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LAX Airport Shooting FALSE FLAG!

What a coincidence that California just had a Urban Shield drill Oct 25th through the 28th. Very similar to Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook.
Every time they run a drill for the public’s safety, there is a major event to soon follow.
Is this by design or just coincidence? Look at all the coindences that surround these events.
DHS, FEMA, and other Federal, State, Local, and “International” agencies involved in a county wide drill in Alameda, California on 10-25 through 28, 2013.
This video warns of a false flag event 3 months ago when operation Urban Shield was announced. Take a look.
Urban Shield.org has grown into a comprehensive, full-scale regional preparedness exercise assessing the overall Bay Area UASI Region’s response capabilities related to multi-discipline planning, policies, procedures, organization, equipment and training. Urban Shield continues to test regional integrated systems for prevention, protection, response and recovery in our high-threat, high-density urban area. The exercise evaluates our existing level of preparedness and capabilities, identifying not only what we do well, but areas in need of improvement. The previous years’ After Action Reports are referenced and used to assist in prioritizing upcoming expenditures possible for the region so we may become more prepared for any type of critical event or incident in our area.
The overarching goals of Urban Shield include striving for the capability to present a multi-layeredtraining exercise to enhance the skills and abilities of regional first responders, as well as those responsible for coordinating and managing large scale events. Urban Shield is implemented to identify and stretch regional resources to their limits, while expanding regional collaboration and building positive relationships. In addition, this exercise provides increased local business and critical infrastructure collaboration. Urban Shield challenges the skills, knowledge and abilities of all who participate. It not only improves regional disaster response capabilities, but provides a platform for national and international first responders, as well as the private sector, to work efficiently and effectively together when critical incidents occur.

Urban Shield continues with active shooter drill

Emergency personnel were training around the Bay Area all weekend as part of Urban Shield, the largest training event of first responders in the nation.
The $1.5 million federally funded event trains police officers, firefighters and EMTs for real life situations.
Two firefighters suffered minor injuries on Friday in a helicopter drill that has since been cancelled.
In the peaceful hills of Castro Valley is Palomares Elementary School, and on Saturday, a day of law enforcement training, it was not peaceful at all.
An active shooter drill involved mass casualties and multiple gunmen.
“You have people yelling for help, you have people down. Suspects coming, engaging you. So, it’s very challenging,” said Marin County Sheriff’s Sgt. Matt Stott.
High school kids served as the drill’s victims.
“I’m doing this as an internship. So, I’m trying to figure out if this is something I want to do, as an EMT or a paramedic,” volunteered 17-year-old Michael Waheed.
Officials said 54 scenarios are happening around the Bay Area for 48 straight hours, with no sleep for trainees.
Alameda County Sheriff’s Sergeant JD Nelson says Boston Police officers have trained here, which helped them in the two day manhunt for the Marathon Bombing suspects.
“Realized that their team could handle a 48 hour situation because they had done it out here,” said Nelson. More Here: urban-shield-continues-active-shooter.
This is a fluid situation,” the law enforcement official said.
A second federal source confirmed to The Times that the TSA officer was killed.

LAX SHOOTING: TSA officer killed; several others wounded

11:07 a.m.: A news conference at LAX is scheduled for 11:30 a.m., according to the LAPD.
11 a.m.: SHOOTING AT LAX, EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT:Vernon Cardenas, 45, of West Hollywood said he was at the airport on his way to Philadelphia when the shooting occurred about 9:30 a.m. in Terminal 3.
“Sitting down, all of a sudden, literally just out of the blue, you hear a rumble in the background and a couple of seconds later, people are running at me,” said Cardenas, who does casting for the Fox television show “MasterChef.” He described the scene as “mayhem,” with couples crying and parents who couldn’t find their children.
10:55 a.m.: Traffic in and around LAX is jammed. LAX passengers, some with children and luggage, fill sidewalks. 
10:50 a.m.: A law enforcement source said that the gunman had a high-powered rifle and that at least three people were wounded, including one TSA agent.The suspect was in custody. Police looked for possible other suspects but so far have found none. 
10:39 a.m.: Flights have been grounded at Los Angeles International Airport after a shooting that wounded at least one TSA agent. LAX officials said they did not know when flights would resume.
10:36 a.m.: A White House official said President Obama had been informed of the incident: “The President has been briefed about the shooting at LAX. We will continue to stay in touch with our federal and local partners. The LAPD is leading the response and investigation. We urge citizens to listen to the authorities and follow directions from the first responders on site. The president will continue to receive briefings throughout the day.”
10:30 a.m.: EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: Brian Adamick, 43, said he was getting ready to fly to Chicago for his brother’s wedding and was boarding a Spirit Airlines flight at Gate 32 in Terminal 3.
He said people were running through the terminal, away from a security area. Adamick said he went through an emergency exit downstairs onto the tarmac with several other passengers.
“While I was on the tarmac, I heard two gunshots from the same area where the people had been running and screaming,” he said.
A few minutes after he got outside, he said buses showed up to help evacuate passengers. He saw a wounded TSA agent board one of the buses. The man’s ankle was bloody: “it looked like it was straight out of the movies,” Adamick said.
A suspect was taken into custody at Los Angeles International Airport Friday after a shooting at a Terminal 3 checkpoint left a TSA employee injured and produced “mutiple victims.”


Police hold active shooter drill at L.A./Ontario International Airport

Officers from the Los Angeles Airport police along with LAPD SWAT members conduct drills at one of the unused terminals on Saturday at L.A./Ontario International Airport. Doug Saunders — Staff Photographer
ONTARIO >> In one of many scenarios, an “armed man” ran into an unused terminal at L.A./Ontario International Airport on Saturday, “shooting” three people before officers swooped in to save the day.
The exercise allowed officers to do live training in the event a real-life, or active, shooter scenario plays out.
“There are many places where we can conduct this type of training,” said one of the SWAT officers, who didn’t want his name released. “But if we can take advantage of training as if it were real, then we have to opportunity to save more lives in a live scenario.”
Nearly 300 sworn members of the Los Angeles Airport Police Department and the Los Angeles Police Department took part in the training, said an airport police spokeswoman, Sgt. Belinda Nettles.
“Many resources were pulled together to make this training happen,” Nettles said. “In the event that something similar to this were to ever happen, it’s vital that we train this way so everyone knows what to do in order to save lives.”
Some people stood at the corner of Airport Way and Vineyard Avenue to watch the scenarios play out.
“I think they should train everywhere they can to become the most proficient police agency around in order to protect us,” said Ontario resident Margie Hamilton. “If I ever need to be saved, I want the cops that are highly skilled in this type of rescue to be there for me.”
The Department of Homeland Security has defined an active shooter as “an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area; in most cases, active shooters use firearms and there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims.”
Over the last year, there have been several incidents where an active shooter has gone into a business or school and killed for no apparent reason, including the DC Navy Yard and Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Conn.
Another officer who didn’t want his name disclosed spoke of the tragedies that most of the world watched live on network television.
“Without constant training we aren’t effective enough to work and communicate as a team,” the officer said, “which is desperately needed so we don’t have the next Sandy Hook.”