Think for yourself

Do not accept what you have been spoon-fed. Question your educators, parents, and politicians.
Be inquisitive. Beyond asking who, what, when and where, the most important is always WHY.
Why is what explains the rest of it.
Demand answers. Just because a television tells you so, doesn't mean it is so.
Remember that life on the screen is edited. People are paid. Agendas exist.
Just as well, you are fake as hell, pretending to be someone you are not every god damned day.
You are not any piece of paper, birth certificate, social security number, driver's license.
Because no one in their right mind would have signed up for giving their freedom away.
No one would agree that profit is more important than taking care of the environment, let alone their own bodies.
No one would reject the technology that would end the suppression of all nations.
No one has to go hungry. No one has to suffer just to exist in this world.
Education is at this point a financial institution, hellbent on preparing each pupil to be a part of the machine. To become a debtor, and join the work force.
Get college loans, and get a mortgage. Buy a nice car. Pray you have enough left over to go on vacations, and to buy that big screen tv to watch the football games on to invite over your friends so you can show off your new stove. Tell yourself this gives your life meaning.
If that sounds like all you ever wanted, then I doubt you'd still be reading this.
Anyone who has eyes can see that the world needs change.
What you are up against is not real. It's existence is born and maintained in fear.
That which requires your belief to 'exist' but cannot be brought before you.. is not real.
It's an illusion.
They are just buildings. They are just human beings. There are no governments dividing us.
There are no state lines. It's all a construct of the mind.
It's just men and women sitting in buildings, given authority that you delegated to them.
Authority they could not have over you, if you did not have that power to give away.

Stop believing what you are told is GOOD, and find out for yourself.  Stop believing what you are told is EVIL, until you discover that truth for yourself.  No religion can answer this, no political matter, no education system. No, none.  The answer is within your own MIND.  Start using it.  Stop letting others; your educators, your parents, your government, make up your mind for you.  They only hand down to you, the ignorance they themselves inherited with whatever wisdom they have as well. However every generation allows more freedom, and liberty, and justice to disappear from the mind of man, because people are being spoon-fed and brainwashed by some unseen force, backed by our governments, Popes, Presidents and Prime Ministers, Politicians, Judges, Police, and Lawyers. They line their pockets with money, with the consideration of the return of promises made. Controlled by the corporations that are far more powerful then we're lead to believe.  Anyone can see that there is hardly any justice left within the justice system.  Those who 'govern' the people are given more power over our daily lives. It's the modern version of Big Brother, and it's frightening to say the least. Yet, so few people question the answers given to them by those "officials" with fancy titles.

"Behind the ostensible government sit enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day." Theodore Roosevelt, April 19th, 1906