BAR (British Accredited Regency)

In 1926, the codes, rules, regulations, procedures, and Statutes were starting to be placed into the law books by trickery.  The lawful manner for enacting a law is by the introduction of a bill into the legislature enabled by the Constitution, the passage by both the Senate and Congress and then signed by the Legislature, the President, and the Judicial.  In 1926 the Judicial ceased signing the bills and was replaced by the President of the BAR (British Accredited Regency) of New York.
This was necessary in their scheme of things to come for they were going to declare what had passed in 1871-the DC CORPORATION had now become the UNITED STATES CORPORATION and they had to have Rules, Regulations, Codes, Statutes to run the many and various CORPORATIONS they would be setting up.  BANKS, LENDING INSTITUTIONS, IRS, or any thing to do with the “MONEY” or lack thereof was left UNINCORPORATED.
Codes, Rules, Regulations, and Statutes apply only for the CORPORATION they are written for and apply only for the Employees of that Corporation.  They could not apply to the people of the 48 various states united for America, but only for the CORPORATION.  The CORPORATION is required to abide by their Codes, Rules, Regulations, and Statutes.  By the CORPORATION swearing under the penalty of perjury that a citizen of the states owes them something, can they bring the people of the states into the action.
When checking the BAR ACT which was placed into every state around 1938, we find that the Attorneys, Lawyers, Esquires, Counselors, etc could only represent CREATED FICTIONS and CORPORATIONS.  Now we understand why the passage of more than 60,000,000 Codes, Rules, Regulations, and Statutes had to be placed into the books.
All Attorneys, Lawyers, Esquires, Counselors, etc were required in 1938 to join the private fraternity called the BAR (British Accredited Regency or British Accredited Registry) for the privilege of practicing in the courts and to be given a License to Practice by the CREATED CORPORATIONS/ FICTIONS retaining them.  They are given a Certificate by the State and a BAR CARD from their PRIVATE FRATERNITY.
Placing this all together the trick was now to establish each citizen of the 48 states united for America, that they had declared WAR upon as a CREATED FICTION.
This was done by the issuance of a BIRTH CERTIFICATE (which had not been done until this point) thereby creating a FICTION, the states selling these BIRTH CERTIFICATES to the COMMERCE DEPARTMENT of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION, the COMMERCE DEPARTMENT then placed a bond on the BIRTH CERTIFICATE (making it a negotiable instrument), and placing the FICTION into the warehouse of the FEDERAL UNITED STATES CORPORATION.  Representation for the CREATED FICTION was given to the BAR for the purpose of Contracting the FICTION in a third party action.
Men and women are born into this world by the creator as Living Souls.  The BIRTH CERTIFICATE then creates a FICTION.