The Redemption Process

The Redemption process is in many ways hard to believe. But one thing that you need to under­stand is that it is the Straw-man/Debtor that all the fines, fees, and taxes are laid against. It is the straw man that some 'claim' is filed upon. But that 'entity' is artificial! And ‘he’ doesn’t have any brains, hands or fingers to write the check. And though it’s not you, you have the obligation to ensure the tax gets paid, ‘err’ I mean discharged!

By and through the Redemption 'process,' you could take control of your trust/corporation/straw man by filing a UCC 1 into your Secretary of States Office. You get a 'new' social security card (same number) for your straw man and make your initial deposit via your Birth Certificate (at $100,000,000.00) into your Direct Treasury Account .Now you are ready to deal with all those fines, fees, taxes, complaints, 1040's, any and all the other presentments from 'your' government servants.

But first you must fully understand the process of the transaction(s) and how and why they work.

It is my opinion; that one who does the initial steps and understands the 'process,' has just been elevated up beyond the level of State governments (i.e., sovereignty of the constituency) and Banks (i.e., creditor). For you hold in your hand the power to do the Transaction(s) via the Treasury, in a more per­fected quasi-sovereign capacity! That's a lot of responsibility! Therefore, you had better respect the process and do it right. You still must do your own research, read and study. The concept, the principles and the information is available. But there is much learning and work to do.