The Vatican and your Birth Certificate.

The Roman Catholic Church has a long history of tyranny and oppression.  Because of the desire to control through their inquisitions, they decided they would create the first express trust, called unum sanctum which was written on a papal bull and placed in their vault.  On the papal bull, it says that all of the souls in the world belong to the Roman Catholic Church and they do because no one has challenged their claim.  Your birth certificate is the title of the soul that they own in their registries. They have registered you and that is the title to your soul.

The Inquisition began because many people were waking up to the tyranny and oppression of the Roman Catholic Church in the early 1300’s.  The RCC killed these people due to their need to control humanity.  200 years later during the Renaissance, the Hermetica was written, which is where the bible draws all of its inspiration from.  This knowledge was also suppressed by the RCC.

Elite families control the Vatican and the corporation (the incorporation of the Apostle Peter).

In 325 AD, the emperor, Constantine the Great, made a donation to his Pope, Sylvester saying, “Saint Peter is the Apostle of Jesus of whom Jesus gave this kingdom of Earth to, therefore we are going to claim taxes.”  We pay taxes to Rome, the Kazarian and Venetian black nobility elite families based on a fictional document from Constantine.

Because of a decree written by Pope Nicholas V in 1455, the RCC owns everything, Even what you think you might own such as your car, house or even the pair of shoes you are wearing belongs to the RCC (in their twisted minds).

We can thank Pope Gregory for the current Gregorian calendar, which rearranged the previous Julian calendar to match the Pagan holidays that the Roman Catholic Church claims as Christian holidays.
The Gregorian calendar also conveniently has a correlation with the Mayan calendar:

They only control the Persona not the living breathing flesh and blood man or woman.
They have absconded with nearly all our rights. From the moment you are born to the moment
 you transit this frequency.They only acknowledge the Mother as she signs Schedule 1 of the Birth
 Certificate. In Upper and Lower Case. ie John Smith. He is registered in Birth Deaths and Marriages
 which is the State. They declare the baby dead and appoint the parents guardians and Administrators
 until the child reaches maturity.The parents have thirty or sixty days to declare the child lives otherwise  the Courts take over as Administrator and you have to study Trustee Law. They State takes out a loan  against you which is what they want your taxes to pay off. Being now among the living dead you have an  ALL CAPITAL LETTER DRIVING LICENSE , PASSPORT, CREDIT CARD, BANKCARD. You all have money  being administered by the State which runs into millions and the only way they can access it is through  Legal Aid hence all the Fines which are artificial they create to fleece you. On a Tombstone you will see the  name of your loved ones chiselled in ALL CAPS. They are dead and so are you deemed the same all your  life. As to the Church when you are Baptized or Confirmed or However and You receive a Baptism Certificate  well yes the Church Invests your Soul as collateral as has been doing the same for years.
 The same story is in the Wizard of Oz. The Bailiff is going to Steal the farm. You have the Tin Man
 who represents the Tax Identification Number. You have the Strawman which represents the ALL CAPITAL  LETTER ARTIFICIAL PERSON looking to live and the Cowardly Lion who has to become educated  and fight the System to regain his rights.