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Weapons of Mass Destruction Found (An Address to the Dead) by Michael Tsarion

Weapons of Mass Destruction Found (An Address to the Dead) by Michael Tsarion
I rejected that hardened, sullen-tempered Pharaoh of England forever...and disdain the wretch - Thomas Paine (Diatribe against King George III)
The "WAR ON TERRA" is merely the latest move in the great game played out by the Atonist Establishment - the Royals and Jesuit-Masonic sorcerers - who expertly employ the "Ordo ab Chao" (Order from Chaos) methodology to further their very personal aspirations that date back to an old world order that you are not supposed to know about.

So let's get clear on a few things, and remain sane in the midst of growing worldwide insanity. Let's understand that the present day architects of control (those biological and ideological descendants of the Atonist pharaohs of old, and their less camera shy lieutenants) continue plying their vile imperialist trade from behind the visible governments and religions of the world.

911 may have shaken you up. But did itwake you up? That is the question (here).
Let's understand that the "Israeli-Palestinian" conflict is engineered from London and New York by elites with ancient origins. Age after age, they concoct bogus conflicts to engender an ambience of fear and paranoia, and to ensure that few of you ever become aware of humanity's true enemies. The Islamic "extremists" are funded by the same hidden hand that fund the Zionistsand the Fundamentalist Christian Evangelists. But that is information given out on a "need to know" basis.

Many a great thinker has managed to work out what has been going on behind the scenes, and it's time for you to adjust your settings and get the picture, and quick!
Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing tactics, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception - Mark Twain
Israel, dear people - the real Israel - has little to do with religious Jews or the Torah, just as the true Christ has little to do with Vatican-style Christianity or American Evangelism.But you have not worked this out yet, have you? No, of course not. After all, you've have been "Mel Gibsoned" and "Pat Robertzoned" to death, and are mentally infected by many a deadly pathogen, the worst of which is ignorance.

Al Qaeda, your new bogey, is the brainchild of the same Vatican, New York City, and London based intelligentsia that once funded Hitler and his Nazis, that concocted the now shelved "Soviet Experiment," and that funded Franco, Pol Pot, Mugabe, Batista, Pinochet, Noriega, and every other inhuman demagogue and tyrant throughout the world.
The heat has been turned up "over there" forritual purposes, and to expertly distract you from noticing the final demise of your once great country. Yes, for generations the United States has been scourged by its direst enemies - the legions of the British Crown.

  The US President is an agent of America's arch-enemies, the royal dynasties of Britain and Europe. His objective is the ruin of America.

Atonist lion heads on the doors of 10 Downing St, London, and Council of Foreign Relations Headquarters, New York City. The number ten (10) cryptically connotes Aten or Aton, the Masonic god of light. It is the eye of Aton that we see above the the thirteen tiered Illuminist pyramid on the American one dollar note. Both doorways shown above have solar rays emitting from their domes. (The flag of the United States is decidedly similar to that of the British East India Company. For more on this, see our article The Constitution Con)

Are you not sick of voting in despots out to eviscerate your country? Will you finally judge these Machiavellian conspirators by their deeds, rather than by their rhetoric and sophistry?
On May 10, 1982, addressing a celebration at the Royal Institute for International Affairs at Chatham House in London, Kissinger boasted that throughout his career...he had always been closer to the British Foreign Office than to his American colleagues, and had taken all his major policy leads from London...Chatham House is a successor to the old British East India Company, and serves as the think-tank and foreign intelligence arm of the British Crown - Dope Inc

The sinister element that sets the British oligarchy apart from the popular image of the mafia family is its unshakable belief that it alone is fit to rule the world...The inheritors of the British East India Company - the same British monarchy and some of the same banking houses - have launched the new Opium War just as they did the first: to loot nations, destroy them, and exalt the power of the Empire...to become the "The Third and Final Rome" - ibid

...not until David Rockefeller bought himself a U.S. administration in 1976, as the ancient European Fondi installed themselves in Wall Street, did narcotics traffic start to become serious business for the world's biggest banks - ibid

The Roosevelt family was the largest stockholder in the company which was a supporter of Hitler. General Electric subsidiaries in Germany assist the process of financing the Nazi empire, together with I. G. Farben, who contributed as much as 45 percent - Valdamar Valerian (The Master Chronology)
The US Constitution was created on September 17, 1787, and was ratified (behind closed doors) on June 21, 1788. This is an Atonist festival, being the Summer Solstice when the sun is at its highest point in the zodiac. The "People" are not the citizens of America. Furthermore, American citizens are certainly not sovereign or free. They are slaves who have been granted the illusionof freedom. (See The Constitution Con.)
A Fabian "War of Attrition" has been operating for a long time now. It started rolling before the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were put before you to slobber over.

In fact, the con of the US Constitution simply guaranteed the rights of federal despots (such as James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton), who worked for the interests of the aristocracy of Britain and Europe. It guaranteed the privileges granted to the people or, more correctly, to the indentured slaves who tread the wheels of industry in thecorporation known as the "United States." It guaranteed that extortion and confiscation, on a monumental level, could proceed unhindered either by god or man.

It guaranteed that the American masses (slaves of the "United States" Federal Corporation) would be extended "liberty" to do their corporate masters' bidding. It guaranteed they'd labor under a delusion, because as long as men believe they are free, they don't have to actually be free.

The great War of Attrition moves toward its completion, and there is no going back. Because of the unseen hand of conspiracy, which you believe does not exist, ignorance is wall to wall. Logic, Truth, and Justice have been annihilated, and while you watch your job being downsized or outsourced, the sorcerers dance upon their desks and clink their glasses in triumph. Have you not seen their insider smiles? The boss hogs in London are ecstatic with the progress of their lieutenants, so it's knighthoods, medals, and champagne, all round:
The shelves of our public libraries hold thousands of books pertaining to some aspect of this vast subject…In running through those works some amazing nuggets of information come to light here and there, which fitted together gradually unfold the stunning history and the legal structure of a sovereign world state located in the financial district of the loosely knit aggregation of boroughs and cities popularly known as the city of London. The colossal political and financial organization centered in this area, known as “The City,” operates as a super-government of the world; and no incident occurs in any part of the world without its participation in some form – E. C. Knuth (The Empire of “The City:” The Secret History of British Financial Power, 1944)

The British monarchy, and the City of London's leading Crown bankers, enthusiastically backed Hitler and the Nazis, bankrolled the Fuehrer’s election, and did everything possible to build the Nazi war machine, for Britain's planned geopolitical war between Germany and Russia - Scott Thompson (The Nazi Roots of the House of Windsor)
Lesson One: A Jew is not necessarily a Zionist, as the Zionists and Masons well know. Lesson Two: There is no "Holy Land" or "Chosen People." That jive is a concoction of sorcerers and deceivers at Buck Palace and the Vatican.
We must always separate Zionism from the Jewish people...the Zionists work for the Pope and are Masonic...Shimon Perez is a Mason...he was trained by Jesuits as a young man when he grew up in Poland...he deeded the old city of Jerusalem to the Vatican in September 1993 - Erich Jon Phelps (Vatican Assassins Presentation)
Lesson Three: The fanatical chiefs of the Jihadist cabals are British-backed and educated. They are the complicit agents of a faux conflict. The very countries they belong to were, for the most part, artificially created by agents of  the British Crown after the First and Second World Wars. Before 1948 the ever so holy State of Israel did not exist.
As for Zionism, well it has very little to do with religion. It is a fanatical political ideology hiding behind religious Judaism. What is more, Evangelism is nothing more than a fanatical political ideology hiding behind the front of Christianity. The Evangelist preaches Masonic (Atonist) doctrines, but you buy into it because you want "Daddy" so badly, and because you have sold your sanity for security. You are safe in numbers, which is why membership in idiotic political parties attracts you. And the silly religions, they too offer you the sense of belonging you sorely desire. You are a "believer" on your way to the "promised land." Or so you think.
  Ezra Pound - America's greatest poet, he was unjustly incarcerated for 12 years in St. Elizabeth's Hospital for the insane. for speaking the truth. He commissioned Eustace Mullins to investigate and expose the Federal Reserve cartel. Pound died soon after his release. (Here for more.)
Actually, you operate on the "slave think" level, and do your master's bidding unawares. You have grown accustomed to your servitude to the servants of death. The biggest threat in your world is Truth. As long as you have a few cushions in your cell, and some salt in your gruel, and as long as you are permitted an opinion or two within the political den created by your masters, you are okay with a mediocre lifestyle and the regimented predictability of your conformist, artificial existence.
You have convinced your screaming soul that it is safer and better to just conform and be a repressed, toxic, programmed orc, marching to the drum beat of imperious marshals. As long as one slave can bellow "Allah!" louder than another screeching "Anti-Semite!" then all is well and death can stalk the lands.
So sleep well under the shadow of the great double-headed eagle that tears the world and your brothers and sisters to pieces.

Eustace Mullins - colleague and biographer of the great Ezra Pound, and one of the first American authors to speak out against the Illuminati and to name the names (here/here).
The few brave champions who stand up to expose the nature of the "Dialectic" (men such as Mohammad Mossedegh, Malcolm X, George Lincoln Rockwell, Ezra Pound, Charles Lindbergh Sr, Father Alberto Rivera, Charles Chiniquy,Senator McCarthy, President Alan Garcia of Peru, etc) often find themselves compromised and violently removed. More often than not, they are replaced by "Quislings," that is, by puppets of the elite. These mannequins deliberately stir up old antagonisms so that the real enemy behind the tall grass can stalk unseen.
While the sorcerers meet in their secret lodges, to laugh and jig, misery reigns abroad, as it has for millennia. And the world does not appear to be getting the picture. You can't seem to understand that although the aristocracy's many lieutenants undergo a cosmetic makeover, as the decades pass, the controlling cabal never changes its spots.
They remain concealed behind the facades of orgs that you erroneously believe act independently (such as the Fabians, Reds, Democrats, Republicans, Nazis, Zionists, Masons, Templars, Opus Dei, CFR, and so on). The  Royal Institute of International Affairs is called "Royal" for a reason. But it's not only a reference to the folks at Buck Palace.

The face of a British agent
It's time for you to learn who your true enemies are. They are not the pompous demagogues seen on TV, or in the New York Times. Those are goons, and they occupy lower tiers of the great power pyramid. They are drunk with desire for power and will do anything to rise in status. The elect know all about the avarice of their sadistic agents. They use that greed to great effect. The elders at the top of the power pyramid blind the world with a certain kind of light. They are Luciferians, after all. They occupy the white squares of knowledge and keep you on the black squares of ignorance. That is how they play the great geopolitical game. They have a myriad ways of making sure you don't stray from the pen they've created for you and your erstwhile fellows.
But they don't have to work too hard, because your own anxiety makes sure you stay right where you are. It's this inner trepidation that has opened the lidless, bloodshot eye that watches the world from on high. The surveillance cameras are your friend. They give you the security you lack within. You love it when a new enemy arises. That gets you well off the hook. Now you've someone to blame. It's a very old story. You are not interested in finding out that these "enemies" are created, just as so-called "allies" are. You don't want to face the fact that you and your children are victims in a global snuff drama, or that what you witness every evening is a well funded ritual - an act of sorcery.
World events do not occur by accident. They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; and most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings - Denis Healy (British Politician)
There is no error so vulgar as to believe that revolutions are occasioned by economical causes – Benjamin Disraeli (Coningsby)
Two rabid pit bulls tear each other to pieces in a pen. Two rabid countries, factions, sects, or cliques do the same thing on the world's stage. Do you think there is a difference? There's none that I can think of. Who built the pen? Who trained the cocks and pit bulls? Who's taking the bets? That's your homework folks. You'd better get your heads down and find out just what the king's horses and the king's men have been up to while you slept. And while you're at it, you might inquire why most people around you could not care less about the state of decay. Are such people in a worse state of decay internally? Are they mind-controlled? Have they been inebriated and medicated into stupefied apathy?
The people never give up their liberties, but under some delusion - Edmund Burke

The man who does not know what it means to be under psychic hypnosis, is already under it - Vernon Howard

What a great advantage for leaders that the people do not think - Adolf Hitler
The Latin phrase Ordo ab Chao, meaning "Order from Chaos," can be seen on Masonic emblems, flags, and documents, such as Albert Pike's famous Morals and Dogma.
In any case, don't worry. The problems are not difficult to understand or solve. It's not rocket science. It's merely a question of treachery, hypocrisy, duplicity, and outright megalomania. It's simply a matter of wolves in sheep's clothing and, oh yes, Ordo ab Chao.
The so-called Left-Right political spectrum is our creation. In fact, it accurately reflects our careful, artificial polarization of the population on phony issues that prevents the issue of our power from arising in their minds - (The Occult Technocracy of Power)

When the right wing Freemason is finished, his left wing brother takes over - Juri Lina (Architects of Deception)

Saddam had the maniacal extremists under control. He was not living in a stasis field like them. They could not squeak under his regime and he was no threat to America or England. But that did not matter. Like so many puppets he was expendable. His strings were sliced from above and down he fell like so many before him. Big Brother put him in power, and Big Brother took him down. That is how the geopolitical game is played. Think we're joking?
Paul O’Neill - who was a member of the National Security Council as well as being in charge of fiscal policy - made a shocking revelation to Ron Suskind that not only are public events scripted, but even cabinet (and other) meetings within the White House with the President are scripted, where everyone but Bush has speaking parts. Bush’s role is merely to nod or listen expressionlessly, aside from his occasional cryptic (or cynical comments) - John Dean (Worse Than Watergate)
G. Edward Griffin - one of the first American researchers to expose the British-funded "Hidden Hand" of Conspiracy (here)
Saddam was merely a temporary pawn on the "Grand Chessboard" of the royal geopolitical strategists and their imperialist orgs, such as the IMF, World Bank, Bank of International Settlements, and Council  on Foreign Relations, etc, that function (independently and collectively) as did the old British East India, Virginia, and Hudson Bay Companies. Each of them grow fatter on the economic ruin of the countries they financially "support." You imagine that Uncle Sam rules from the White House, right? You had better think again. Uncle Sam has a gun to his head and a blade to his throat. The vampires have drained him of his life force and left him so weakened that he can no longer defend himself against their death blow. Uncle Sam's fate depends on the whim of the Machiavellian princes of evil in London, Rome, and New York. They give orders to their Fabian cronies at the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Royal Institute of International Affairs, and Georgetown University. And they move to scale back more of your so-called "rights."
Hell, you don't know that you lost the War of Independence? You don’t know that you are famous for losing the wars you win? Yep, 'fraid so. You're gonna have to fight that one again, and this time win. This time your weapon of choice must be knowledge.
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world, indeed it's the only thing that ever has - Margaret Meade
So let the briefing begin: You have to know your enemy and why it operates as it does. You have to know how the science of deception works. That's right, if you truly want to even the score, you'll have to know as much about your enemy as it does about you. This point can't be made any clearer.
The elementary principle of all deception is to attract the enemy’s attention to what you wish him to see and to distract his attention from what you so not wish him to see - General Sir Archibald Wavell

The President’s job, is not to wield power himself, but to lead attention away from it - Douglas Adams (The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
Saddam, like Prime Minister Chamberlain of England, Arch Duke Ferdinand of Austria, King Gustav III of Sweden, Czar Nicholas II of Russia, President Nasser of Egypt, and so many others, was removed and sacrificed. But pawns too are those among you who will not see the Dialectic at work, those of you who, due to the disease of ignorance, continue to take sides in this "Skull" or "Bones" fiasco. It is time to realize that it is your complicity and ignorance that permits the sorcerers to destroy sovereign nations, obliterate civilizations, and expertly silence anyone who exposes their corruption.

Well, now you know something about the sorcerers. But what of the Magicians? What about your true teachers? Unfortunately, they are always disagreeable threats. They try to awaken you from your tranquilized delirium, but their counsel can't get through because you have lost the ability to listen. You're receptivity is blocked by a myriad imbecilic ideas and false allegiances. You have identified with the objects of your hate, as you have been taught, and have received a rickety form of psychological security as a result. The true teachers speak of the beauty of change, spontaneity, mutability, curiosity, free thought, and new perspectives. The tell ya to get up on top of your desks and look at your world with new eyes. ("O Captain, My Captain!")

Dr. John Coleman, was an British MI6 Agent. He is the author of several monumentally important books on the Fabian Society, Tavistock Institute, CFR, and the Round Table Groups. (Click photo for more.) Also:http://coleman300.com/
But that kind of advice threatens your paper-thin sense of security. So when the teacher speaks, your brain goes on the blink. You prefer the smell of vomit. You adore the drivel of pre-digested clichés, platitudes, and half-baked rebuttal. You crave the parroted sound bites from the smart-ass, double-speaking, talking heads on TV.  An attack upon your silent and unseen contract with the sorcerers strikes at the root of the self-induced hallucination that has you believe all adversaries and pathogens are external in origin, and that the problems that befall are political and not psychological in origin. But that is okay. You can live out this lie all the days of your lives if you so desire. And you will do so, because it gets you off the hook. But soon, the matter will come into court and be settled aright. The brief is being prepared now as you read.

But it's comforting to know that when your insecurity gets too pronounced there is always the mosque, synagogue, chapel, and church. Yep, there is always GOD - the ultimate fix all. After all, it is in his name that you act. "Blow them all away!" wasn't it, Mr. Faldwell? As wise men know, inner sadism so easily finds its way out into the 3D world. Those infected with emotional and psychic epidemics are at the helm of the ships of state. They are steering humanity toward a crevasse. If we go over the edge don't blame the ocean.

Are they alien, or are they human? Are the navigators men or demons in human guise? Are they born from the womb of the world's ignorance, sadism, and sickness? Yes, they are, and you are living in their forensic filth. You don't care or notice because they have provided the necessary bread and circuses for your senses, appetites, and edification. They are overjoyed with their experiments and world of emotional and psychic prostitutes. They don't offer you truth, but they do offer crude forms of worldly  power. And that is what you have been taught to rank over the love you have never known or received.
Your opinions are baked daily for you by the media and served up hot on TV. And you will believe what they tell ya. It’s not what you think that matters, but what Larry King, Oprah, Limbaugh, O'Reilly (and other Jesuit stooges and British agents) tell ya that does.

  Author of America's Secret Establishment, and Trilaterals Over America, Anthony Sutton exposes the Council on Foreign Relations, Skull & Bones Society, and other anti-American orgs.
Their Orwellian "Talismanic" mantras guide your life - Danger! Terror! We must give up liberty for freedom. We must, we must! Well, okay, but just remember that the walls that keep the would-be enemies out, also keep you in.
Some authorities take the view that we are all virtually at the mercy of the mass media and baleful methods of group stimulation, whilst others have suggested that brainwashing and similar techniques available to the modern mind-manipulator are not only well-nigh irresistible but lead to real and permanent changes in political or religious outlook. If such beliefs are well-founded, the outlook for civilization as we know it is not pleasant to contemplate - J. A. C. Brown (Techniques of Persuasion)

If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it - Edward Bernays (Propaganda)
So much for your utopian "Global Village." So, run rabbit run, just keep on riding the snake! The tragedy of 911 may have shaken you up, but did it wake you up? That is the question. The sorcerers know exactly what to do should you awaken from your delirium. They have their tranquilizers ready in abundance, ‘cause they really do care for your safety and security. It's the same old song, from the time of the Philadelphia Convention of 1787, to the Congress of Vienna in 1815, to this moment with George Bush's Patriot Acts. But don't say you've not been told what is going on, because you have been told. It's all in black and white. All you have to do is listen:
For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will…If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it - David Rockefeller (Memoirs, page 405)

We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march toward world government - David Rockefeller (Address to the Trilateral Commission, June 1991)

Democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization - Zbigniew Brzezinski (The Grand Chessboard)

It is difficult to re-educate people who have been brought up on nationalism to the idea of relinquishing part of their sovereignty to a supranational body - Queen Beatrix (Bilderberg Group Member)

The "house of world order" will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will look like a great booming, buzzing confusion, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish more than the old-fashioned frontal assault - Richard Gardner (Quoted from the CFR journal, Foreign Affairs, An American Quarterly Review, April 1974 Edition)

Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we - George W. Bush (Freudian slip during BBC interview)

...if the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bushes have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched - George Bush Senior (interview with Sarah McClendon, December 1992)

The 60 Minutes interview of Janet "For the Kids" Reno was a joke. She recently told a group of Feds, "You are part of a government that has given its people more freedom...than any other government in the history of the world" - Kenneth W. Royce (Hologram of Liberty)

To stop terrorism and organized crime, the American people must give up some of their personal freedom and privacy - Janet Reno (Attorney General from 1993 to 2001)

Civil liberties is one of the most precious gifts that we give our citizens - Tom Ridge (Pennsylvania Governor)

…there is going to be a continuing trade-off between security and liberty and freedom going forward into the 21st Century - Gary Hart (US Senator)

Is there a chance that some of your civil liberties may slip while we guarantee the security of this country?…Maybe, maybe - Stephen Steinhauser (FBI)
Baron Avro Manhattan. His superlative works expose the crimes of the Vatican, and of the Jesuit "Black Pope." (Click photo for more)
So let's ask a question. Are you in pain? Do you ache with the stress of living? Well, don't despair 'cause their syringes and happy pills will make you feel so much better. You won't have to inquire why you're in pain, or discover that the only love you have is for power? You'll never find out that your stress is caused by frustrated hunger for power. That kind of truth is buried beneath the lies you tell yourself, that make you believe you desire love and peace, lies that are the foundation of your ego and your world.

You gave up wanting love a long time ago. Power-lust has taken its place. But you have never noticed this about yourself, and neither have the leaders you have placed in power. You and they are self-blinded and self-murdered. Blame, denial, denial of denial, justification, and control, is what you're about. You stab at yourselves in the darkness of your ignorance, but soon, as old Dorian Gray discovered to his horror, the blade might pierce your heart. Then what? Then it all ends, all the lies, fakery, and debauch.

In the great social metascript, which is played out again and again, some bogeyman is put before you, and it's "Lights, Camera, Action!" Year after year, decade after decade, and century after century, the status quo remains the same. The proof of the inside job is before the world and in plain view. The facts are there, and nothing is concealed. What does the graffiti say then? Simply this: What your government does abroad today, it does at home tomorrow.

So when you see the leaders of Hezbollah, and of Israel (Zion-Aton), understand that you are seeing actors. They are agents of her royal lowness - Queen Elizabeth Windsor - of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Hapsburg, Hanover, and Guelph - of Venice and Atonist Egypt. The Bushes and Schwartzkopfs, the Colin Powells and Rupert Murdochs, the Thatchers, Geldofs, Spielbergs, Greenspans, Kennedys, and Giulianis, baby, they bow and squat down on their worthless knees before her silver sword to accept her knighthoods. What a travesty!

After all, this is the same diabolical Crown that, two hundred years ago, punished Irish and American rebels and patriots with agonizing death. The Queen of England…made Bush’s military chiefs Colin Powell and “Stormin” Norman Schwarzkopf…Honorary Knights of the British Empire. G. H. W. Bush is also knighted for services rendered - David Icke (Alice In Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster)
Yep, it's time to look up the meanings of "agent provocateur" and "fifth columnist." It's time to root out the smirking Judases sitting at your table, America!

In the years 1919 and 1920, two events of critical strategic importance for Britain's opium war against the United States occurred. First the Royal Institute for Foreign Affairs was founded. The purpose of this institution had been set forth over forty years before in the last will and testament of empire-builder Cecil Rhodes. Rhodes had called for the formation of a "secret society" that would oversee the reestablishment of a British empire that would incorporate most of the developing world and recapture the United States - Dope Inc

...the Anglophile portion of America's upper crust joined the fun. The case of Joseph Kennedy, who owed his British contracts for liquor wholesaling to the Duke of Devonshire, and later married his daughter into the family, is notorious. In some respects, more revealing is the strange case of Robert Maynard Hutchins, the president of the University of Chicago from 1929 to 1950. Hutchins had American citizenship, but was so close to the British aristocracy that he became a Knight Commander of Her Majesty's Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem, swearing an oath of chivalric fealty to the head of the order, the British monarch - Dope Inc

Kennedy's unswerving loyalty to the British monarchy was rewarded; his daughter, Kathleen Kennedy...married William Cavendish, the Marquis of Hartington. Hartington was the son and heir to the tenth Duke of Devonshire...who have run British politics since the days of Elizabeth I...While serving as ambassador in Britain, Joseph Kennedy was made an initiate of His Majesty's Most Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem...Joseph Kennedy Jr. and John F. Kennedy were trained at the London School of Economics, and institution founded by the Fabian Society dedicated to training and recruiting foreign cadre as future British agents within government, business, media, and educational posts in their own countries. The Kennedy brothers were trained by Fabian Society Executive member Harold Laski -Dope Inc

When you see planes crashing into towers, and a stand-down policy of inaction, you'd better understand who is calling the shots, and why. 911 was a perfectly staged and executed act. It'snot Bush that was inactive. It's YOU! When you see a seated catatonic president holding a book entitled: "America," upside-down, intently listening to a "goat" story, wake up and ask why that would be. There is a goat story alright. The high degree Freemasons and Knights Templar can tell you all about it. (SeeBaphomet.)

Why were your ancestors saner and positively productive? It's a good question. Why were they less aggressive, acquisitive, and destructive? Why were they closer to nature? What is wrong with the way you exist?

Well, the psychologists and sociologists of merit have been telling you for years. You are disassociated. You have infantile amnesia, and you inhabit an abstraction that is an pseudo-life. You are dead to the real and alive to the simulacra. You are outer-directed and always on the go, racing headlong toward your graves as if eager to get to them. You've replaced experience with reaction and intimacy with performance. Your thinking is autistic, narcissistic, and masochistic, and you're in denial of your denial. You use your pain to gain attention, and perform good deeds mistaking those silly acts for true virtue. Your ambition and preoccupation is an avoidance of inwardness. You compete to prove you're better and that you matter. You adore the clutter, the noise, over-stimulation, and endless domestic minutiae, because it distracts you from attending to your Dharma. You crave relationships because you have none with yourselves. You want children because by your twenties you are sick of yourselves. You crave more so you can feel rich. Deconstruction, divestiture, and psychosomatic catharsis mean nothing to you. All that matters is acquisition, competition, attainment, and reward. The Earth can suffer, but that is alright. As long as you succeed and get hold of the power you secretly desire, nothing else matters.

Are you still confused? Do ya want to know what these words mean? They mean you are unaware that you are unaware. They mean that you have given up the right rulership of yourself. They mean that you have become totally dependent upon priests, politicians, medics, and corporations telling you what to think, believe, and do. Actually, its not freedom that you want. Oh no, you're scared to death of that. What you really want is freedom from freedom, and Big Brother is itching to let you have exactly what you secretly desire.
Freedom is the last thing he wants. He functions, as we shall see, according to the principle of pleasure in non freedom. To be sentenced to life long freedom is a worse fate then life long slavery. To put it another way: a man is always searching for someone or something to enslave him, for only as a slave does he feel secure - Esther Vilar (The Manipulated Man)
What does it all mean? It means that you desire anything and everything that fulfills your senses, while rejecting and avoiding that which would fulfill your soul, given that you have one. And most of all, it means that you know only your idea of reality, but not reality itself. You just don't notice this travesty because everyone around you is the same mess. Your ideas of reality conflict with their ideas and, therefore, no true intimacy or relationship is possible. You are not miles apart, you are ideas apart. And so you have hatreds, enemies, problems, stress, suspicion, and confusion. And you're aggressive because, like infants, you insist that reality take on the shape ofyour preposterous ideas.

It won't take it on, so you get more hardened, frustrated, and aggressive. You admire and despise those with better ideas. Your friends are those who corroborate and endorse your infantile and contradictory ideas, those priests, pastors, and gurus.

Albrecht Durer
You don't realize how these maniacs have poisoned and infected you with their sick memes and ideas. Well, guess what? Toxic people can't talk with angels. Toxic people can't download truth or know wisdom. Their perverted brains are capable only of receiving mental infections from higher up, spiritual pornography to darken the mind and sicken the heart. Your leaders, the most toxic of the lot, are the self-murdered. They are possessed by something dark and vile, and are eager to spread their disease. They won't stop until the entire world is sodden and infected.  Is that what you want? Do you want to be infected in this way, and to be like them? You must do because there you go, once every four years, scrawling your mark on the box, voting the parasites into office, over and over again. You always adore living conformists and dead rebels. It's just as well that the infection that rots the brains of millions, was not to be found in Beethoven, Handel or Vivaldi. It sure was not part of Bach, Dali, Escher, Durer, Blake, Rilke, Breughel, or Magritte? Not bloody likely!

They were the Shining Ones, the Servants of Truth, and they've always been amongst you. They still walk close to you. But you've not felt them as they walk where you walk, smile when you smile, and weep when you weep? You don't feel their immeasurable love for you, that can never be expressed in words? They knew all about you. How come you know so little about them?
Troubling I sit, day and night. My friends are astonished at me: They forgive my wanderings. I rest not from my great task: To open the eternal worlds! To open the immortal eyes of man inward: into the worlds of thought: into eternity. Ever expanding in the bosom of God, the human imagination -William Blake

I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart's affections and the truth of imagination—what the imagination seizes as beauty must be truth—whether it existed before or not - John Keats

Still, I am conscious now that behind all this beauty, satisfying though it may be, there is some spirit hidden of which the painted forms and shapes are but modes of manifestation, and it is with this spirit that I desire to become in harmony. I have grown tired of the articulate utterances of men and things. The Mystical in Art, the Mystical in Life, the Mystical in Nature this is what I am looking for – Oscar Wilde (De Profundis)

No, you don't know or care. You don't hear the voice of sanity above the cacophony of the world. Your friends on Capitol Hill and in Hollyweird have made you immune to truth. And you will give up your very lives intheir wars in order to preserve and justify the anti-life they have brewed for you in their reeking cauldrons. You lie to yourself when you say that your ideas are true. Are they true? You were breast fed those ideas by your parents and school teachers, and by priests and politicians. Now you water them with your own juices. You don't want to be free from these transmitted ideas that stand between you are the Real. The megadeath, genocide, and blind fanaticism is normal phenomena in a sick world of abnormal people committing the worst crimes toward their very own selves as well as to others. Are you still looking for weapons of mass destruction? I can tell you exactly where they are.
A great change of our psychological attitude is imminent, that is certain...we need more psychology, we need more understanding of human nature because the only real danger that exists is man himself, he is the great danger, and we are pitifully unaware of it, we know nothing of man, far too little. His psyche should be studied because we are the origin of all coming evil - Carl Gustav Jung
No, the Servants of Truth can come and go. Their words don't matter. They are irritating and seem so dark and negative. You want to live in a one-season world. And you will do so. The Global Village is being built as you read. And you'll be delighted to hear that the ride to it will be full of entertaining distractions. However, just remember that the train might not stop where you think it should. The train might chug right passed that utopian mirage. You might have to disembark somewhere much less appealing. But, what of that? You're not interested in studying the map. The tickets were going cheap and you've reserved first class seats. You don't want the fun spoiled by doom and gloom merchants, right?

Your own parents may have neglected your need for tenderness and care during your vulnerable years. So, you became a disciple of power and death? You weren't told that there is a heavy price for living inauthentically. You were never warned about the consequences of living unconsciously. You don't know that civilizations have come and gone, and that the present civilization is ready for meltdown. You are not prepared to deal with real tragedy, and can't see beauty in endings. That is for people who know howto think, and not merely what to think. It's for the Servants of Truth who have learned life's profound lessons.
To gain that which is worth having, it may be necessary to lose everything else - Bernadette Devlin (Activist and Politician, Northern Ireland)

Nothing great enters the life of mortals without a curse - Sophocles

The emotionally mutilated taught you to despise your need for the care they were incapable of imparting. You grew to hate your desires and needs. You displaced your antipathy for these deceivers to wallow in self hate. Then, this hatred transformed into identification. You worship fools and liars, but despise yourself. Inwardly, you writhe in guilt because you have negated your own precious selfhood.

After a lifetime of beating yourself over the head, you find that you have no love to give. You were not able to lose your own identity in mom and dad, so now you get a chance to do so with Big Daddy.

But he won't give you love either, because he too is an apostle of death. He too has murdered himself, and has put power in the place of love. He feels great with each person or country he crushes and humiliates.

Did you not get a great thrill when Saddam was crushed? Were you not silently elated? And did that not feel great to see your boys triumph? Out came your bumper stickers and little flags waving in the wind. Yes, it is easy topple a small pawn on the board game of your own invention. Its easy to swat an enemy toy soldier of your own making. But you imagine that god endorses the warmongers?

Blessed be the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God - (Matthew 5)

What is worse, you leave your spiritually impoverished children little recourse but to repeat your mistakes. Your institutions knock the Spirit of Rebellion out of them, and replace it with hypocrisy and conformity. You hack through their organic learning processes and force them into schools to be "educated." What a tragedy! They're goners from that point on. They're welcomed to the machine, but utterly lost to themselves.

Their innocence and freedom of thought, their doubt and vibrant, inherent, unique intelligence, which are lethal to your fraudulence, are eviscerated with surgical skill. They soon learn how to perform for rewards, and to jump through hoops as you do. They too have become experts in self-deception. They too have learned how to be psychic cripples, and to mutilate the self-esteem of the dependants they gain power over. They also learn to think necrotically and behave passive-aggressively. You've taught them that love is nothing and possession everything. So, memorize this fact and make it gospel - never in your life, in no place and at no time, have you ever seen a child. What you see are slaves to tyranny, crawling on their knees behind a devious smile and rotten carrot.

The Columbine High School massacre. Youth speaking out!
Everybody is living in bondage, because everybody who brought you up wanted to have power over you, to enjoy the mastery over you. And children are the most helpless people in the world, the most exploited class. It is not the proletariat who are the most exploited class, it is not women who are the most exploited class. It is the children who are the most exploited class - Osho
Once upon a time, at home or in school, you realized that a difficult choice was before you. You discovered to your soul's horror that you were being asked to conform to narrow, insane, artificial molds, and to relinquish self-will.

At that time you made the choices that have shaped your future and destiny. Quietly, you chose the way of servility. You chose to conform in order to get along and receive society's rewards.It was a simple "yes" or "no" choice. If you chose the latter then you are a child of the true Holy Spirit. If you chose the former you have nothing to do with that Spirit.

Do you really believe that your sick priests and pastors serve Jesus and the Holy Spirit? Well they don't! They themselves conform and demand that you do the same.

What they want and what they teach is the pure antithesis of the message of the trueHoly Spirit. They invent the very hells they fear. They are the very hell they fear. But you pay their way because, after all, they expertly endorse and reinforce your own abhorrent ideas about life. Lucifer's business is booming. The creatures of death and decay are presiding because your world is dying and turning rotten. These misleaders are merely the maggots and parasites one would expect to find thriving on necrotic tissue. They are merely symptoms, not causes.

We have lost our superstitious fear of evil spirits and things that go bump in the night, but, instead, are seized with terror of people who, possessed by demons, perpetrate the frightful deeds of darkness. That the doers of such deeds think of themselves not as possessed but as "supermen," does not alter the fact of their possession - Carl Gustav Jung

As babies you did not like being separated from your mothers. No, that was most traumatic. You did not like having to be independent that day, and so independence has always been suspected and cursed. To this day, you associate independence of thought and action with pain, anxiety, and trauma. Like toddlers of two or three years old, you are afraid of your own fragility. You over-estimate the power and strength of the father figure. You falsely believe that he possesses the strength that you, in your infantilism and impotency, have given up. Moreover, it is this fragility and lack of inner strength that prevents you from seeing the other sanely and aright. The other is an enemy, not a friend. You can't shake hands because your fist is clenched.

The other is not a human to be respected or regarded as an independent being with just as many rights as you. No, to you he is a threat, and your heroism depends upon his annihilation. Kill and destroy his life. That shows Daddy how obedient and good you are.

The world’s power structures have always ‘divided to conquer’ and have always ‘kept divided to keep conquered.’ As a consequence the power structure has so divided humanity - not only into special function categories but into religious and language and color categories - that individual humans are now helplessly inarticulate in the face of the present crisis. They consider their political representation to be completely corrupted, therefore, they feel almost utterly helpless - R. Buckminster Fuller (Critical Path)

…once people are taught to despise the modes of thinking, customs and prejudices of their ancestors, and consider as barbarism and vulgarity all that in their childhood they were accustomed to regard is excellent and elegant - the whole web of thought and feeling is unraveled, and cannot be readily or easily made up in a new form - Anne Grant (Essays on the Superstitions of the Highlanders of Scotland, 1811)

Yes, the psychologists have already told you what's up. As they have said, a child is born a blank slate, innocent and pure, simple and direct, looking for wholeness and meaning. But instead he gets blasted with a chaotic welter of things to identify with and absorb. From the instant he is born in the hyper manic world, he is over-exposed to the perverse and meaningless phenomena of societies in which nothing is virtuous or sacred. He meets no wise grandparents or guides, and his tranquilized parents are rarely seen. He becomes as lost and vacuous as the sick, narcissistic world to which he has been exposed. He isoverwhelmed with all the "diversity," and his ego has little chance of correctly integrating.

He is fractured, just as his society is fractured. Having nothing upstairs, he operates on and from the lowest narcissistic level, and will literally murder in order to maintain his empty mediocre lifestyle. By design, there is constant invasion of foreign elements. This is due to the connivance of your government and media that has steadily peddled the false merits of multiculturalism, diversification, and globalization for decades.  In the end, there are so many subcultures, cliques, and groovy splinter sects, that one has a devil of a time developing a true and integrated character. Identification with sane things can not occur. Therefore, the personality of the child is weak, shallow and unsane.

Is this not exactly the kind of meekness that the sorcerers so ardently desire? Try going into a confectionary shop to eat every kind of sweet there. You'll be sick as hell in minutes. But this is the way that you have force fed your ego from the beginning. You are mentally obese, but still you want more!

Your puppet-masters at the Buck Palace, the Vatican,  the Tavistock Institute, and Georgetown University, don't want you going around free, integrated, and sane. Then you are a danger to them. So, they perpetually over-infuse alien cultures and mores into your overcrowded lifespace and, as a result, all peoples and traditions are compromised. Mention race, tribe, ethnicity, or national sovereignty, and you are looked upon as a dinosaur, an anachronism, something to be incarcerated or liquidated.

Your masters have been preparing their twenty first century "Bastille" to keep you and your children in order. The technomancers are slowly introducing their nightmarish Global Village in which you will live, not as free human beings, but as compliant numbered sheeple in "mind-forged manacles." Privacy and independence will be of the past. The sky will be whatever color your wardens say it is. They will assure you that things are safe and secure, and that all is well. And you will utterly believe their lies. It won't matter that the hands that soothe your anxious brow are those of mass murderers.

But before we play the blame game, let's first realize that it's you who inwardly craves an externally imposed order. You bring tyranny into being, and just because you don't face that fact, does not make it any less true? The leviathan does not come after you. You swim into its jaws with your own effort. You have had to accept that the world is spherical, but you'd prefer it to be flat. You know that you are judged by your deeds, but continue judging politicians by their words. A bit of highfalutin rhetoric, a dollop of tasty sophistry, and off to town you run, to scratch an "X" in the box for one more psychopath.
The most powerful tool in the hand of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed- Stephen Biko

Like an acid, the media viruses have corroded your consciousness and made you unsane. A pornographic media has fragmented your children psychically so they don't know if they are coming or going. They are emotionally mutilated shards. They try this and that, until jaded and sullied they finally discover that it's all a sick joke. They seek crude power and dominance and finally crave extinction from their own inner angst and fragmentation. Their case is critical, but you cannot fix them. You too are broken and lost. Your salvation is in the hands of the pharmaceutical orgs. You swallow their poisons to become uncomfortably numb. You ride the roller-coaster in your relationships, and use conflict to prick yourself awake.

It's your soul that is sick. It is your selfhood that is infirm. And that was the plan. You are a perfectly operating "Manchurian Candidate," without feeling or reason.
One girl, hospitalized in a state mental hospital, had slashed her wrists and explained her act by saying that she wanted to see if she had any blood…One of the boys in the training school, for instance, threw rocks up on top of his garage and let them roll down, and would try to catch each rock with his head. His explanation was that this was the only way in which he could feel something…He reported that feeling the pain made him feel at least something - Erich Fromm (Anatomy of Human Destructiveness)
Don't you question where your sickness and delirium, your frustration and anxiety, come from? Don't you care that every box of medication bought, to fill your inner void, helps to finance global parasites?

As a nation we spend an astonishing $650 million per year on sleeping pills alone. Four million Americans abuse prescription drugs, and are addicted to tranquilizers, stimulants or painkillers - Gregg D. Jacobs (The Ancestral Mind)

Each year in the UK more than 24,000 teenagers are admitted to hospital after deliberately harming themselves. But only a small proportion – around 13% – of self-harm episodes are thought to result in a hospital visit. Previous, smaller-scale research found that people who self-harm were more anxious, depressed and had lower self-esteem than those who don’t - (McDougal)

By way of their arsenal of weapons (schools, media, medics, etc), the Architects of Control have gradually, but successfully, narrowed and limited the parameters of your consciousness. Their real mastery lies in their ability to convince you, their mannequin, that you are in control of your own mental and somatic functions, your own thoughts and beliefs. In this way they are superior to the normal bug-eyed witch-doctor.
...people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands - Fred Gates (Rockefeller associate. Occasional Letter No.1 of the General Education Board)

And may we ask, what is the behavior of the hypnotized person? Well, we can be sure that his sensitivity is drastically reduced, and his thinking is done for him by someone else. If he is told he is Superman or Sir Lancelot he will believe it. He will lose his inhibitions and act out his repressed desires without stint. Logic and reason go out the window. Meaning has the same value as madness. Salt can taste like sugar. He will commit criminal acts that he would normally avoid when fully conscious. He will not feel guilty for destructive acts, and will walk off the edge of a cliff if told to do so. Truth could be hollered into his ears ad infinitum, and yet he will remain vacant and indifferent. Get the picture?
Humankind cannot bear very much reality - T. S. Eliot
Nothing lasts forever, and this world of moral delinquents has little time. The Maya sawfour creations come and go, so there’s nothing new when it comes to cosmic deconstruction.
There have been a thousand holocausts, which have occurred in a thousand ways and will recur, both by fire and by water and by many other means - (Priests of Egypt to Solon, the father of Plato)

If the development of civilization has such a far-reaching similarity to the development of the individual and if it employs the same methods, may we not be justified in reaching the diagnosis that, under the influence of the cultural urges, some civilizations, or some epochs of civilization- possibly the whole of mankind - have become “neurotic?” - Sigmund Freud (Civilization and its Discontents, 1930)
Goethe had a premonition of this decline of the West: even in October 1801 he remarked in conversation...that spiritual emptiness and lack of character were spreading - as if he had foreseen what today characterizes the most celebrated literature of the Free West. It may be that Goethe had even foreseen, in the distant future, the coming of an age in which writers would make great profits by the portrayal of sex and crime for the masses. As Goethe said to Eckermann, on 14th March 1830, “the representation of noble bearing and action is beginning to be regarded as boring, and efforts are being made to portray all kinds of infamies” Previously in a letter to Schiller of 9th August 1797, he had pointed out at least one of the causes of the decline: in the larger cities men lived in a constant frenzy of acquisition and consumption and had therefore become incapable of the very mood from which spiritual life arises - Hans F. K. Günther (The Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans, on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the 18th century thinker and writer)
Moreover, the death of something rotten and corrupt is certainly not a time for lament. On the contrary, it is a time of profound joy.
There is no anti-depressant that will cure a depression that's spiritually based, for the malaise doesn't originate from brain dysfunction, but from an accurate response to the desecration of life - David R. Hawkins (Power Vs. Force)
Have you examined the state of your inner republic? In that narrow, sterile, super lit asylum, your dark guardians come and go, bringing reports that tell of terrible inner ruin and what must to be done to restore peace and sanity. But you call these agents by some dirty names. To you they are "Anger," "Fear," "Hate," "Violence," "Loneliness." You put up great barriers and turn up the racket of the world to level ten. That will stop their counsel getting through.
You are like squatters hiding in a nook beneath the staircase of a wondrous mansion that you have forgotten actually belongs to you. You've been taught to fear that place. That is why you don't explore the mystery of yourself, and turn instead to the exploiting gurus and priests.
But the time has come for you come out of hiding. The time has come to fling open the doors and step out onto the high balcony to hear the great bells of creation ringing.
You can now learn, once and for all, that the real war is on consciousness. Other brawls are merely distractions, adroitly created to prevent you from knowing this. What you get on your TV is a global snuff film courtesy of 'er majesty "Lizzy" in London, and his "holier than thou" horror in Roma. That filth has been designed to drain every ounce of self-will and power from your mind and heart. It's to make sure you remain hiding under the staircase, shivering with fear.

O Captain, My Captain!
You, and your country, can choose the way of love or the way of power. You can occupy the white squares of knowledge or the black squares of ignorance. Choice is given a man to show who and what he is. If you choose the wrong road there is always time to change direction. But if you have chosen wrongly, then you will surely be held accountable by the higher self (the Holy Spirit) that suffers from your neglect.
Thou shalt know; self-chosen are the woes that fall on men - how wretched, for they see not good so near, nor hearken to its voice - few only know the pathway of deliverance from ill- Pythagoras

The Holy Spirit approaches, and many minds are worried. They know that the end is approaching, and that the "Apocalypse" (or cleansing) is at hand. Therefore, it's "party to the end" and "let's get smashed!" Satiating the senses is the only high left. We wonder, can you find the still point in the midst of the insanity? Or will you tranquilize yourself all the more? Will you edit, or will you observe, learn, grow, and take back your power?
He who takes a stand is often wrong, but he who fails to take a stand is always wrong - Anonymous
Is it not time to cease "Wormtonguing" yourself? Are you not so tired of lying to yourself and accepting the lies of arch-deceivers who imply that love is found where truth is not?Well, dear friends, to find love there must first be truth in your world and heart. And it must be unadulterated and strong. Only the uninfected person can cure his fellows of their disease. Only the knowledgeable person can raise the torch that extinguishes ignorance from the world.
All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing - Edmund Burke (attributed)