WOMEN are incapable of entering into binding agreements/contracts

Under Biblical Law: WOMEN are incapable of entering into binding agreements/contracts, their
Husband or Father must be present when making agreements or the contract is void. In most
cases both parties are present during birth or manifestation of a MARITIME product. Unless
prior written consent and approval by the male representative exists, the Mother who would not
DREAM of “giving” her newborn baby to the Government, does so unknowingly, by the
undisclosed conditions of the signed Contract” Submission of an Application for Registration
You’re Parents “agree/consent” to be the Trustee and sign your BIRTH CERTIFICATE.
(BIRTH CERTIFICATES were only for “slaves” prior to women becoming “equal” to men).
Usually the Mother is the ONLY one required to sign, because she is deemed to be the direct
blood more so than the Father. She has the higher “claim” to the living baby.
Once the negotiable instrument (BIRTH CERTIFICATE) is transferred to the Dept of
Commerce, they “pledge” your “Labour for your Lifetime” as its “secured” asset, and proceeds
to “assure” (different from insure) YOUR Labour against it’s (the government’s) DEBT, and it
subsequently gets an “underwriter” to insure your Labour.
The underwriter determines a lowball figure from your Labour to be valued at $1 Million dollars,
and it takes out a “Bond” which is held at the Bank, the numbers on your BIRTH
CERTIFICATE are the tracking numbers for your LEGAL ENTITY/FICTIONS Bond. $1
million FEDERAL RESERVE notes are then issued with that same number and put into
CAPS (which represents an ENTITY/FICTION, CORPORATION) there is a “Bond” tracking
number. That number has 7–9 digits with a “letter” in front of it. Get a 1 dollar bill and compare
that “serial” number with the number on it. You will see the similarity. On the face of the dollar
bill, is a letter inside a symbol with the words “FEDERAL RESERVE Bank of (State Name)”
That is the letter designation of the State Bank which holds that Bond. example “E” is the Bank
of Virginia. The letter of the number on the BIRTH CERTIFICATE is the Bank that is holding a
Bond which represents your “labour” for your lifetime. Your “labour” has been “insured” and
“assured”, and money has been borrowed against it. This is HOW people have been turned into
collateral for the FEDERAL RESERVE Bank(s).