I AM; the Divine Spirit having a human experience. Each atom and cell of this physical vessel I inhabit to travel across this land is infused with the spark of the Creator; I AM one with the light, one with Creator, the alpha and the omega, without beginning nor end, without time.

This third dimensional vessel, called man, the original domicile of the Divine Spirit is known on this world and in this dimension as Jeffrey of the family Anderson, a living man, freeborn peaceful inhabitant, heir to the Divine Estate, Settler and Beneficiary to the Divine Trust, freeholder in fee simple absolute, one of the 'Posterity' as expressed in the Preamble of the United States Constitution, tribunal of the Court of Record and king of my sovereign nation state.

I came into this world an Heir to the Divine Estate as one of the 'Posterity' named in the Constitution. I was born into this illusion; a world of legal fictions where assumptions stand as fact; where the truth is hidden from man like a pirates treasure buried under layer upon layer of intertwining rules, regulations and codes; where opinions are treated as law; where one is held accountable for his ignorance for his inability to ferret out the truth.

On the day of my birth while still in recovery, my mother was compelled, without full disclosure, to place my estate in trust to be administrated by the civil administration UNITED STATES in accordance with the Constitution. Acting as intermediary agent and holder in due course of the Deed for the estate trust, the STATE OF CALIFORNIA established a Charitable Trust to facilitate the lease of the estate to the 14th Amendment congress and senate, for my benefit. Said fee has been held in abeyance, in expectation, remembrance, and contemplation in law there being no person in esse, in whom it can vest and abide: though the law has considered it as always potentially existing, and ready to vest whenever a proper owner appears.

Entitlement Order   12928

                I have been lost in the sea of illusion in which I was born, my estate placed in trust. I have awakened to the truth, so long hidden from man, and now claim and redeem my estate. I have acknowledged and accepted the deed establishing my entitlement right as lawful and proper owner of the estate, the appropriate person and entitlement holder within whom the estate shall vest and abidewith exclusive right of use of all land, tenements and heredimants thereof, to have and to hold in fee simple forever.


                It is hereby decreed and established in fact that, as Heir, I reject the benefits under the will electing to enforce my contractual rights in the estate against the will. This estate, and/or the Heir thereof, are not subject to the jurisdiction of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, the congress and senate created therein, nor the codes, regulations or statutes thereof.

Acceptance of Oath of Office

                Let it be known by these words that the Oaths and bonds of all public officers are hereby accepted and confirmed and I hereby bind them to it, who by fealty and homage bear faith in opposition to all men without any saving or exception, to protect the King and his property from belligerents. I bestow my sovereign immunity on them while administering my lawful orders. This public record under the seal of a competent court is guaranteed full faith and credit per Article 4 Section 1 of your Constitution. Any officer of the public who fails to immediately execute these lawful orders admits and acknowledges warring with the Constitution and committing treason. Any/all orders or writs issued by Jeffrey of the family Anderson tribunal of the Court of Record orally or witnessed under my hand and seal is binding on all officers, courts, corporations, agencies, individuals and/or persons. Failure to immediately execute said orders and/or writs constitutes a violation of said Oath of Office and an act of war against the Constitution.


                This estate trust has been administrated under pledge/ lease to the 14th Amendment Congress and Senate since its creation. It has been established as a matter of fact that the UNITED STATES has exercised the lease, creating numerous negotiable instruments based on the value of the estate, adversely effecting the estate and the proper owner thereof.

It is herein determined and decreed, by my own act and deed, that any/all pledges and/or leases of this estate, past and/or present, express or implied are hereby and herein terminated. Any/all rights, power and/or authority granted therein is hereby terminated and withdrawn. All principal and interest shall be immediately returned to the owner and a full account shall be made thereof.


                This estate has been in abeyance awaiting the completion of conditions president. All conditions have now been met. Demand is herein made for all delinquent rent. Payment in full satisfaction is due immediately. All principal and interest shall be immediately returned to the owner and a full account shall be made thereof.


                From this moment forward this estate shall be administrated under the original Constitution for the United States and the Congress and Senate created thereunder, without the 14th Amendment. This estate shall be administrated in accordance with the original intent, as a Charitable Trust, under the direction of the Settler and Beneficiary of the estate.


This estate shall be at peace with all nations and shall strive to be always in harmony with Mother Earth; to promote growth and healing to facilitate the transition into the new world; to assist the people of the world to grow beyond the want and lack; to grow beyond the fear and doubt to bring about the birth of a world of abundance and prosperity for all mankind; a world of love and compassion; a world without limitation.


This estate trust holds the Demesne lands/ properties which are to be set aside for the use of the owner, his family and staff and shall be conveyed to his possession for his immediate use. Said property shall be maintained by the trust to maintain and preserve the estate. The body of the Heir, Jeffrey of the family Anderson, is a part and parcel of the Demesne property of this estate and is inviolable.

The intermediary shall appoint a fiduciary agent to administrate the estate. Said fiduciary shall immediately introduce him/her self to the entitlement holder and establish a time and location to sit down and identify and return the Demesne property to the entitlement holder; to discuss the collection of the delinquent rent and other issues as concerns the administration of this trust.

The securities intermediary:

shall comply with an entitlement order if the entitlement order is originated by the appropriate person.........

shall act at the direction of an entitlement holder to change a security entitlement into another available form of holding for which the entitlement holder is eligible......

has the same obligation to the holder as to the owner.................

shall exercise rights with respect to a financial asset if directed to do so by an entitlement holder...............to wit: the right to elect how the estate shall be administrated; if, and to whom the estate may or may not be leased.......

So it is written, so let it be done.

By my hand and seal by my freewill act and deed.