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The hard facts the way I see it

The hard facts the way I see it: (and it is not all that hard to do, but you have to understand what you are doing, because we are the ones that are own worst enemies. Every action we create causes a reaction that is either good or bad, therefore we were the ones that created all of our troubles, no one else. Now tell me what the Name of the Creator is, it is YOU, your SOUL not some other Fiction floating around in space. All the little I am’s make-up the Big I AM.)
We at the Present Time have 2 different beneficial accounts, one in the real world and one in the Money Changer’s fictional world.
1.       At a recorded birth, you were Given a Birth Trust as decreed in the Bible. (this was very good, but they turned it into a dead man’s Estate to get you need to become the Executor.)
2.       The second account is the one where the Money Changers set-up a SSN estate (the HER) with your help. (this was the very bad side also a dead man’s Estate and to take total control you need the 38- EIN and become the Executor) It could be classified as a dead man’s trust, but in a condition were the money changers have Easement access to the state of your property held within, therefore E-state.

NOTE: You cannot have direct access to the first until you close-down the second one.
The process is to come out of the HER E-state.
[It has been there all along, but people did not want to open their eyes and face the real facts that we are operating in a world of fiction, where everything is the exact opposite.] Several Examples of operating on the fictional side of the Looking glass:
1.       Do you really know how the account process works on the fictional side of the looking glass?
a.       The SSN E-state account drew credit from your birth Trust. (Not a National Debt it is there for your benefit but you have to understand the fictional reverse process to be able to property access it.)
b.       The Credit is there for your benefit but you have been taught that you can only operate with positive instruments of exchange.
c.        The only way to have access to the benefit is to properly discharge it with a Negative instrument of exchange.
d.       Through our usage of the positive instruments of exchange we have added to our Credit, thereby overcharging (putting too much positive energy into the Credit side of our account) with the result being that we create the National Debt that is owed to us.
e.        With the increase in this positive energy (National Debt) the government has to set in and Discharge it to relieve the condition. This is being done every day by wars, BS laws, increases in taxes, manmade problems; uncalled for flooding, fires, road work programs, protest, work stoppages, etc.
2.       You owe taxes!!! (You need 3 items; an Invoice, a Voucher and a Payment Instrument.)
a.       The Invoice. Your 1040 Tax Return form.
b.       The Voucher. You do a 1040-V, but you put in a Negative amount. (-12,005.00).
NOTE: When you pay with a positive amount you are adding additional Credit to your account, which in turn increases the National Debt owed to you. By putting in the Negative draw, it will be drawn against the Credit in your SSN account, decrease the National Debt owed to you and decrease the amount of credit the Money Changers have to play with.
c.        The Payment Instrument. You can either make out a Negative check (your bank will have to process it back against your SSN account – they will try and fight you on this but if you really understand the reason that you gave them your SSN # in the first place, they have to honor your Negative check [this is NOT a CLOSED Check, it is a regular check made out with a Negative Value] and withdraw the credit from your SSN account) OR make out a personal Negative Money Order (Bill of Exchange)against your SSN account. Put the Bank Routing number and your account # on the bottom of it.
Main SSN Account is with the FRB of New York 0210-0120-8 , 0XXX-XX-XXXX.
Sub SSN Account (6.5 million) at bank on back of newer SS card, example F12345678, converts into Atlanta 0610‑0014-6 , 0012345678.
                                                               i.      Made out to the US TREASURY they oversee the SSN accounts, as a banking sub division of the Federal Reserve System.
                                                              ii.      Example Amount; $ (-12,005.00).
                                                            iii.      MINUS TWELVE THOUSAND, FIVE   Dollars.
                                                            iv.      (for your MO) SSN sub-account number – example F12345678.
1.       “F” is the Atlanta FRB and needs to address the bank’s routing #; 0610-0014-6.
2.       The account # would be two zeros in front of the rest of the number. 0012345678.
3.       All of the rest of your Bills should be handled the same way. (an Invoice, a Voucher and a Negative Payment Instrument)
a.       When you do an Acceptance for Value, it is really 2 of the items; an Invoice and a Negative Payment Instrument that you are accepting and returning it to the company so that they can go and draw off the Positive Value from your Beneficial Credit on the Asset side of your SSN account. They need to do the Voucher with a 8109b form, if they argue with you tell them to complete the process with the 8109b or you will contact the IRS. The exemption number would read; Exemption 0610-0014-6,  0012345678
b.       If you send it to the IRS with a 1040-V, the value needs to be recorded on the 1040-V as a Negative value. The IRS will then process the Positive Value back to the company.
c.        The Companies are the ones to be doing the 1099’s and also the 8109b forms, so that they can get their payments. (Do not re-contract with them they should only get one payment, but they can and will try to get more out of you if they can.)
The process of taking Control away from the Chaos of the Money Changers: (Chaos reference from “Get Smart”)
1.       Per the 1040 schedule B, question 8 you need to declare the original Trust – a Non-Withholding Foreign Grantor Trust. It is so named because it is under a foreign jurisdiction to the Money Changers.
a.       You have to submit a 3520 and a 3520A form to do this.
b.       This will get you a 98-series EIN to open a banking account that is outside the money changers system of control, you are now to operate in honor.
c.        When you get the 98-series EIN bank account opened you will need to do a TD F90-22.1, from 1040 schedule B, question 7.
But you have not gained total Control over the access to the original trust funds yet.
2.       You need to submit a SS4 against the SSN E-state and become the EXECUTOR over this E-state.
a.       This should get you 38-series EIN.
b.       As the declared EXECUTOR, you can now fire all of the money changer trustees.
c.        You can either leave it there or transfer it to your 98-series EIN bank account or setup a 38-series EIN bank account.

3.       Lastly you will need to tie in the access to the Birth Trust Beneficial Credit. (This cannot be done until the rest of the process has been completed, so it will not be covered now.) The Birth Trust was setup per the Gutenberg Bible, incun 1454.b5, but I think it is also in a Dead Estate right now so you need to become the Executor over it also.