Off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of OZ...

In the Wizard of OZ (ounce), the Bankster, of the Emerald City (the city of green,
the Federal Reserve) Dorothy is accompanied or followed by a strawman, (a mindless
corporate fiction) and a TIN man (Tax Identification Number), and cowardly lion (the king of
this jungle in which we now live, representing government, who are afraid of the Banksters
and Attorners), and Toto (a term meaning, all or total).
Remember the Black Robed Devil wanted it (the farm) ALL from the beginning.
The street of GOLD lead to the Federal Reserve. Did you note that the servants of the Black
Robed Devil, were winged ape like creatures, who are ready to swoop down on their victim
at any second? The Banksters and Attorners had dumbed down the general population to
half wits. The TIN man was carrying and holding up an ax, a symbol of FASCISM, to which
Dorothy, unknowing, gave new life or rebirth.
In attempt to stop Dorothy from getting to the Bank, the Black Robed Devil placed before
Dorothy a field of poppies. Dorothy, Toto and the Lion fell into a drunken stooper.
Remember, opium and heroin come from poppies. What happens next? Dorothy's corporate
fiction and tax number cried out to SATAN CLAUSE for a quick fix. Satan Clause gives them
SNOW, cocaine; everything is better now. What a scam! And, the American sheople have
bought it hook, line and sinker, since the last three Presidents of the United States have ALL
be notorious DRUG SMUGGLERS.
Too, it should be noted that the Black Robed Devil was extremely jealous of Dorothy. She
wanted Dorothy's slippers. Slippers represent protection, mobility and means of movement.
By taking Dorothy's slippers, Dorothy's ability to travel, work or witness would become
limited. Remember, Dorothy was still of sound mind, which is more then I could say for the
balance of the population. In the movie the slippers were Ruby, representing life itself; life is
in the blood. The Black Robed Devil wanted to complete and TOTALLY enslave Dorothy.
Ruby, is red, representing blood, which anyone, who is a Christian knows and comprehends
that REDEMPTION is by the blood of the Lamb.
Like Simon the Sorcery, the Black Robed Devil was attempting attain redemption by some
other means, then submitting to the Kingship of Yahshua Messiah.
However, in the original text of the book (1900), the slippers were silver, representing the
people as having some wealth. In the movie the Banksters had already stolen the Gold
(1933), but the American people still had silver Coin until 1965.