
energy that is expressed as "credit". Thus, the People can never be debtors, and
you attorneys have slandered our names in your collection letters. We will
make claims against you for the slander of your deceit, so EXPERIAN,
TRANSUNION, EQUIFAX, take note. Your BAR attorneys will not be able to
save you. EXPERIAN, TRANSUNION and EQUIFAX are bankrupt
corporations. Yes, People -- in this the bizarre matrix world the credit reporting
agencies are insolvent.

We recently heard that the authorities will start to confiscate our gold fillings
and gold teeth. (This is for paying interest on the U.S. bankruptcy, folks.)
Attention municipal, county, state, and federal, United Nations (UN) Chosen
Masters/Powers in Charge: We will not tolerate it. We denounce your obscenely
unjust and unlawful codes and refuse to obey them. We hereby declare your
illegal statutes, codes, rules and regulations to be null and void and of no
further effect. You can take My so-called drivers license and shove it!
You are parasites. You create no value. You bring nothing to the table. All of
the invisible so-called contracts by which you think you have us in a chokehold
are null and void for lack of consideration, lack of full disclosure, for threats,
duress and coercion in the formation of the contracts, and for being
unconscionable. You ain't got nothin'!
We the People demand forgiveness of all the debt. We demand the restoration of
money of substance, backed by gold and silver. We demand our money back for
all the illegal income tax on our labor that you converted (stole and gave to a
foreign corporation; i.e., the Federal Reserve's collection agency INTERNAL
REVENUE SERVICE - also a bankrupt corporation). We demand the return of
all the money you defrauded us out of for your cash cow socialistic Social
Security Ponzi scheme. We demand our money back for all of those bull-crap
illegal parking tickets and illegal court cases. Inasmuch as those funds are
collected by corporate thugs and therefore illegal, the funds cannot be added to
municipal budget so therefore the People's property goes straight into the
judge's retirement fund. We demand that you make reparations to us for having
defrauded and enslaved us.
We demand the immediate stand-down of the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE
(IRS). Further, once INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE has returned to us every
penny plus interest, we demand the permanent abolishment of INTERNAL
REVENUE SERVICE. Then we shall sue our corporate employers for theft
(Form W-4 and wage levies.)
Through our studies we have learned that our real government is in the county.
In the Republic, where all of our rights are intact, our highest elected official is
the county sheriff. We will restore lawful government first at home, in our
counties. Generals and Provost Marshals, duty calls like never before, and we
are taking names. Do your duty and put the county sheriffs under arrest, or we
We will open the prison doors and send home everyone busted for pot and every
other innocent victim of your unlawful codes. They will go home with all of their
property restored to them plus reparations and public apologies. A goodly
portion of those reparations will come from your pocket, Mr. BAR Attorney. We
will return back to the prisons all of the real criminals routinely set loose into
our communities by the pedophilic treasonous "authorities", and, by the way,
many, many of you BAR attorneys will join them for your crimes.
Judges merit a special note. Municipal traffic court, bankruptcy court, probate
court, federal court, makes no difference, you are the most venal and rapacious
type of creature imaginable. We have awakened to the real state of affairs: that
we live in the bizarre world of your make-believe. Thus it should come as no
surprise that the man in the black robe/dress, supposedly learned in the "law",
is in reality an extortionist, a career criminal, the most unlawful creature on
Earth. The judge's bench ("bank") is a moveable feast, his black robes highly
appropriate for a bird of carrion.
You are all in breach of the Covenant, in breach of the Trust, in breach of the
Contract. In your souls and in commerce, you are in dishonor. Your rights are
forfeit and your property is forfeit - trust or no trust.
We the People who are Beings of Light, children of our heavenly Creator who is
not bankrupt, are taking back our responsibilities and taking over. We are
creating a world without man-made parasites. Even as you read this we are ...
phasing you out. You cannot turn back this tide.
Members of the BAR, here are your choices: A.) Come into the Light; or B.) go
into the Light. You very dark ones face un-creation or the Hell planet -- you will
not be missed – either as a target or as a thought.
By: We Who Oppose Deception
and we do reserve all rights-at all times and in all places!
P.S. for the People: Did you know that the BAR Attorneys passed a very sneaky
law in 1980 that says they represent both sides in a case! But it is a felony for
an attorney to take money from someone he/she does not represent. So if an
attorney bothers you, tell him he/she is fired! Without recourse – without
prejudice. Enjoy!