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Acquire Vacant Homes..  1. Find any vacant house
 2. Do some fix-up and/or yard work (keep it under two hundred dollars).
3. File a lawful lien (claim to the property) arising from the fix-up work.
4. Foreclose on the lien, in the small claims court.

 5. Receive your default Judgement and conveyance to the property.

Included in the Secured Party Creditor Pack

Thanks for stopping by my blog,Ive spent the past 8 years going to expensive seminars and compiling some of the most sought after books and material (some info I cannot disclose here,but be assured this is the most up to date technology out there)on the Internet and I thought I could help people who are interested in this information get it all in one shot,If your interested in the accepted for value process,this is the step by step guide that walks you through the entire process.you need to start setting off your debt,this is a proven process that has been evolving over the last 30 years.This information is cutting edge and proven.You must get this information and share it with everyone you know.Below you will see a list of all the books you will receive and also a massive amount of bonus information that I cant disclose here.If you are in foreclosure now or it looks like your heading in that direction,or your struggling with your finances due to the current financial climate all of this info will help you to keep your home but more importantly understand how the system works.

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1.ACCEPT IT FOR VALUE RETURN IT FOR VALUE,Private document, For entertainment purposes only, this is not legal advice. This is strictly a administrative/contract remedy, We are not tendering payment. There is no money to pay anything… The contracts are already in place in the background. We are simply accepting the credits they have established and authorizing them to set-off the debt with the said credits.Written in proper Bank-speak, it is possible to “set-off” unsecured debt items to the IRS and authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to issue Money Orders to pay off those debts using your public side Strawman Social Security Number. On the back side of that SSN, there is an alphanumeric account number in your Strawman name that is your private account that can be drawn from. By doing so, you help reduce the National Debt!

Accessing and utilizing your credit lawfully, safely, and wisely requires considerable education in just who you are in relation to the CORPORATION and your strawman. This process takes time. It requires you relearn your role in society. It requires courage and conviction to go against everything you have been told all your life. It requires responsible teachers and well-developed technology.

Ill show you my process and how it works for me.

2.How To STOP
A simple guide to save your house.



300 + pages

These steps are taken into consideration
when you know you are not going to be able to pay for the loan but a
default is most likely in the future. You can also use some of these to protect
yourself way in advance of any default or foreclosure action.
1. File with the State a UCC1 Financing statement and addendum.
2. File an amended promissory note with the County Recorders office.
3. File a notice of replacement of Trustee and Beneficiary. (notarized)
4. File a Rescission of Power of Attorney. (notarized)
5. Send in a RESPA request.
6. File the UCC 3 amendment.
a. Vested Interest, UCC3
b. Security Agreement, (notarized)
c. Possessory lien. (notarized)
7. Send an AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH. (notarized)
Start educating yourself on the Rules of Court and the Rules of Civil
easy to follow instructions.

Also a easy to use guide on the PRODUCE THE NOTE process...

Using the “produce the note” strategy is something all homeowners facing foreclosure can do. If you believe you’ve been treated unfairly, fight back. We have created templates for a legal request, a letter to your lender and a motion to compel to help you through the process.

Dont ever leave your house...

3.BRAND NEW ! Property Protection Package.Proven method to postpone a sale date on your property.All forms included.Along with step by step instructions.

1) SECURED PARTY CREDITOR PROCESS,Properly filing a UCC-1 form to establish a public record that you are not the STRAWMAN and in fact are the holder-in-due-course of it. This is the single most important tool in your tool bag because this alone changes the presumption of law from the side of the STATE to your side;

2) Making yourself the Power of Attorney over the corporate fiction.

3) Copyrighting the STRAWMAN's name. This doesn't just give you another defensive strategy - it gives you a very important offensive weapon, because from this point on, anyone who is coming after your STRAWMAN for anything without your permission is trespassing on your commercial property.

4) Properly filing your Public Notice and Surety Bond.

5) Properly filing these documents in your County Recorders Office.

5.Cracking the Code,redemption in law-how to become a sovereign,includes all forms and how to manual over 500 pages.The Uniform Commercial Code, "UCC," the subject of this manual, is the transcendent, paramount achievement of the efforts of a few thousands of intensely dedicated and single-minded collaborators (dare we call it "conspiracy"?) over the last two-plus millennia. It is the culmination of an almost incomprehensibly complex, systematic, intricate, pervasive, and far-reaching agenda of strategic and tactical global planning to secure absolute legal, financial, social, ecclesiastical, and political (military) dominance over the people of Earth. The fundamental medium chosen for accomplishing these iniquitous aims: Commerce. The UCC, first introduced in 1954, has been developed across the centuries with microscopically excruciating and painstaking attention to detail for avoiding forever risk of detection and revelation of its true nature. It was fully expected that the Code would never be cracked. Proof of this fact is the absence of any device/mechanism for the enforced reversal of the process and recapture of slaves who manage to break free. If you are a slave interested in breaking free, this manual has answers you have been searching for. Embarking on the pages of this volume, however, is comparable with "taking the red pill," and so should be carefully considered by worshipers of Big Brother and the faint of heart--for with such knowledge also comes the innate urge for responsibility, an unpleasant prospect for many. No matter your level of interest in the workings of the world around you and your commitment in making it a better place, if you "decide on the red pill" you will never again see it in the same way. The Code has been cracked, and awaits your decision.

6.How to discharge any traffic citation.2hr recording on mp3 file.

7.100 page booklet on filling your freedom documents.easy to follow instructions.all forms included.

8.All federal reserve routing numbers.

9.Exciting new Information on the 1099 OID Process,

Universal Postal Union Stamp Technology and Remedy,everything you will need to know!

1099 OID Process:IRS works for creditors. IRS has forms that allow you to be a creditor and acquire funds that are in escrow. An outstanding balance, for instance, on an American Express card is in escrow. The funds are there – you just have to tell the IRS with the proper tax filings to access those funds and pay that guy off with them or return those funds to me.You can OID any funds that go out of your bank account – and get them back. Acquire escrow funds with a 1099-A.If you file a 1099-OID as Recipient, those get reported on a 1040 if you want to get the funds returned.1099-As don’t get reported; neither do OIDs when you’re the Payor. i1040 is available on the IRS website; it gives line by line instructions for the 1040.

Claiming Original Issuance - meaning any debt obligations you put out in the public. When money comes out of your checking account, when you swipe your credit card, when you sign a promissory note. Credit cards create obligations and thus as the creator you have the right to claim them. With the OID you can also fractionalize your account. Meaning pay for $50 dollars for gas with credit card A, then pay off credit card 'A' with credit card 'B', pay off credit card 'B' with your Checking account. Now with a $50 dollar purchase you created a $150 obligation which you can OID. Whether that is ethical or not is another discussion, but ITS BANKING. It's what banks do. This strategy can be used to fractionalize your account as much as you want. You can also acquire assets. Thus if I have a Student Loan for $15,000. I can use a 1099A acquisition and a 1099 OID, report it on my 1040, and poof I have acquired the asset.

10.Sure fire way to clean up your credit reports.All the inside secrets they dont want you to know.easy and fast!
step by step instructions.

11.Secured Party/Creditor Filing Procedures & Treasury Chargeback instructions/most up to date technology.

12. ***BRAND NEW*** IRS REMEDIES,How to operate in the Civil and Criminal courts.Youve got to get this!this will blow your mind!

Debt collector attack plan/administrative process,with all forms.
and much much more

The Commercial Lien Strategy
You can file a commercial lien on property in another state or on property you ’ ve never
seen. With a commercial lien, you can attack the personal property of your adversary at
long range rather than merely fighting to defend your own property in your own back
yard. This offensive capability makes the commercial lien a powerful legal weapon. With
the commercial lien, you can literally take the fight to their back yards.

this 85 page tutorial breaks it all down.

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When you see the documents for yourself, your mind will shatter into a thousand pieces

As a matter of fact the imagined President, imagined Representatives, imagined Senators, imagined Supreme Court Justices and imagined Federal Judges are not paid by the United States Government. Actually the United States Government does not have any employees They are paid by the International Monetary Fund in electrons. You see there is no such thing as the United States Government. In reality there are no Governments. There are Corporations (Fictions) such as the Federal Reserve Inc., and the United States Inc., which in fact are private corporations. The United States Inc., is just a slave management company. Guess what that makes you? If you said property, you are correct! You are Human Capital. The shares that were issued for the Federal Reserve when it was created back in 1913 only cost $100.00. That was quite the bargain.
To verify the facts in the preceding paragraphs see (5 U.S.C. 903, 12 U.S.C. 95, 18 U.S.C.A. 914, 22 U.S.C. 263, 285, 286, 287, 288. Public Law 89-719, Public Law 94-564, Public Law 101-167, Public Law 91-151 Public Law 103-465, House Report 103-826 T.D.O 150-10, T.D.O. 92, 41 Stat. Chap 214 pg. 654, Emergency Banking Act 48 Stat. 1, Articles of Agreement 60 Stat. 1440, 20 CFR chapter 111, subpart B 422.103 (b) (2) (2), United Nations Secretariat Revised System of National Accounting, Diversified Metal Products v. IRS et al. CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I., Cromelin v. United States, 177 F.2d 275, 277 Tomalewski v. United States, 493 F.Supp 673, 675 Foster v. Bork, 425 F.Supp 1318, 1319-20 FRC v. GE 281 U.S. 464, Keller v. PE 261 U.S. 428, United States v. LePatourel, 571 F2d 405, 410, Respublica v. Sweers 1 Dallas 43, INTERPOL Constitution Art. 30, Executive Order 10422, Papal Bulls of 1455 and 1493. 42 Pa.C.S.A. 502. General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs.
When you see the documents for yourself, your mind will shatter into a thousand pieces. You will have to acknowledge that your entire life has been nothing but a hallucination. You will have to acknowledge that there is NOT, NOR HAS THERE EVER BEEN A GOVERNMENT, COUNTRIES, MONEY, OR CONSTITUTIONS. All GOVERNMENTS AND COUNTRIES ARE FABRICATED FICTIONS CLEVERLY WOVEN INTO YOUR MIND. They are fictions accepted by you because you have been lied to and poisoned your entire life.. What would you do without an external authority commanding you what to do and what not to do? Would you be lost? Could you govern yourself?
Let’s see how things got this way.
Between the 1860′s and the early 1900′s, banking and taxing mechanisms were changing through legislation. Cunning people closely associated with the powers in England had great influence on the legislation being passed in the United States. Of course such legislation did not apply to the states or to the people in the states, but making the distinction was not deemed to be a necessary duty of the legislators. It was the responsibility of the people to understand their relationship to the United States and to the laws that were being passed by the legislature. This distinction between the United States and the states was taught in the homes and the schools and churches. The early admiralty courts ‘did not interpret legislation as broadly at that time because the people knew when the courts were overstepping their jurisdiction. The people were in control because they knew who they were and where they were standing in relation to the United States Corporation.
In 1913 the United States added numerous private laws to its books that facilitated the increase of subjects (the newly so-called freed slaves from the Civil War) as property of the United States. The 14th Amendment provided for a new class of citizens – United States citizens that had not formerly been recognized. Until the 14th Amendment in 1868, there were no persons born or naturalized in the United States. They had all been born or naturalized in one of the several states. United States citizenship was a result of state citizenship. After the Civil War, a new class was recognized, and was the beginning of the democracy first positioned in the District of Columbia. The American people, in the republic to be found in the several States, could choose to benefit as one of these new United States citizens BY CHOICE. The new class of citizens was given the privilege to vote in the democracy in 1870 by the 15th Amendment. These new citizen subjects were required to apply for marriage, registered to vote, register births, deaths, etc. It all required was an application. Benefits came with this new citizenship, but with the benefits, came duties and responsibilities and liabilities, that were totally regulated by the legislature for the District of Columbia. Edward Mandell House is attributed with giving a very detailed outline of the plans to be implemented to enslave the American people.
(1) The 13th Amendment in 1865 opened the way for the people to volunteer into slavery to accept the benefits offered by the United States. Whether House actually spoke the words or not is really irrelevant because the scenario detailed in the statement attributed to him has clearly been implemented. Central banking for the United States was legislated with the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. The ability to decrease the currency in circulation through taxation was legislated with the 16th Amendment in 1913. Support for the presumption that the American people had volunteered to participate in the United States democracy was legislated with the 17th Amendment in 1913. The path was provided for the control of the courts by the British Crown, with the creation of the American Bar Association in 1913.
In 1917 the United States legislature passed the Trading with the Enemy Act and the Emergency War Powers Act, opening the doors for the United States to suspend limitations otherwise mandated in the Constitution. Even in times of peace, every contrived and created social, political, or financial emergency was  sufficient authority for the officers of the United States to overstep its peace time powers and implement volumes of “law” that would increase the coffers of the United States. There is always a declared emergency in the United States and it’s States (administrative units), but it only applies to their subjects.
In the 1920′s the States accelerated the push for mothers to register their babies as first required upon the new federal property – the so-called freed Black slaves. Life was good and people were not paying attention to what was happening in government. The stock market crashed, and those who were not on the inside were not warned to take their money out before they lost everything.
In the 1930′s federal legislation provided for registration of babies through applications for birth certificates, so government workers could get maternity leave with pay. The States pushed for registration (surrender of ownership) of cars through applications for certificates of title, and for registration of land through registration of deeds of trust, which turned the land over to the State. Constructive trusts secretly were created as each of the people blindly walked into the United States democracy, thereby agreeing to be sureties for the debts of the United States. The great depression supplied the diversion to keep the people’s attention off what government was doing. The Social Security program was implemented, along with numerous other United States programs that invited the American people to volunteer to be the sureties behind the United States’ new registered property and adhesion contracts through the new United States subjects.
The plan was well on its path by 1933. Massive registration (surrender) of property through United States agencies, including the ‘State’ subdivisions, was assuring the United States and its officers would get rich beyond their wildest expectations. All of this was done without full disclosure of the material facts that accompanied each application for registration. Is that fraud? The fraud was a sufficient reason to charge all the United States officers with treason, UNLESS a remedy could be supplied for the people to recoup their property and collect for the damages they suffered as a result of the fraud.
If a remedy was available, and the people chose not to or failed to use the remedy, no charge of fraud could be sustained even in a common law court. The United States only needed to provide the remedy. It was not required to explain it or even tell the people where the remedy could be found. The attorneys did not even have to be taught about the remedy. That gave them plausible deniability when the people struggled to understand the new laws. The legislators did not have to have the intricate details of the law explained to them regarding the bills they were passing. That gave them plausible deniability. If the people failed to use their remedy, the United States came out the winner every time. If the people did discover their remedy, the United States had to honor it and release the registered property back to the people, but only if the people knew they had a remedy, and only if they requested it in the proper manner. It was a great plan.
With plausible deniability, even when the people knew they had a remedy and pursued it, the attorneys, judges, and legislators could act like they did not understand the people’s claims. Requiring the public schools to teach civics, government, and history classes out of approved politically correct text books also assured the people would not find the remedy for a very long time. Passing new State and Federal laws that appeared to subject the people to rules and regulations, added another level of protection against the people finding their remedy. The public ‘socialist media’ was molded to report politically correct, though substantially incorrect news day after day, until few people would even think there could be a remedy available to them. The people could be separated from their money and their time to pursue the remedy long enough for the solutions to be lost in the millions of pages of the books in huge law libraries across the country. So many people knew there was something wrong with all the conflicts in the laws with the “facts” taught in the government schools. How’ can the American people be free and subject to a de-facto government’s whims at the same time? Who would ever have thought the people would be resourceful enough to actually find the remedy? BUT they did!
In 1933 the United States put its insurance policy into place with House Joint Resolution 192 and recorded it in the Congressional Record. It was not required to be promulgated in the Federal Register. An Executive Order issued on April 5, 1933 paving the way for the withdrawal of gold in the United States. Representative Louis T. McFadden brought formal charges on May 23, 1933 against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank system, the Comptroller of the Currency, and the Secretary of the United States Treasury (Congressional Record May 23, 1933 page 4055-4058). HJR 192 passed on June 3, 1933. Mr. McFadden claimed on June 10, 1933:
“Mr. Chairman, we have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks…”
HJR 192 is the insurance policy that protects the legislators from conviction for fraud and treason against the American people. It also protects the American people from damages caused by the actions of the United States. For speaking like he did, Mr. McFadden was poisoned by the powers that be by agents of that federal corporation.
HJR 192 provided that the one with the gold paid the bills. It removed the requirement that the United States subjects and employees had to pay their debts with gold. It actually prohibited the inclusion of a clause in all subsequent contracts that would require payment in gold. It also cancelled the clause in every contract written prior to June 5, 1933, that required an obligation to be paid in gold – retroactively. It provided that the United States subjects and employees could use any type of coin and currency to discharge a public debt as long as it was in use in the normal course of business in the United States. For a time, United States Notes were the currency used to discharge debts, but later the Federal Reserve and the United States provided a new medium of exchange through paper notes, and debt instruments that could be passed on to a debtor’s creditors to discharge the debtor’s debts. That same currency, Federal Reserve Notes, is used to discharge public debts. Take note; the Federal Reserve Notes have no value, as stated by the Federal Reserve!
In the 1950′s the Uniform Commercial Code was presented to their States as a means of unifying the generally accepted procedures for handling the new legal system of dealing with commercial transactions and fictions as though they were real. Security instruments (commercial paper) replaced substance as collateral for debts. Security instruments could be supported by presumptive contracts. Debt instruments with collateral, and accommodating parties, could be used instead of money. Money (of exchange) and the need for money was disappearing, and NEW money was being created i.e., ‘Money of Account’ (created by Bill of Exchange) and a uniform system of laws had to be put in place to allow the commercial venue and the courts to uphold the security instruments that depended on commercial fictions as a basis for compelling payment or performance (see ‘Tender of Payment in your State statute!). All this was accomplished by the mid 1960′s. And by 1964, most all the States had adopted the Uniform Commercial Code.
The commercial code is merely a codification of accepted and required procedures all people engaged in commercial activities must follow. The basic principles of commerce had been settled thousands of years ago, but were refined and became more sophisticated over the years. In the 1900′s the age-old principles of commerce shifted from substance to form. Presumption became a big part of the law. Without giving a degree of force to presumption, the new direction in enforcing commercial claims could not be supported in their courts. If the claimants were required to produce their claims every time they tried to collect money or time from the people, they would seldom be successful. The principles expressed in the code combined the means of dealing with substantive commercial activities with the means of dealing with presumptive commercial activities. These principles work as well for the people as they do for the deceivers. The rules do not respect persons.
Those who enticed the people to register (surrender) their property (land, cars, guns, children, etc.) to the sub-divisions (States) under dictate by the United States, gained control of the substance through the ‘registrations’ and the States were able to extract more ‘use’ taxes, from the people to use the property of the State! The States and the United States became the Holder of the titles to all the property, even children and many other things.
The definition of “property” is the interest one has in a thing. The thing is the principal. The property is the interest in the thing. Profits (interest) made from the property of another belong to the owner of the thing. Profits were made by the deceivers by pledging the registered property in commercial markets, but the profits do not belong to the deceivers. The profits belong to the owners of the ‘things.’ That is always the people. The corporation only shows ownership of paper – titles to things. The substance cannot appear in the fiction. [Watch the movie Last Action Hero and watch the confusion created when they try to mix substance and fiction.] Sometimes the fiction is made to look very much like substance, but fiction can never become substance. It is an impossibility!
The profits from all the registered things had to be put into a ‘constructive’ trust for the benefit of the owners. If the profits were put into the general fund of the United States and not into separate trusts for the owners, the scheme would represent fraud. The profits for each owner could not be commingled. If the owner failed to use his available remedy (fictional credits held in a constructive trust account, fund, or financial ledger) to benefit from the profits, it would not be the fault of the deceivers. If the owner failed to learn the law that would open the door to his remedy, it would not be the fault of the deceivers. The owner is responsible for learning the law, so he understands that the profits from his things are available for him to discharge debts or charges brought against his public person (Debtor-straw-man) by the United States.
If the United States has the “gold”, the United States pays the bills (from the trust account, fund, or financial ledger). The definition of “fund” is money set aside to pay a debt. The fund is there to discharge the public debts attributed to the United States subjects, but ultimately back to the accommodating parties – the American people. The national debt is what is owed to the owners of the registered things – the American people, as well as to other creditors!
If the United States owes a debt to the owner of the thing, and the owner is presumed (by accommodation) to owe a public debt to the United States, the logical thing is to ask the United States to discharge that public debt from the trust fund. The way for the United States to get around having to pay the public debts for the people is to claim the owner cannot be an owner if he agreed to be the accommodating party for a debtor-person. If the people are truly the principle, then they know how to handle their financial and political affairs, ULNESS they have never been taught. If the owner admits by his actions out of ignorance, that he is an accommodating party, he has taken on the debtor’s- liabilities without getting consideration in exchange. Here lies the fiction again. The owner of the thing does not have to knowingly agree to be the accommodating party for the debtor person; he just has to act like he agreed. That is easy if he has a choice of going to jail or signing for the debtor-person. The presumption that he is the accommodating party is strong enough for the courts to hold the owner of the thing liable for a tax on the thing he actually owns or owes.
Debtors may have the ‘use’ of certain things, but the things belong to the creditors. The creditor is the master. The debtor is the servant. The Uniform Commercial Code is very specific about the duties and responsibilities a debtor has. If the owner of the thing is presumed to be a debtor because of his previous admissions and adhesion contracts, he is going to have a difficult time convincing the United States that it has a duty to discharge public debts for him. In addition, the courts are staffed with loyal judges who will look for  every mistake the people make, when trying to use their remedy.
Now the quasi-owner (user) of the property (thing), after learning the law and discovering who he is in relation to the United States Corporation, can file a UCC Financing Statement based upon a Security Agreement, registering his security interest in the artificial entity DEBTOR/PERSON, being the ENS LEGIS which the United States created after your Mom signed the ‘Root of Title/Newborn Identification’ and then was compelled to apply for a birth certificate. That was the act of registering her biological property, her baby (substance), with the State of ____. The United States holds the paper title (form), not the substance (baby). Until your Financing Statement is filed, the United States is the holder of the title to the artificial entity. Its name is spelled in all capital letter – JOHN HENRY DOE. When John Henry Doe files the Financing Statement supported by a Security Agreement signed by the artificial entity (JOHN) and the owner (John), he becomes the holder in due course of the title to JOHN. The UCC and the State commercial law are very specific about the effect of a registered security interest. It has priority over most other interest claimed (only claimed) in the same thing. The evidence that is missing in the court is the registered claim over the person (JOHN).
The owner also must notify the Secretary of the Treasury that he is going to handle his own affairs in the future. That is done when you do the CHARGE BACK PROCESS by filing a Bill of Exchange with the Secretary through which he ‘charges up the UCC Contract Trust Account,’ in respect to the ‘value’ expressed on the Birth Certificate and the ‘Directive’ cover letter. The social security number, belonging to your Debtor, is the Trust Account Number for a chargeback, for all the presumed charges brought against your Debtor for proper discharge.
Think of the whole transaction in relation to a dead battery. The batter represents your public person (JOHN), which is a dead entity that can function within the public maize of fiction, transmitting benefits from the public to you in the private IF it is charged up. You cannot go into the public because you are not a fiction. JOHN has no power until it is charged with some energy. That energy comes from an IRS default notice, court judgment, credit card bill, utility bill, traffic ticket, or some other instrument that has a $ amount and JOHN’S name on it as the presumed debtor. The bill is the energy. It charges the dead JOHN. You can now discharge JOHN and put JOHN’S accrual account with the charging party back to a zero balance. You as the secured party creditor, having charged up the UCC Contract Trust Account, now for the ‘presentment’ received in behalf of a debt owed by JOHN, you can discharge the fine, fee, tax or debt with a negotiable instrument for the same $ amount as the charging instrument (presentment) stipulates. The charging party that receives your non-cash item can process it back through the United States Treasury through their financial institution. Note; if discharging IRS Tax liability, the package/instrument goes directly to the Secretary of Treasury – U.S.
When you, as the owner of a thing, registered it with the United States or one of its subdivisions, you let the United States hold the legal title to your thing based on misrepresentation and failure to disclose material facts to you at the time of registration. You probably retained possession of the thing, but the United States/States invested the title and made a profit. If you did not specifically authorize the United States/State and its agents to invest the legal title, the profits made from that title belong to you, because as the owner, you remain the equitable title holder. Legally, all the profits from the investment of the titles to all your registered things must go into a fund for your benefit. If they did not put the profits in a trust fund of some sort, it would be fraud.
Just acquiring the titles through what is promoted as mandatory registration, is fraud. If the scenario attributed to Mandell House is now in full application in the United States, which it is, the officers of the United States could be charged and convicted with treason IF they had not provided a remedy, which they did. — House Joint Resolution 192 on June 5, 1933. This is their insurance policy to assure they are not convicted of treason. That does not mean they cannot be charged with treason, but the courts will dismiss based on failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted. Because you have a remedy outside the court, you cannot sustain a charge of treason. But Tort, now that’s another matter! We will discuss Tort Claims later!

Administrative Remedy

Ever heard the statement: "The constitution has NO place in the courts and your life?" When one argues a "Costitutional" position whether in the courts or society that position will NOT prevail. Why? We grew up with the concept of personal freedom and constitutional rights. Yet, even to the most causual observer America is NOT free. The Constitution is NOT in effect in the courts of this land. Ask any judge, he will quickly tell you the constitution is not permitted in his courtroom.

Every company, corporate entity or any organization is governed by a charter, by-laws, or some sort of 'constitution' that will legally dictate and control the operation. Ever stop to consider that if the Constitution is NOT the charter for the Federal government and society what is the "law" of that society?

Then what is the law and 'constitution' of the federal government and society in which we live? The Uniform Commercial Code! If you think that is a stretch of the of the imagination study through the contents of this web site. You will come to a legal understanding of how/why you have become a slave to the society (democracy) around you. Then you will understand how to regain your freedom and 'constitutional' rights.

The only thing prohibiting your freedom is legal awareness and lack of information. ALL; i.e., EVERY thing or action you do is 'commercial'. You can NOT function except through a 'commercial contract'. It is well established that a legal fiction (corporation, government, etc) cannot directly approach a 'private' individual. When government, court, tax, and corporate agents approach you in person, via the mail, over the phone, etc., they are soliciting your consent for "voluntarily" entering into a commercial contract and "doing business." The controlling law for these contracts is the Uniform Commercial Code.

All governments are corporate, for-profit operations. The U.S. [federal] Government and its administrative agencies bring suits against people and other government entities every day. In the legal system there is no difference between civil and criminal jurisdictions; each is commercial. All crime (including murder) is commercial, i.e. has a monetary value affixed thereto. 27 CFR 72.11 spells this out in unequivocal terms. Nowadays it is common for both artificial and flesh-and-blood entities to settle criminal charges out of court, i.e. via payment. [Note: committing a crime is a physical impossibility for an artificial person/corporation, but such are charged criminally almost every day.]

The Uniform Commercial Code at Article 1, §103 it states:

§ 1-103. Supplementary General Principles of Law Applicable.

Unless displaced by the particular provisions of this Act, the principles of law and equity, including the law merchant and the law relative to capacity to contract, principal and agent, estoppel, fraud, misrepresentation, duress, coercion, mistake, Bankruptcy, or other validating or invalidating cause shall supplement its provisions.

What they're telling us is that all other law - common, constitutional, equity, bankruptcy, etc. - is only supplemental to the supreme law of the land - the Uniform Commercial Code. If we don't proceed on the basis upon which they proceed, then we will lose due to failure to procedure, not substance.

A little more.

The information here is compiled right from the UCC Code. Right from the latest changes, and from some of the most powerful codes this planet has ever seen; And I mean planet! In order to understand what it is that we actually do, I need to go back and explain why we're doing what we're doing.

The whole thing started obviously when we had 13 signers to an Original Declaration of Independence. That was an underlying contract that was signed by thirteen different leaders that said "No more." "We are done, we are independent from you. We are going to do our own thing." And that contract led up to another one which is known as the Constitution and another The Bill of Rights etc., etc. etc.. the Articles of the Confederation.

These contracts were what formed a nation here over 200 hundred years ago. It was formed under contract and Sub-formed under codes, rules and regulations. In 1871 the United States set up a system that was called the District of Columbia Organic Act. At that point in time there was only a government and a people, individually based upon the contracts that were written almost a hundred years prior to The Constitution, the Articles of Confederation, etc. etc.. This new act, called the District of Columbia Organic Act created the first Corporate Government that the United States of America has ever seen, and it created a new wild beast that most people don't see. Because it's Corporate America, it has everything to do with commerce; it's under Contract Law. Shortly thereafter, they created what is known as the Bureau of Vital Statistics. The Bureau of Vital Statistics is what formed a birth certificate / chattel paper. This birth certificate was the first time that the United States ever seen a Corporate person known as a Dummy, a strawman, a juristic person or any other kind of fictitious corporation that you can put in your mind and just think about, is a fiction, third party front, a dummy. It is not you, it is a word that reflects chattel paper. It's a contract.

These contracts enabled the Corporate United States to contract with a Corporate U.S. I've heard many people, attended many different seminars, I've read a lot of different information and I've talked to a lot of people who use the UCC. And the UCC is a contract. But, what people have to understand is how they incorporated themselves. They see that one of the biggest problems with some of past or even present information that's out there is a lot of people want to go back to the law. Well, under these contracts that we're speaking of, you became a surety. The surety was responsible to pay for all this Corporation's new existence such as the Federal Reserve, such as the IRS, such as the Social Security Administration. I hope that everyone out there understands why this corporation is starting to exist and how it came about and how they get to us. They don't deal with us, they deal with our Dummies/Strawmans. The fictional you. Your Driver's license, your social security card, most all bills that you get, most anything you get will have your Strawmans name, it's Your name in all capital letters. It is a created US citizen you, Not the Real flesh and blood you. It is your front.

When they started to contract and they switched over our gold, which was in 1933, they took all of our gold and they started using a paper currency. Which is a Federal Reserve note, the dollar bills that we carry around. When they created that new little creature the Corporate America was free to use as much of this paper currency it wanted to. It didn't have to use the gold and silver so it could just exchange promises from one hand to another. Again, all of this you have to sit back and understand that a Corporation is coming after you. Not Mr. General Motors, general motors the nobody. It is just a fiction.

The information that we've gotten and use is compiled from many, many, many years of research, study, trial, and a lot of errors because people can't understand the whole concept behind it, which I couldn't either. I didn't even grasp that at one point in my life. The information that we're going to give you is how to protect yourself, how to make yourself secure from liens, levies, and judgments. How to be able to look at yourself, your spouse and kids and say "I'm free". "Let me do whatever I want to do and I'll be a responsible person and I'll just do it". And it really will change your life forever. Because you will be able to stand there and say "No thank you, I do not want to do business with you." It really is that simple once you understand the concept.

Our concept is not going into court. A lot of people have to, a lot of people wait until the last minute to decide that they have to do something and then they're normally caught in a "fire drill" and that's a lot of times when mistakes are made, because it's so fast, we call this a fire drill. So we're trying to recommend to everybody out there to get your hands on something ahead of time. Do something well in advance before you have a problem and that way you're pretty much protected. And the reason I say that is not to say that "Well, if I start doing this paperwork, am I going to draw attention?" No, the point I am trying to make here is that the percentages of people who have some form of issue, whether it be by a local official, a state official, federal official, your county commissioner, your tax guy, the local cop down on the corner by Dunkin Donuts, everywhere you turn they're asking for money. The bottom line is, you get a speeding ticket, they're asking you for money. Then they want your tax line, you turn here, and they take it out of your paycheck. You turn back this way and they slap you in jail and then take more of it. Then they come take your house. Problems happen to people all the time. If you look at it, the percentage of people that have some form of issue, with any of those agencies is extremely high. And it will probably happen to you sooner or later.

So, what our program does is give you the knowledge and it give you the opinion, education to be able to stop living a life like that and just say, "I want to live my own life." "I don't care about that person there, I care about me and me wants to be free."

That's the way we look at it and I know a lot of other people do too.

The new article 9 provisions inside of this UCC just revolutionized a lot of things and that's what we base our information on. Our information is accurate, up to date and it works. Because if you look inside the Bill of Rights, most people know we got them, but most people don't understand what the two sections are. You have to stand back and look at the overlying contract. Article One through Five are constitutional safeguards. It's says we have the right to speak, we have the right to keep our guns, we have the right. That's the first Five. Well the last Five are against our elected officials saying, "You can't do this, and you can't do that." Well, why is it we can't drive down the road without getting pulled over, asking for money? Because we have contracted our entire lives away and didn't even realize it. We contracted for a house, we contracted for a car, we contracted for a credit card, we contract for everything. You're still a Sovereign human being. You just have to un-contract all the small implied adhesion contracts that you're attached to by your own signature (signature: "the act of putting one's name at the end of an instrument to attest its validity." Black's Law Dict., 6th Ed.; autograph: "one's handwriting; written with one's own hand." ibid.)

So what the UCC does is it actually goes in, it allows you to take those contracts and regain Ownership of those listed properties. Once you have regained control, you can stand up and say, "This is my contract. I don't agree or consent."

The consent thing is a large one. It's something that has worked in all levels; it works everywhere because it is The Law. I'd like to repeat that because it is The Law. When you're looking at a consensual encounter, the first that happens when you get pulled over for instance, what happens to you? What do they do to you? What's the first thing they ask you for? "Can I see your drivers license, registration or can I see your papers?" They are asking you to voluntarily o give them some papers so that they can prosecute you. Why? Because they have the contract and they can do that. You signed that driver's license, you didn't know it, but you signed all your rights away. You didn't even know it.

From the Fourth amendment is where we get this "consent thing." And your Fourth amendment is probably the most powerful amendment, powerful law, and powerful set of words in Law that I can think of. If you have anything that you would like to study on, outside of our website, it should be the Fourth amendment. (Brown vs. TEXAS)

Consent. I do not agree or consent. What they are doing to you is that "They" as a corporation are coming up to you as a corporation and asking you to contract with them. They have no evidence that you are anything but that fiction. "I'm sorry, I don't want to do business with you." And the information works because of the way that the code is set up, it enables you to make claims on your property. That's what the UCC is, so many people that I talk to in the past have said, "You file your UCC and your problems will go away." That is so far from the truth. I don't even want to comment any further than that.

A UCC-1 is an asset protector and it allows you to register property that you are making a claim upon. That is what it is. If there is no claim, you can't claim back on it. So right now, up until this point if you're new to this, you didn't understand any of what we just said, but it's starting to become clear to you now as though it's a corporation against a corporation and you have to step back behind the scene there and realize that the IRS, the State of Michigan, the United States, are all fictions coming after you. They don't exist. You can't call Mr. IRS to the stand in a court room. He won't show up. We've been looking for him for years. We can't find him. We've been looking for another guy called Society, for quite some time, but we can't find him either. They don't exist. So, if they don't exist, then they can't make the claim on the property. You can though. Once you make your claim, You got a claim in there. If anyone was to try to infiltrate your property, NOW you have stated a claim, under which release can be granted to you. You now hold a Superior claim. In the format that we're using this information goes directly at the individuals so to speak, not the IRS, but the agent working for them. The fiction does not exist, only the agents that are "moving" the fiction. What we have to offer is the information that goes to them. It informs them, it lets them know, "I have a claim, please provide me with superior claim if you want me to perform/pay." They do not have it.

A synopsis: There is a corporate government and a real government and they have created a fictional you, which is known as a strawman. And this corporate government is doing just what McDonald's is doing when you pull up to McDonald's. "May I help you?" "Sure, I'll take that, that and that." "OK, that will cost you $5.68". They are conducting business with you. And you have the right to decide whether you want to conduct business with with them. You can do so with whomever you wish to. If you don't wish to do business with somebody, you don't have to. No one can force you to. It is the same concept. It's just we set our groundwork and do our claim ahead of time. We're learning to conduct our commercial affairs for our protection and benefit rather than for the quasi-government's advantage, or any other person's or corporation's benefit.

Filing a UCC-1, [is done thru a FCUSA exclusive online process and NOT filed with the Secretary of State. This keeps the control with you via your agent FCUSA. When you file with the SOS, they keep the ORIGINAL papers and thus retain control of your documents to do as they please not as you please.] The sooner we learn, the more capable we become in protecting ourselves, our families, our property, and our interests. Welcome to the real world! You are coming out of the "reel" world of the "Wizard of Oz" and "Alice in Wonderland.
Once you file your UCC1 "correctly" [GL process] you can begin an Administrative Remedy (AR). An AR is based on Admiralty Law which goes way back and consists of a series of 8 letters which is sent to the CEO of the lending institution that your mortgage [debt; aka credit card, student loan, auto loan, IRS] was filed with. Each of the letters must be noterized prior to being sent and is very precise in wording and content. Basically you first must determine who you wish to file an AR against. This can be any creditor or any lending institution, who committed fraud by obtaining funds, based on the use of your Straw man on the international market. These lending institutions are a legitimate source for an AR.

[In the case of a mortgage, auto loan or student loan, you will need the amount paid to the bank to date (principle, interest and late fees). This is your claim amount.

[In the case of a credit card or line of credit, simply use the highest credit limit given you regardless of balance or amount paid. This is your claim amount.

[The total claim amount for each bank is then multiplied by 4 for compensatory damages, then 200 for punitive damages for a total of 800 times your claim amount. This is your total award amount. At completion of the process, the notarial judgement will be submitted for payment and you will be elligible for a percentage of this total.]


The issuing of bond for profit on prisoners has finally been deciphered. 
It is no wonder that there is a rise in prosecution for non-violent crimes! 
As soon as your social security number hits the system, there is 
someone buying a bond in your name that accrues the longer your ass 
sits in jail. We couldn’t figure out why the incarceration rate was so high 
that the counties couldn’t afford to pay the bill. 

The courts are operating under Statute Law. A “Statute” is defined in 
bond or obligation of record, being an abbreviation for “statute 
merchant” or “statute staple.” 
Statute –merchant = is defined as a security for a debt acknowledged 
to be due, entered into before the chief magistrate of some trading 
town, pursuant to the statute 13 Edward I. De Mercatoribus, by which 
not only the body of the debtor might be imprisoned, and his goods 
seized in satisfaction of the debt, but also his lands might be delivered 
to the creditor till out of the rents and profits of them the debt be 
The Grand Jury Foreman is the Drawer or Maker of the Indictment by 
his signature, the Defendant/Debtor or Straw-man is the Drawee and 
the State is the Payee and the live Man or Woman is the Payor. What 
they are doing in the courtroom is all commercial, and is in conformity 
to 27 CFR 72.11, where it says all Crimes are commercial. What the 
judge and prosecutor are doing in the courtroom is making a 
commercial presentment under section 3-501 (1) “Unless excused 
(section 3-511) presentment is necessary to charge secondary parties as follows”: 
(a) Presentment for acceptance is necessary to charge the drawer and 
endorsers of a draft where the draft so provides, or is payable 
elsewhere than at the residence or place of business of the drawee, or 
its date of payment depends upon such presentment. The holder may 
at his option present for acceptance any other draft payable at a stated 
(b) presentment for payment is necessary to charge any endorser; 
(c) in the case of any drawer, the acceptor of a draft payable at a bank 
or the maker of a note payable at a bank, presentment for payment is 
necessary, but failure to make presentment discharges such drawer, 
acceptor or maker only as stated in section 3-502 (1)(B). 
If you don’t accept the charge or presentment you are in dishonor for 
no acceptance under 3-505 of the U.C.C. (c) and 3-501 (2) (a), (b). 
Acceptance is the drawer’s signed engagement to honor the draft as 
presented. It must be written on the draft, and may consist of his 
signature alone. It becomes operative when completed by delivery or 
notification 3-410 of the U.C.C. 
You are the Fiduciary Trustee of the Straw-man which is a cesti que 
UNITED STATES TRUST; in this capacity you have the responsibility to 
discharge all his debts, by operation of law. You are also the principal 
or asset holder on the private side of the accounting ledger; you are 
holding the Exemption necessary to discharge the debt. When they 
monetize debt they have to have a principal, capital and interest is what 
circulates as principal and is called revenue or re-venue. Principal is 
where venue lies. When you are in dishonor they cannot use your 
exemption to pass the debt or charge through your account to obtain a 
discharge, so they sell your dishonor, which has a commercial value of $1,000,000 dollars for each count. When Social Security # is assigned or 
a Blank Bond is issued and when you are imprisoned the Bond is filled 
out. This Bond is called a Bid Bond, Standard Form 24 (REV. 10-98) 
prescribed by GSA-FAR (48 CFR) § 53.228(a). This is also called a Prison 
Bond. These are also referred to as Contract Surety Bonds. The First, the 
Bid Bond, provides financial assurance that the bid has been submitted 
in good faith and that the contractor intends to enter into the contract 
at the price bid and provide the required performance and payment 
bonds. The Second, the Performance Bond, protects the obligee from 
financial loss should the contractor fail to perform the contract in 
accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract documents. 
The Third kind of Contract Bond is the Payment Bond which guarantees 
that the contractor will pay certain subcontractor, labor and material 
bills associated with the project. 
On April 9, 2002 (12:18 pm) Lehman Brothers Banking Cartel in New 
York City agreed to provide prison industry leader CCA (Corrections 
Corporation of America) with a new $ 695.0 million senior secured 
credit facility, to be combined with a $150 million notes offering. The 
war on terrorism has created a buzz in the private prison industry. Less 
than three weeks after September 11th, a New York Post story on the 
for-profit private prison industry stated, “America’s new wall of 
homeland security is creating a big demand for cells to hold suspects 
and illegal aliens who might be rounded up.” In order to prosper, prison 
operators need to maintain a steady flow of prisoners and prison 
The Corrections Corporation of America owns most of your prison 
systems and sells its stock and shares on the New York Stock Exchange, 
the major stock holder is the Paine Webber Group.There is also a Prison Realty Trust [PZN], which is a real estate investment trust [REIT] and is 
the world’s largest private sector owner and developer. 
Prisons are nothing but warehouses for the storage of goods and 
chattel under commercial law. The Warden is a Bailee or Warehouseman 
[before the term Admiral was used he was called Custos Maris “Warden 
of the Sea”] [In some ancient records He was called Capitanus 
Maritimarum or “Captain or Tenant in Chief of the Maritime”] who 
receives personal property from another as Bailment. The Bailer is one 
who provides bail as a surety for a criminal defendant’s release. 
When your dishonor is sold within the United States it has a six digit 
accounting # and is called a Cardinal Number, when it is sold at the 
International Level it goes Ordinance or Military and uses a nine digit 
accounting number. This is where AutoTRIS and CUSIP come in. 
AutoTRIS is the Automated Forensic Traces Investigation System and 
was designed in the Russian Federal Center of Forensic Science using a 
graphical toolkit that was developed at Automation Designs & 
Solutions, Inc. for other software products. 
Why is privatizing prisons so appealing to Federal, State, and Local 
governments? As the Nation put it: The selling point was simple: Private 
companies could build and run prisons cheaper that the governments. 
Unfettered American Capitalism would produce a better fetter, saving 
cash-strapped states millions of dollars each year” while simultaneously 
generating huge profits. The Nation explains this miracle would be 
accomplished. “Private prisons receive a guaranteed [per diem] fee for 
each prisoner, regardless of the actual costs. Each dime they don’t 
spend on food or medical care [for prisoners] or on wages and training 
for the guards is a dime they can pocket.” Most guards in public prisons 
belong to the LEOU, which is part of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees AFSCME. I have a pointed question 
for you, why aren’t we as principals on the Private side of the 
accounting cycle using our Exemption Priority to discharge all this 
Public Debt under the Uniform Exemption Act section 3 “Exempt” 
means protected, and “exemption” means protection, from subjection to 
a judicial lien, process, or proceeding to collect a debt. The answer is 
we are all double-minded and do not know who we are in a 
commercial setting. Every individual in Prison is in there, because of 
Commercial Dishonor. 


Whenever you apply for a loan, you are requested to sign a Promissory Note for the total amount of the loan. Then a Payment Account is established. The Promissory Note is never endorsed by a member of the Financial Institution so that it can be sold without your permission. Three days later, the original promissory note, signed in ink, is sold to another Institution or Foreign Government, who will COLLATERALIZE it or use it like a BOND and issue currency or loans against it.
Why the three days? It is because you have the right to withdraw from or cancel any contract within three days of acceptance. It is about the only right we have left and it may be found under the, Truth in Lending Act!

All that matters to the Bank, is that you are a flesh and blood human being and that you have affixed your signature to a Promissory Note! They don’t care if you have a great credit score or a poor one! Flesh and Blood Human Beings, technically own everything, and all Corporations are fictional companies that have no value and cannot function until some HUMAN BEING blows life into them! The Promissory Notes each sell for the same value!
Since the Promissory Note was sold without your permission, your Mortgage Debt to them is actually [paid in full] but they never tell you about that! In fact, the Bank also sells your repayment plan to an investor or another Bank for much less, and agree to manage the payments for them. Most Banks now employ a middle company to collect your Mortgage payment. They do this because your Mortgage and repayment plan is not reflected on the Banks Bookkeeping and under Federal and International Law, it is supposed to! So the middle companies act as a buffer and keeps them out of trouble!
Since the Banks can’t legally make loans against their depositor’s assets, everything is just a, Paper Chase! Your payments are deposited into the investor’s account who purchased it and if it involves another Bank, your payment is transferred to that Bank where it is deposited into a savings account, under a number instead of your name!
The reason the account is numbered, is because it is really your savings account! You don’t owe them a debt and so they conceal your payments as a numbered savings account! If they included your name, they would have to mail you a monthly accounting and that would tip you off!
So any foreclosure that might occur thereafter is totally bogus and unlawful because they cannot produce the Original Promissory Note! If demanded, they will produce a black and white photo copy but that is actually the Counterfeiting of a Negotiable Instrument unless it is reduced or enlarged! The point being that if they cannot produce the original Note, it was sold!
Given these circumstances, it was absolutely necessary for them to involve the Judges in their criminal conduct. Foreclosure Judges receive 10% of the original Promissory Note, after they authorize the Bank to steal and sell your assets in FORECLOSURE.
This process essentially makes the rich man richer and explains how the Banks can own the bulk of the skyscraper buildings, parcels of land and stadiums across America. In reality, we pay for our homes three times over its original purchase price without ever securing ownership. Mr. Warburg was a pretty ingenious fellow when he designed the Federal Reserve System and why we Americans always need to be two steps ahead of the Banks, Courts and lawyers!
According to the Constitution: The only way you can pay a debt is with silver or gold and since there is no silver or gold backed currency, the only thing we can do is to DISCHARGE our debts! A DISCHARGE is never a payment in full and it can be resold or borrowed against. Hence, lawyers purchase discharged debts for pennies on the dollar; open a collection company and hire people to harass you into paying that debt to them!
Remember that in all legitimate contracts you always received something of equal value from the company or person you borrowed from. Collection companies fail to provide you with anything of equal value and lie to you that they are collecting the debt on behalf of the original creditor!
The best way to handle a debt collector is to deny who you are and every question they ask ….....


Did you know that from 1863 to 1929, USA was issuing NATIONAL CURRENCY? I.e. paper money of the republic which were backed by silver and gold, as they REALLY were redeemable in those coins on demand.
There were 14,000 PRIVATE banks that were CHARTERED by USA to issue that money. These banknotes had "NATIONAL CURRENCY" printed on them, and were backed by GOLD and issued by local AMERICAN banks. Those put up bonds with the US Treasury, and then could issue/print 90% of the worth of those bonds.
The red/blue number is the charter number of that bank. This currency was backed by deposits of bonds and gold notes with the Treasury.

That way, the banknotes were backed by assets of those American banks (which of course came from the American people). And if the bank failed to redeem those banknotes on demand in gold or silver, then the US Treasury would redeem them and take over that particular bank due to nonpayment of its obligations.

These were authorized by Act of June 3, 1864

Interestingly, Federal Reserve was ONE of those banks. So it wasn't until 1933 when all these bank charters were abolished, and were replaced with a SINGLE charter to the Federal Reserve.
BUT, that single charter was NOT for issuing NATIONAL (USA) currency, it was for issuing an INTERNAL (US) currency of the federal gov't.
So in 1933, they replaced 14,000 NATIONAL banks with a single FEDERAL Reserve System, which would then issue PRIVATE currency which is backed by NOTHING of real value.
So your 'money' today (FRNs) is NOT a NATIONAL currency, just a private scrip of the United States corporation. Not much different from CHIPS in a CASINO.

In other words, if it DOESN'T say "NATIONAL CURRENCY" on the bank note, it is NOT a national currency!
And that’s how thousands of NATIONAL banks (who dealt in HONEST money backed by gold), were replaced by a single FEDERAL Central bank system (who deals in FIAT money, backed by NOTHING).
Also, in addition to all these private bank-issued bank notes, there were UNITED STATES NOTES (red seal) issued directly by the US Treasury, but those seem to be rather rare from before 1928, so until that time, the PRIVATE-BANK issued NATIONAL CURRENCY, seems to have been the MOST USED paper currency in America.
So until 1933, money was put into circulation by thousands of LOCAL banks owned by private businessmen, rather than by one CENTRAL BANK owned by a handful of rich banksters. I.e. running a bank back then, was a business as any other, and ANYONE with a little capital could start one.
And these LOCAL banks dealt in REAL MONEY (banknotes backed by gold), while the current Central Bank (FedRes) deals in green paper that’s NOT backed by gold or anything of value.
It’s kinda like being an attorney. Back in the days of the Republic, ANYONE with some knowledge of the law, could be a lawyer (no license required), while today it’s a PRIVILEGED occupation which requires a BAR card.
So America was taken over by special interests, where we must jump through the gov’t hoops, in the country that we the People own.
Here's what Wikipedia says:
"The National Banking Acts of 1863 and 1864 were two United States federal banking acts that established a system of national banks for banks, and created the United States National Banking System. They encouraged development of a national currency backed by bank holdings of U.S. Treasury securities and established the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency as part of the United States Department of the Treasury and authorized the Comptroller to examine and regulate nationally chartered banks. The Act shaped today's national banking system and its support of a uniform U.S. banking policy."
And US Code:
12 U.S. Code § 38 - The National Bank Act
(Current through Pub. L. 114-38. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.))

The Act entitled “An Act to provide a national currency secured by a pledge of United States bonds, and to provide for the circulation and redemption thereof,” approved June 3, 1864, shall be known as “The National Bank Act.”

(June 20, 1874, ch. 343, §?1, 18 Stat. 123.)

Understanding the birth registration process

Remember in Admiralty, Vessels documented by registration under the laws of the United States are entitled to privileges and subject to the obligations prescribed by the laws of the United States for merchant vessels.

To start out with, your parents due to their prior birth registration were already considered being registered documented vessels/mentally incompetent wards of the State, being under the guardianship of the State, who by legal marriage, where the State is a third party to the marriage contract, had an offspring/ward which they brought into this world by delivery[1], the act by which the res the subject matter of a trust, or substance thereof was placed within the actual or constructive possession or control of another in the delivery room of the maternity ward of the hospital, the port of entry for vessels/wards. Then they asked your mother for your legal name[2] in Upper Lower case which consists of one Christian name and one surname which is the name on the RECORD OF LIVE BIRTH written in upper and lowercase letters. What your mother was not told is that she delivered you to an agent/licensed doctor of the State, in a federally funded hospital, an act by which the res[3] the subject matter of a trust or substance thereof was placed within the actual or constructive possession or control of another, the State, for which in equity they created a Certificate of Live Birth with the all CAPITAL LETTERS and recorded that warehouse receipt in the commercial registry as cargo under transportation.

The hospital documented your birth with the legal name Title[4] in a distinctive style or appellation, Upper Lower case, the name by which anything is known, and because under trust law whenever title or money is transferred, a trust is created by operation of law, representing you, for which they created a CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH in all CAPITAL LETTERS, which was filed with the local Registrar and registered with the State, via Certificate of registry[5], in commercial maritime law which is a certificate of registration of a vessel according to the registry acts, for the purpose of giving her a national character i.e. U.S. citizen born in a federal zone, hospital zip code, in the judicial district in which the birthing of the vessel occurred identified by the filing with the Florida State Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics within 5 days after your delivery, and then sent to Washington, D.C., for which the hospital receives a check for that vessel.

Then the local registrar issued your parents a copy of the warehouse receipt for the cargo, the CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH from the State of Florida in all CAPITAL LETTERS, representing a vessel/ward of the State representing the abandonment of your title by registration. The State of Florida the Creator/Trustor then created a Cestui que trust (constructive trust) behind your back after the fact, with the all Upper Lower case name, and placed a value on it, based on actuarial estimates of your future labor/human resource. Then they issued a Bond against the trust’s asset, a certificate of indebtedness[6] and funded the bond through the IMF based on your future earnings from your labor as the contributing beneficiary, which is a trust asset, and set up a Federal Reserve account for the same. So now the IMF has a beneficial interest in and out of the trust estate, the legal title is now vested with the State of Florida, and held by the Alien Property Custodian in Washington, D.C.; equitable title copy of CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH held by you representing equity/labor; the Governor acting as the managing fiduciary trustee; the Secretary of State Registrar acting as fiduciary trustee until you turn of legal age; and you acting as fiduciary trustee for the trust with duties and obligations once you turn of legal age, and the Secretary of Treasury in charge of the Federal Reserve account.

That ward/vessel is a now a Vessel of the United States, documented by registration under the laws of the United States and subject to its laws and jurisdiction, and the Title goes to the Alien Property Custodian in Washington, D.C. In a maritime in rem action, jurisdiction over the person of the "defendant", the vessel, is premised upon the presence of the vessel within the district in which the court sits. The only vessel they have jurisdiction over is the trust, that is evidenced by the CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH, establishing the three points of jurisdiction NAME, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER and DATE OF BIRTH, the Federal Reserve account under the supervision of the Secretary of the Treasury who is also the managing trustee for the Social Security Administration and governor for the IMF.

Up until you turned of legal age to work, the deputy Registrar on behalf of the Registrar/ Secretary of State, or the Registrar/Secretary of State whichever signed the CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH has been the fiduciary trustee for that trust created behind your back and securitized where the government owns it in part and you own it in part. Meaning the Registrar had the fiduciary duty and obligation for that Trust up until you started your first job. That is why the State can take the child away from the parents, because it is the duty and obligation of the fiduciary trustee as guardian, to look after the ward, and make sure he or she is taken care of properly.

When you filled out the Application Form SS-5 for a Social Security Card, the Registrar turned over the duty and obligation of the fiduciary trustee over to you, because he did not want to be responsible as fiduciary for anything you do in commerce using that SS Card/number. You then became the contributing beneficiary and fiduciary trustee for that trust with the duties and obligations for filing and paying the licensing taxes, registration taxes, and taxes on profits, gains and income generated for the trust once it starts to operate in commerce with a Social Security Card/number on all commercial transactions, because you on behalf of the beneficial owner “the trust”, which is resident within a territory occupied by military forces with which the United States is at war, or a resident outside the United States, for which you are considered an enemy doing business with a license and tax identifying number for the purposes “of trade” effectively connected with the conduct of a trade or business within said territory for which you are granted a license under the authority of the President pursuant to the Trading with the Enemy Act, as an enemy in order to trade, or attempt to trade with the enemy for the beneficial owner the “trust”, and as the fiduciary trustee paying, satisfying, compromising, or giving security for the payment or satisfaction of any debt or obligation, and for drawing, accepting, paying, presenting for acceptance or payment, or indorsing any negotiable instrument or chose in action on behalf of the trust.

UPDATE FOR 10-10-2021


Not one single Properly filed UCC Form has been turned down or prosecuted under any criminal laws.

During the year 1933 the Congress handed over control of all the Post Offices to the Secretary of the Treasury. Why would they do this? That is why the revenue is delivered to the Government on April Fifteenth.   When an Application and Certificate of Live Birth is delivered to the Department of the Treasury in Washington, D.C. that Certificate becomes Bonded, there is an account produced which we know as the Social Security Number, this means there are funds borrowed against these accounts.
The credit approved on paper is then invested in stocks and bonds. The Bureau of Engraving states that even the Federal Reserve uses the Bond Number which is stamped on the Certificate of Live Birth as it is also stamped on the Federal reserve Notes themselves. The Bond Number has one letter from (A-N) which is followed by eight numbers. You will notice recently printed Social Security Cards are now also printed with the Bond Number on the back in red ink. It is a fact that every single living, breathing human being in the United States is Bonded and used in Commercial Activities by the Corporation of the United States which has received them.

There have been IMF's that track commercial activity in the billions attached to individuals earning around fifty thousand dollars a year. The Government is utilizing both their name and assets to be used to trade in the drug, crude oil and various other commodities. This just proves that all property, both real and private property of every living, breathing American, is entrusted by Congress to provide collateral for the National Debt.
The Government states that well over twenty -five million UCC Financing statements have already been filed with UCC offices throughout the United States. Related Commercial Documents have been forwarded to the Secretary of the Treasury. These facts have been gathered through information acquired through the CID of the IRS, FBI, Secret Service, Justice Department, the Department of the Treasury and the Secretary of State. They have all confessed that not one single Properly filed UCC Form has been turned down or prosecuted under any criminal laws.

Do you own a home? A car? Do you have a credit card or a student loan?

Well, all of these different types of debt began with you filling out a promissory note (a contract). When this is submitted to the bank, and after an “approval process”, you receive that money by signing this contract. And the bank tells you quite dishonestly that you owe them a debt for that amount of money, and gives you permission to amortize the payment of that loan over a set amount of time, usually 30 years for a mortgage. But, they also charge you interest for this convenient “service”. That means that by the end of those 30 years you’ll probably have paid double if not triple what the actual loan amount was at the signing of the original contract (promissory note).

But there is one thing that the bank is not telling you. One very, very big piece of the puzzle…

Are you ready?

According to the Federal Reserve banks, and printed in their banking rulebooks, money is created when a person (you) signs a contract (promissory note) with a bank.


Let me explain…

Last year I remember hearing about a campaign to protect people from foreclosure by these banks and mortgage companies called “Show Me The Note!” At the time, I did not understand the significance of this simple but effective and protective statement. Now I do…
“Show Me The Note” is quite a valid request. It simply means that you are requesting the original contract (promissory note) that was signed by yourself and the foreclosing bank when the money was created and given to you to buy your home.

But you see… the bank cannot ever produce this note. And here’s why…

The bank sells your note (promissory note or deed) to the Federal Reserve the minute you sign it, and the Fed then gives that bank the amount that it then “loans” to you. Therefore, the bank is at a balance of $0.00 dollars at the point of inception and payment for your loan. Remember, this is how money is “created” according to the Federal Reserve banking rules and regulations.

The problem that these banks have is that they no longer hold the note (title) to your home, because they have already sold it at face value to the Federal Reserve. And in order for a creditor (the bank) to make a claim against the debtor (you), they must in a court of “law” show proof of their claim to collect your supposed debt to them. However, the only proof of their claim for the foreclosure of your home is in fact that original note (promise to pay, promissory note) that you signed, which created the money that enabled the bank to give you that loan in the first place – money out of thin air!

Remember, money is created only when you or I sign a contract to get “credit”. It is the very fact that all of this information is not disclosed to us that makes this contract null and void. Full disclosure must accompany any contract lest it be invalid and unlawful.

Your loan contract was sold to the Federal Reserve (a private corporate central bank) by the bank or mortgage company with whom you signed your contract. It’s gone… vanished… paid off! The Federal Reserve then bundles those deeds (contracts) and sells them as securities and bonds, to countries like China, Russia, and whoever else will buy them. So in essence, China may already own the title to your home, or at least it thinks it does…

And this is why the bank has no lawful grounds to foreclose on you. They do not hold a lawful lean on your home. You owe nothing to anybody! You created that money legally through the bank and Federal Reserve by accessing your trust account assigned to you by the UNITED STATES when they took your freedom and liberty and put your wealth and property at risk starting on the day you were born (birthed).

The principle and interest you pay to the bank is pure profit for the next 30 years, because you signed a contract saying that you would pay that amount with your home and land as collateral. But for a contract to be lawful, there must be full disclosure of these little facts. Since this was obviously not disclosed to you, all of these mortgage and other contracts are null and void. The bank has no contract, no proof of claim against your debt, and no rights to force you to pay them anything.

If this sounds like a copout from paying your bills, remember that the bank never risked anything, and they never gave you a penny of their own money. You did a favor to the banking system by creating new money. You created commerce. Nothing more…

And you are entitled to this money (worthless paper used for commerce) as an indentured citizen of the UNITED STATES who is used as collateral and assigned this value at birth.

And remember… due to the Fractional Reserve Banking System created by the Federal Reserve, the Fed creates 40 times the amount of your “loan” for its use, again making money out of thin air.

I hope that you are beginning to understand that this is another of the biggest scams in the history of scams, and that all bank loans, from credit cards to student loans to mortgages work in this same exact way, secured or unsecured. Again, this is how money is created into the economy, per the rules of the Federal Reserve Bank, the private corporation unaffiliated with our government or our nation, who control our monetary policy and can destroy the value of the dollar at any time the choose.

Do you really feel guilty about reclaiming your piece of the pie?

The only way to truly benefit from this freedom is by declaring your individual God-given rights of sovereignty through a UCC (Universal Commercial Code) filing. You must offset your debt lawfully as afforded you. You must become a Secured Party Creditor.

I cringe when I hear people say they aren’t going to fight the system and instead are going to give up their house. They feel hopeless. They feel like they can’t win…

But the truth is that there was never anything to lose! The bank has no claim!

But, I understand. Most will not buck the system simply because they do not understand the system and how the Constitution for the United States was set up to ensure this type of unlawful action like bank foreclosure can never be done to us. I took me a very long time to come to this comprehension. This is how freedom works, and it only works if you claim it.

This is the forbidden knowledge…

I guess it all boils down to this… What is an education?

If an education is defined as simply four years of partying and getting drunk in a frat house while barely passing the exams of one of the most sub-standard collegial educational systems in the first world (I believe we are 39th on the list) of which most of the information taught is to train us on how to follow these rules instead knowing and learning the actual laws… and if your level of education is defined by the amount of money paid in order to receive a less than prestigious diploma stating grade level and accomplishment… then I am happy to say that I am a college dropout! I am self-educated to the point that normal conversations with doctorate level graduates equate to a conversation with a child who still believes in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny… simply because that is what they are taught in the corporate indoctrination centers that we call schools. Rational thought, self-awareness, and sovereignty is not taught in school. And Law is not the prevailing wisdom in law school.

Then, when you realize that everything you see in the movies, television, and on the news is specifically designed to uphold the illusionary state of unconsciousness that most of us live in regarding our debt slavery, that’s the point where normal conversation as defined by the media driven society becomes unbearable. And fitting in at parties becomes impossible. I’m now the crazy guy… the one talking out of my butt. I’m the one who, despite the beauty, glory, and not to mention the fact of the information I try and relay, I am labeled as the negative one… the downer.

And so now I’m the antisocial one… the one who doesn’t go to parties. The one who cannot do small talk. And I’m the one that cannot keep normal friends simply because normal means brainwashed! And normalcy is not freedom in any way.

The friends I have made are necessarily informed or at least curious, somewhat awake, and want to learn what I have already learned or want to teach what I am seeking to learn. When you do meet these people, you develop a friendship and a trust that is unknown to most; kinship through shared plight.

And to anyone reading this, I have only this to say. I may not know you. You may think that no one really knows you. But I hope that you haven’t reached the point in your life where you’ve given up, where you’ve lost all hope, where learning was something you did as a teenager, and where happiness equates to blissful ignorance. I hope that you wont let these corporate monsters force you to be a victim of this. I hope this reaches you with the spirit it was intended, and I wish for you the best in whatever you do.

A sheep you are not… for you have read this far!