FORECLOSURE or you are thinking about filing for BANKRUPTCY

If you are involved in a FORECLOSURE or you are thinking about filing for BANKRUPTCY
protection to buy you more time, instead of trying to defeat the corrupt Bank and your
Creditors in a State or Federal Court, where the cards are certainly stacked against you,
plan to file for BANKRUPTCY and do it this way, too insure that you come out on top!
All BANKRUPTCY FORMS are printable; can be obtained on line and they can be completed
in longhand with an ink pen. The Forms to use are: B-1 through and including B-8. You
only need to prepare and file the first five or six pages to obtain a Case Number and then
you must sit through a Credit Counseling session, which can be done all in a day. When
you are completely finished with preparing your petition, you should have filed about 58
pages in total and the filing fee is around $280.00.
Here’s the reason for using the Bankruptcy Courts:
List all your debts on one schedule and when it comes to listing your assets include your
BIRTH CERTIFICATE and its CUSIP NO. The value of the Mutual Fund Investment for your
Birth Certificate can also be found on line using the Cusip Number under Fidelity
Investments. You will discover that it is worth multi-millions but you must have the CUSIP
NO. on your asset schedule or the Birth Certificate will be discharged as frivolous by the
The Bankruptcy Judge will then appoint a LAWYER TRUSTEE to dissolve the Mutual Fund
Investment; pay off your debts and the balance must be paid to you! This procedure
usually attracts the attention of the (DOJ) Department of Justice because they don’t want
the LAWYER TRUSTEE to screw up and short change the Vatican; the Federal Reserve and
the Corporate United States and so they tend to warn or threaten the LAWYER TRUSTEE
to be very careful!
Most of these Mutual Fund Investments usually involve a group of between 10 to 25 Birth
Certificates and so only a fraction of that Mutual Fund belongs to you! The Bankruptcy
Judge will not certify the final disposition until the LAWYER TRUSTEE can prove his math
and every aspect of his work because the Judge inherits responsibility for the Trustee’s
errors, if he made any!
After the first LAWYER TRUSTEE resigns, you can probably cut a deal with the DOJ or you
can proceed on with the same Bankruptcy proceeding and the newly appointed LAWYER
TRUSTEE! Now isn’t that easier and better than attacking or defending yourself against
the Bank and a bunch of greedy Creditors; knowing full well that the cards are stacked
against you because of the Vatican and the Federal Reserve System?
While you are in Bankruptcy, you are protected. No one can proceed against you for any
debts or foreclosure, as long as you have a bond or sufficient assets; the Birth Certificate
guarantees that aspect and while in Bankruptcy, you won’t have to pay on any of those
past debts!
Your debts will eventually be discharged and the balance of the Trust Fund is to go into
your pocket! It’s a WIN, WIN situation any way your shake it and the Vatican; Government
and Bank loose the Trust Fund assets they planned to steal from you all along!
NOTE: There is a process to follow to determine your CUSIP NO [or] you can ask a Stock
Broker friend to help you [or] hire a Broker on the side to assist you. There are people in
the Patriot movement who also know how to apply the formula, which converts your Birth
Registration Number and or Social Security Number into a Cusip Number. I paid to have
mine done and discovered that I am worth about 167 million. It’s all FIAT money but as
long as it can be spent, who cares?
I hope that this entire expose’ has enlightened and elevated your personal knowledge and
will benefit you now and in the future. Pax vobiscum (Peace be with you).