Admiralty/Maritime Law

Equity Law, which once controlled America’s Corporate Courts, has been replaced
with Admiralty/Maritime Law, pursuant to Title 28 of the United States Code and
the Judiciary Act of 1789. This is the Law of Merchants and Sailors. Under
Admiralty/Maritime Law, the courts presume you owe the mortgage or the tax or
that you committed a crime defined as a Criminal Statute and it is your obligation
to prove you’re innocent! This means, you’re guilty until you prove you’re
innocent, which is the same standard and procedure used in a Military Court
Martial. Haven’t we always been told that “You are innocent until proven guilty?”
Lies, Lies and more Lies! We are not free men; we are slaves, and bound to our
Masters by adhesion contracts and secret Trusts. The goal of the Masters and
their agents, our elected officials, is to keep the people oppressed and
subservient to them. As the Masters’ agents, they utilize propaganda techniques
through government-controlled schools, churches, the media and mind control by
force and or the threat of force through the courts and police enforcement. Police
officers in America have been pumped full of more bullshit than a manure
spreader and because of their trust, public school conditioning and training, they
haven’t the ability to see what is going on. Many have been conditioned by
previous military service not to think for themselves but just follow orders, which
makes many of them as dangerous as a Terrorist! Now ask yourself - who are the
real Terrorists in America? Guess what? The Constitution isn’t for the Police either,
and still they are forced to swear an oath to defend it. The more regulations,
statutes and codes created, and the greater the number of regulatory officers and
agencies created to enforce them, the greater the Masters’ control over their
slaves; and that is mind control by force and threat of force, by the very people
we rely on, to protect and serve!
At some point in history the foreign Agents in control of our Federal Government,
decided that they needed to create Federal Police Agencies to protect them. I
can’t blame them! If I were a part of a conspiracy that could result in the
American people hanging me for Treason, I’d want bodyguards, too. Now, if you
are one of these public officials, how do you justify the employment and expense
of bodyguards, when nobody is trying to injure you, and you don’t want anyone
to know that you are committing Treason? Instead of confessing your motives,
you must find a way to accomplish your objective and blame it on someone else.