The Matrix is real.

The entire hierarchy of the court system is a satanic religion and is identical to
the Catholic Church, which, I hope you know, that the Pope holds title and lien
secured party to everything in "The United States of America" and the Bank of
England and the Queen is the administrator for the collection of the tribute, see the
Treaty of Paris of 1783 (see Yale University Diana Project) wherein Prince George,
King of England, refers to himself as the "arch-treasurer of the United States."
Each of us has more contracts and applications that force us into a taxpayer/fiduciary
obligation that there are far too many of them to even consider revoking all ab initio.
You must get control of the artificial person and capture the value of the bond that
was created by the spawn of Satan who operate the illusion so that you can
discharge debt just like the spawn of Satan in New York like Goldman Sachs do it
with the internal business script credits.

All money must first be predicated upon the creation of an instrument of debt based
upon a promise to pay usury sometime in the future. So who creates the money with
which to pay the interest? Good question. Answer is - no one. That is why there were
bankruptcy courts created to (fairly?) handle the redistribution of the assets the
fiduciary generated and leave the fiduciary enough assets to get started generating
wealth again for the trust. The debt creation side first is a rule of the Generally
Accepted Accounting Procedures’ (GAAP) double entry balance sheet deception.
The trusts are in Puerto Rico, and interesting name meaning "the harbour of
*r*acketeering, *i*nfluence, and *c*orrupt *o*rganizations." All of the things done to
us that look like crimes are actually perfectly legal and lawful due to our breach of
fiduciary duty, and the foundation for what is done to us has been laid over the past
150 years by the lawmakers who were influenced by the spawn of Satan who operate
the banks.