Are the Bankster Pirates attempting to high-jack America? 11-13-15

See for Yourself!  (all is not well)

Check and see if you have any identity documents referring to you as a living private man or woman on the land.

Unless you created an affidavit recorded and seasoned in the Public record you don't.
That ALL CAPS name is a dead legal fiction entity created by a corporation (it is not You!)
Is that Birth Certificate (issued by the state) referring to You (flesh) or some legal fiction? Look at the ALL CAPS!
Mom, Dad and You in ALL CAPS, does that seem right?  Those are PAPER legal fictions!
Why are the names on the headstones at the cemetery in ALL CAPS? (because they are dead!)
Go look! (civilly dead)

Time to wake up and define who you are....   you are presumed dead by the state.
JOHN HENRY DOE, abandoned vessel, lost beyond the sea, a decedent, is that You? (salvage claim)
They turned the Republic government into a corporation (legal fiction)  UNITED STATES INC.
Did they then create a legal fiction trust as a shadow of your labor potential? (ALL CAPS)
Is the state holding equitable title to a presumed decedent's estate? (ALL CAPS)

Pull out your documents and see for yourself BCs, Titles, Deeds, Policies, IRAs, licenses etc. (ALL CAPS)

There it is in BLACK and WHITE!    (WHOA!)  You have no living identity!